Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine's day

Im feeling the love at the moment and was inspired by a website She asked us to do a look about this holiday, which I'm totally against but love pinks and reds. So here is my look using the following products:
Bh cosmetics

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my future in the fashion industry

I will be graduating from my college pretty soon. I'm actually a little nervous about going out to look for an actual career in the fashion industry. Like i'm prepared to work and Im so ready for any task. But am I prepared for the cutthroat world that is fashion. My skin is tough, but I cant take anyone yelling at me or being mean because I'm a new comer. Ive heard stories of bad experiences that left ppl looking for a new career. I just hope I can make it in this crazy world I am about to embark on. Fashion means everything to me, not sure I can do anything else.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Omarion disappointment!

So today I went to my local mall here in jersey because I was told, when I purchased the cd, that Omarion was gonna sign them. OMGeeee. I've been a fan since B2K back in the day. I made scrapbooks of them, bought all their cd s and even special additions too, like remix albums and Christmas albums. Well I got dressed up and got my hair and nails did just to make sure I looked on point to him. Well I get to the mall an hr or two early to beat the crowd, and low and behold there is no line. So I'm thinking "oh yea I'm first so yay". But no. There was no crowd because he cancelled. I said oh no is he sick. They said "nope, he is fine. He just didn't wanna waste his time coming here since only 22 copies were sold". I was like time is money so then I left and said whatever. Then I started thinking.....if I were a celeb, what would I have done? I wouldn't care if two ppl saw my movie or a million, I'd try my best to show my appreciation to the little fans I have. I mean Mr. Omarion, you haven't had an album in a while, and trey songz is the new man in town, what did you think would effing happen. I feel like my money was wasted, not because the CD was awlful, which it was not, but because I don't feel like he cared enough to at least sign some effing posters and give them to the store to raffle off. Why be such a turd when you dont' have to be. My feelings for him, as a fan, has vanished into thin air like a ghost. I cant continue to waste and support these artist who don't give a damn about there fans. So I am officially on to the next one------trey or drake or even beat em down C Brown. O wells
Stay blessed and not stressed, I know I am.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another pink look

I had another pink hot!!

pink passion

I saw a look done by makeupbytiffanyd for valentine's day and got inspired. Now I have been pinking it up even more than usaual...duh pynkstarr is the name babe. Anyhoo I did this look and another pink look i'll be posting soon.

Here are some make up looks

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tequila sunrise pics

I've been putting my new palette to use definitely. Testing new colors, making new looks for work and school. Here are my tequila sunrise pics hopefully you like them. more looks coming soon.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Go bh cosmetics

It finally came...yay. I have Officially just received my first makeup palette. I am soooo excited to play with the new colors that I cant wait. So far so good though. I ordered two palettes : neutral and the 120 color palette no.2. They arrived unbroken which is great. I was scared they'd be cracked, but luckily they came undamaged. I'm going to use them first before I say whether or not they are the best palettes out right now. My next palette will be the costal scents.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

O yay....BH cosmetics in the house

So I went to ebay, I went to Just a number of sites to find an all around amazing makeup palette without spoiling my pockets. So I went to the one place I knew I'd get a str8 forward answer/ At I came across BHcosmetics. What is BHcosmetics you ask.....well they have a wonderful makeup palette that got reviewed by a ton of you-tubers(mostly good). So I went to the site and found out they had buy two get 10% off. I ordered two palettes, 120 2nd ed. and the natural palette. They should be here by next week. Yay!! I post a review on my youtube page.
Stay blessed, never stressed

Friday, January 1, 2010

new things for bday/christmas etc

This lip gloss set was so nice. The colors look great on my skin also. This was a gift from my nana, I heart her sooooo much. I also got clothes and some other amazing stuff. At the end of the day I have a wonderful family who I love so much and was fortunate enough to spend time with them this this year. It was the greatest most blessed Christmas I've had in a long time. Hopefully you had a great one as well. Stay blessed, less stressed. peace