Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Fashionable Experience Part 1: Finding my Passion

   I am not sure if many of you know this but I majored in Fashion when I was in college. And the other day I was brainstorming of what I could do differently with my blog or what can I add. And it hit me. When I wanted to go to a fashion school there was no real place to or person to answer my questions. I was 15 about to turn 16 when I wanted to be in the fashion industry.

My Fashion Life Experience: Intro

 I have been thinking about writing a blog post and uploading some videos of my experience as a fashion student. Esp after I Googled it and realized not many people talk about this career choice or why they chose it. Or even the schools that are available for future fashion students. When I decided, at the age of 16, that I wanted to work in the fashion industry, and then when I was 20 I decided I reallly wanted to work in the fashion industry. I didn't have anyone to ask. I had left HS when I was young and before that moment I always knew I'd be a Veterinarian. I think that the best thing for me to is tell you, my wonderful readers and watchers, about how I became such a fashion enthusiast that I am today. I'll be giving some tips and secrets only because I never had them. No one was there to tell me what to do or what to look for. Working in the Fashion Industry is very tough, and I want to help in anyway I can.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Style Sketchbook: DIY Sequined Clutch

I am in my crafty mode

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Tacos for dinner

Tacos are the easiest things to make in my opinion. There is nothing to it but to do it. I think that lots of people see it as a tedious meal, which is true. But if you prepare some things in advance then #boom, it'll make your life easier. Recipe below.

Mondo Won! Braxton Finale! Jersey Shore Reunion

 I watch a lot of TV and some times I have no one to talk to about it. LOL. Pretty funny I know, but true. So I have a lot to spill on this weeks TV.

BBW was ridiculous with all that fighting. Can you believe that these women are mothers and they are in their 40's. I mean come on. My little cousins don't even behave like that. They know that when they go out in public to sit and hush up. Evelyn used to be my favorite because in the 1st season she was so bold, a women who took what she wanted. Now it is just a bad look her tryna fight Jenn outside the restaurant like that. Shaunie has said repeatedly that all this violence is not what she wanted for the premise of the show, well then stop filming certain things.

Bad Girls Club was so sad because MiMi left. Isn't she the most adorable person ever. She left because she was home sick and forgot her passport for Mexico. The twins are still being beyatches towards everyone and have now outcast-ed themselves from the other chicks. They go to Mexico just to do their on thing. When they come back home and go to a party Amy starts flipping out in the limo and everyone basically wants to fight the twins. The twins go to the producers saying they want to go because they don't deserve to be ganged up on like that. I mean come on they beat up Elease 6 against 1 a few episodes ago.

Mondo won on Project Runway All Stars.

What was up with Wilam leaving on Rupaul's Drag Race??? What a curve ball for me and you right. I think he had partied with certain people that he wasn't supposed to. I read on a blog interview that he did it on purpose to stirr up the show a little bit. Rupaul made Sharon Needles and Phi Phi perform for their life but disqualified Wilam right after.

I tried to watch the Jersey Shore Reunion but it was sooooo boring.

I watched the Finale of BFV which was off the hook. The usual arguments. Toni fired her sisters from back up singers. Miss Evelyn isn't getting married. Trina file for divorce. And Tamar wants a baby with Vince, I think that is cute. She has her own show coming out so we shall see.

That's about it as far as TV goes. Gosh that felt good to talk about with someone else besides my dad, who never really listens.
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Quick look at my menu for the week

Am I on a diet? Hell to the naw. But I am learning, at least trying my best to eat better. more healthier. Although the boneless chicken wings with blue cheese I had this week isn't healthy at all. Any hoo, I love to take picks of my meals so here they are.

DIY Decor: Picture Frame Collage

I just love DIY. Anything for the home, fashion, everything :)


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I love Shanda so much more for making this video

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chicken Taco Salad - Easy Dinner Idea!

I have some taco shells I have been wanting to find something to do with for a min now. I think I will try this some day this week. hmmm.


Health and Fitness: Eating High Energy Snacks+A delicious smoothie recipe

I have become so passionate about being healthy and eating healthy for a while now. And recently I have been blessed enough to eat that way. I feel like this is a lifestyle I will be able to live for the rest of of my life. I was speaking previously in another post about having low energy. I am pretty sure a lot of that has to do with vitamins and what not, but I hate pills and write now I can not just go our and buy vitamins.

Health and Fitness: Setting goals

One thing I learned recently is to find a system that works for me and also set goals that I can actually complete. I set so many goals in my life that I never really get to follow through because they are just too huge to do in such short amounts of time and lack of resources.  I have also learned that I cannot do everything I want to do. And believe me I want to do a lot in 2012. But so far my most important 2012 goals are going through okay. And I have also learned it's okay if I don't complete some of them. Goal one is my spiritual journey, which is a work in progress with the scheduling of things. Goal two is fitness, health, and eating more consciously, being more aware of what goes into my body. I was treating my hair better than I was treating my body by putting everything into it. I stopped eating outside junk like fast food; which is soo hard because I used to love Chinese food. I just can't eat food that I don't cook myself anymore. Except the occasional Popeye's which I really cannot help. Ugh that chicken is just so delicious. Any who to help me with my second goal of the year I have reading books and watching YT videos to help me. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snack Cravings

     I have been trying to make an effort to eat healthy lately and fortunately I have been able to. I wanted to do a different routine for breakfast lunch and dinner. Eating enough so I do not snack. Usually I'd skip breakfast and just have my coffee. Then around 12 noon I'd maybe have something like a PB&J sandwich. Depending on what's available I'd make something like Spaghetti. But every night like clockwork, esp within the last few months I want something sweet. Starburst being my all time fave night time snack.
     Then I reach for potato chips (BBQ), after those are gone I start on the chocolates. But not just any chocolates, Reese Cups. I just really enjoy them, like  they just taste awesome. Anyhoo this week I started eating a lot during the day so that at night I don't have those cravings. Like instead of chips I eat Almonds or berries with yogurt. So far so good. My fave snack of the moment would have to be my berry salad (see pic). It's just blueberries, strawberries, grapes and yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon on top. hmmm.



Mid-day snack

Bad midnight snack :(

Also I have been trying to keep a food diary, which is very hard to remember what you ate the day before. But so far so good, I really recommend it esp if you have a goal regarding health and weight.
Hope you all enjoyed this post.

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Want to Grow Spiritually? Spend Time In the Word! Here's How I Do It

This video is awesome. I love watching her videos because she is always so true to who she is. Some people are afraid to blog about God, let alone talk about him on a video. It is a personal thing to be spiritual and to have a belief. This video is so true to me. And how I have been on my journey with God. It's just amazing feeling.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiration update

     Hey all. I know it's been a longgg while since my last post. Believe me I do not like taking time off from anything I love doing. I really enjoy writing and blogging is the easiest way to get my thoughts 'that cross my mind' out there in the world. A lot has happened in the last few weeks.