Sunday, January 25, 2015

My 1st Marley Loc experience

     Back in august I made the decision to finally try out Marley Locs. I had been admirer of this hairstyle for a few years now after looking at all of the pictures on Pinterest and videos on YT. I just never wanted to try it because it looked like too much work. Which it later turned out to be.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Teavana HAUL

Hey all!!! Recently I went to the Teavana store finally after years of hearing  about how amazing their teas are. I am a lover of tea so for me, I am not particular about what brand. It just has to taste good. And smell delicious. Both of those were checked off once I got to this tiny little store.
The aroma alone had me stoked to find the perfect teas. Plus I received an email that I could get a free one because I am a Starbucks member. After being confused at what kind of teas to buy, the nice guy and lady helped out with some great choices. They let you taste any tea displayed and since this was a holiday treat to myself all of the holiday teas were available. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

First Week of school!!

Hey all. Hoping everyone is going well. I am doing pretty okay but let me just say that this week has been a crazy one. January 5th, was the first day of my second quarter towards my fashion degree. It wasn't really too bad because they mostly want you to introduce yourself and why you are there and what are your plans in life. You know the usual. I had a few homework assignments this week but nothing too heavy. As an online student you have to always make sure to print as much as possible. Print everything if you can! Print the syllabus, any articles that is referenced, anything available for the upcoming weeks that need to be hand written and scanned in. I am fortunate enough to have multiple campuses in my area where I can print for free. But if you can't print everything, just print the important stuff like the syllabus. Follow the syllabus and ask as many questions as possible.

For example I am taking a Textiles class where I had to pay an out of pocket expense. I had to inform my professor of this situation because I wasn't sure if I could get this kit on time. Luckily, there were more classmates with the same issue and my professor gave us until this week to buy the kit and do the assignment. 
Here is the Swatch Kit I was referencing. I haven't completed it yet but so far it's pretty interesting to do because this kit will come in handy for years to come as a fashion major. I plan to get my Doctorate in fashion later in life, but for now I need to finish my BA. Anywhoo I am enjoying my school life for what it is at the moment. I think last time I was too worried about everything else and this time around I am going to soak in the experience. I feel more calmer this quarter and more relaxed. I have been meditating to help me with being more relaxed. And I have also stopped over thinking everything. Time to put those changes to use right!?

Xo, Pynkstarr

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Life changes!!

Happy New Year people!!!