Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OOTD interview outfit

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Monday, October 24, 2011

rihanna and Armani

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ebony mag Nov issue

Reed Between the Lines and Natural Hair

Okay I have not been able to watch this show yet. But I was extremely happy to read and watch a clip on Natural hair.

Winter and Fall Gear Must haves

I am so happy for winter, well sorta. Mostly happy about what coats to wear for fall and winter. I love outerwear. They are cozy, warm, and very sleek. Here are my choices of new coats to wear.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love and Hip Hop Season 2

So wow. That is all I can say about the new season of Love and Hip hop. There are some new chicks. And some fights. I didn't see Mashonda in the trailer, but will she be missed? Somaya is back. Chrissy <3 her, and Jimmy's mama are still at it. Watch the vid.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jen Aniston

Elle Hollywood Party

Jen's look is absolutely fab from last nights party.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Men Office Looks

A few weeks ago a male friend of mine asked me about an ugly sweater at Target. The sweater was argyle with like some black and red and gray colors in it. Cheap polyester. I just hated it all together. It looked kind of looked cheesy to me. Then he goes, "I need a winter sweater" goes and picks up a sweater vest. I cringe when I see a certain type of male wear sweater vests. Not saying they all look horrible but most of them make the wearer look dated or very chandler bing-esque.  I told him that he should go more for quality not prints. Yes prints are okay on a sweater, but I am just not a fan of argyle. So I told him a plain sweater v-neck with a nice dress shirt underneath would look great for work and afterwards. Another guy friend of mine from school asked me about something regarding male clothing. He also suggested I do something on what men should wear for certain occasions. At the time I thought nahh, mostly women read my blog, why would they care about men clothing. But then I thought hey maybe I will post some male clothing suggestions. I used to work for a male clothing store, and one thing I know about most men is that they are simple as can be. And I would usually have to force them into trying on clothing or shoes all the time. Here is a simple everyday, male-office-work-look.
Mens wear

With Love,

Gucci coat

The Unemployed College Grad p3: Self- Assessment

I was reading a magazine the other day and in it they said to do a self assessment. Meaning take a look at all things regarding your career choices. the article focuses on career transition, but I saw it as a way to evaluate what am I not doing right. So here is what I did, I redressed my resume. I took away my old funky design I had on my resume and changed the formatting a little bit. If you can, ask a friend for their professional opinion on your resume just in case you have grammar or spelling errors. Or for current students or recent grad ask your career services adviser. Mine was extremely helpful with this process. Next I started my self-assessment, nothing too major just answer a few questions about myself.  Every time I take those I always get creative jobs. Like hairdresser or fashion…. of course right. So I answered the following questions about myself:

What do I like about myself? 
Do I like working with numbers?
Do I like working with people?
What am I good at?

Then I wrote my potential jobs for those like 20+ options. Very artistic options. Then I wrote yet another list on my dream job wants. 

Salary, Location, Dream Work environment prospective, Type of position I want. I am supposed to also write down my top 10 dream companies to work for. Now the top 10 dream companies may not be hiring right now, but they may offer something where you can make an appointment to visit to ask question about the field. Also maybe you can volunteer or intern there until you find something. This can also fill in the gaps in between work that many companies may ask you about. 

After the updated resume and self assessment I have learned a lot about myself. i hope that this really helps me and everyone else who reads this blog

With Love,

Sunday's best

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Olivia Palermo blog

I don't kno about anyone else but I have been waiting for Olivia Palermo blog for mths now.  I enjoyed here on short-lived reality show The City, and since then she has been in every mag for wearing the hottest clothes where ever she goes. The blog features some travel and lifestyle posts. It is a brand new site, so I'd give it some time to get to where many other blogs are today.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rip Steve Jobs, Happy Birthday Sandy

Today was a pretty emotional day today. I woke up pretty sick. And also my Doggy Sandy today would have been her 6th birthday. I miss her every single day. I love her soooo much and will forever. Then like around 8 my nana told me the tragic news. All I could do is tear up. No I don't know Steve or his family. But he is an inspiration to me. Since 2008 I have been an Apple head. I always will be no matter what happens to the company. thank God for letting us have the opportunity to get to know Steve and for having saw his amazing works of art. And I thank God for letting me have the greatest years of my life with my baby. RIP to Steve and my Sandy. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bounce TV

So you all know I love the 70's. Like every show. Lots of the movies. The clothing esp. Just everything. It has been announced that there is a new channel called "Bounce TV". Where have I been. Well it isn't avail in my area yet. But according to the site, they feature an array of things to watch. From sports to old movies. I don't have cable so I had to get that box thingy and my fave channel is Antenna TV, which features Sanford and Son & Good Times. Now that Bounce TV will soon be available in my area I am just wayyyy too excited.

Jason Wu and Target

I never made it to the Missoni sale at Target. But I did see a few items online. I mean I guess. Now that Jason Wu will have a line. According to WWD, the line will start next year Feb 5-Mar 6, and feature an array of handbags and apparel pieces. I am hoping that by then I can make it to at least view the collection in person.