Sunday, October 31, 2010

Giuseppe Zanotti-shoes

Need these in my life!!!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

✝Transitioning your life for God or others?✝

Hey Ladies,
Hope you all are having a fabulous safe weekend.

This week has been so hectic to the point where my whole life plan is in question. What am I really supposed to be doing right now in my life? That is the question I have been asking myself since I graduated college. Should I go on to pursue more endeavors or should I stay in school. Maybe get that perfect straight out of college F.T. job.

This wasn't my case. I had prayed for a place that was all of these qualities:
Had to have nice hours (9-5 ish)
Had to respect me as a person
Great benefits
Appreciative of my hard work
Good pay
Can't be sales/retail
Small family business
And most importantly; Location can't be too far.

I found all of these things in the place I am at now, or so I thought. I remember a manager once told me never let someone stop your money. Meaning no matter how hard a job is, stick with it. I think a lot of people don't understand what you go through until you are in the position. It's easy to tell some one to stay in a relationship that they are unhappy in. Or that friend that always say's "well if it were me" to everything, knowing dern well if it were them they'd do the same thing you are and feel the same way. My frustration isn't with the people, it's not really with anyone. My issue is what is it in my life that I need to change in order to be that successful person I know that I am destined to be.
If you have that kind of connection with God, then you can feel when you are doing the right thing and when you are doing the wrong thing. And something about hearing from this job said it was wrong. Then there was another part of me that said this was what you have prayed for, God has done this for you.
As blessed as I am for the support I have received from so many people, I have decided to make a new plan. And just like my hair, I'm taking a step to also transition my life. Because at the end of the day although I have this wonderful plan for my life, God is the one that is the main driver of the plan. I may think I'm in control of this, but He is the one that is really in control. Life is of course what you make it, but He holds the power in the end.
My new list is still the same except I added team work and family oriented to the list.

I hope that everyone who is having issues like this one, they take a moment to think about God, and what it is He is telling you to do. He is speaking to you, you just have to really listen.

Forever Blessed, never Stressed

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Asos Africa

Hey Ladies
While reading Essence Mag the other day, and came across an article that features ASOS's new line that features clothing that represents Africa. With African inspired fabrics, which I have been loving, they have developed about 30 pcs in the range from maxi dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, hand bags etc.

I have selected a few items that I have fallen in love with and may order them soon before the price goes up.

ASOS AFRICA Printed Cross Back Cami Top $20.22

Forever Blessed.

Gumbo Post-Magazines

This is a Gumbo post filled with many thing

Hey ladies,
I know, I know long time no see. I totally miss posting blogs. But my job has me exhausted and a lil stressed among other things. But I am A-OK and you all know I've given it to God.

But, on another note, I have so many things to discuss. First are magazines I am reading now. Essence, Seventeen, and Glamour.

The Essence Mag features Kerry Washington on the cover. As well as of features of naturalistas on almost every page. It was basically a hair mag and showed hair types like mine. I love a lot of fashion mags but most of them never showed relaxed hair and as a young child I'm thinking all curly hair was the same. So I ended up wasting so much money on all these curly hair products that weren't for my hair type. But this issue shows many different style ideas, as well as how to accessorize your natural hair.

Seventeen features K$sha and Glamour has Ms. Beckham on the covers. I have yet to read these but can't wait 'till I have time to actually do so.

Coming up for my blog, I will try to do some interviews soon of my fellow naturalistas, more recipes, fashion, shoes....the usual.
Thank you all for reading my blog I <3>

Forever Blessed.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Protectant style numero 1!--Curly sew in

Me in mid-sew in

Hey ladies

Finally gotten to the point where I am annoyed with my natural hair. Nothing to do with it anymore except twist outs. Which is hard to do because the back of my hair is shorter than the front so that style wasn't really working. Plus my new growth is becoming so noticeable that it is unwearable for me to wear at work. I love my natural curl pattern so far though. Beforehand I washed my hair using a Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap mixture I made. It was my first time using it too. And I loved the way it felt when I detangled my hair. Very soft and easy to comb through. I then conditioned and Denman brushed my hair using my Nexxus Conditioner. Afterward I did a big no-no and went straight to blow drying my hair w/o deep conditioning it. I know bad of me but I was so impatient and really wanted to start sewing and until I get a hooded dryer 35-45 mins was not an option. But I did use my hair protectant treatment as a heat protectant from the blow dryer....which I did leave on low...I usually keep it on high.
After that I started yo sewing. Then I ran outta thread. Of course right! So today I finally finished my sew in. Not sure how I'm gonna style it yet, something cute. Gonna keep this for 2 weeks I hope. Then I'm gonna start wearing another protectant style, something just to keep my natural hair safe while its in transition.

really not sure about the styling :(

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Natural hair haul!

Ladies....Ladies!!!...and maybe gents too:).
I have finally found the time to post my haul of new products that'll be used to for my hair.
My box came Monday right after work. I started my chemistry project ASAP. I started mixing and making all kinds of concoctions; some worked, some didn't. But I'll get to that in another post.:)
What did I order exactly(L to R):
1 Dynamic Health Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with "Mother"---16 fl oz
1 African 100% Shea Butter---16oz
1 Nature's Alchemy 100% Pure essential Oil Rosemary---.5 fl
1 Heritage Products Castor Oil---16 fl oz
Nature's Alchemy Carrier Oil Sweet Almond---4 fl oz
1 Heritage Products Vegetable Glycerin---4 fl oz
1 Jarrow Formulas Organic Coconut oil---16 fl oz
1 Desert Essence Jojoba oil---4 fl oz
1 Lily of the Desert Organic whole Leaf Aloe Vera juice---32 fl oz
1 Jason Vitamin E oil---4 fl oz
1 Heritage Products 100% Pure Expeller Pressed Grapeseed Oil---16 fl oz

I really would like to say thanks so much for reading my blog. I do this for fun and for people who enjoy reading my blog. If I haven't responded to you doesn't mean I didn't read your comment just been pretty busy. But I appreciate you gals and guys so much.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Models under the radar-Georgia Jagger.

Yep ladies you read correctly. She is a Jagger offspring. I 1st saw her during a school project in a an ad. The first thing I noticed were her teeth. Next I notice the blonde hair. Her facial features are so unique as well. Something about her I remembered. Fast forward to Sept. and in an issue of WWD she was interviewed and thats when I found out who she was. Not only is she a model but she is also a student. She posed topless for Hudson, a jean line. I mean she does it all.
Forever Blessed

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Iris van Herpen X United Nude

Iris van Herpen X United Nude

Black and Ivory--->AVAIL COLORS

I really like these shoes so much!!
Forever Blessed

Friday, October 8, 2010

Where my inspiration comes from?. . .

Hey Ladies!!

These last few months have been super crazy. With traveling back in forth for my internship to really hating my job and eventually quitting. Not knowing where the heck money was gonna come from. It's been just really hard. But I have always kept my faith. God has taking me a lot of places; although I know there is more to come. I was fortunate enough to watch a YTer named SugarFreeTV who made a video about writing it down making it happen. She read it in a book somewhere. Anyway, she had been going through a lot as well. And she talked about her faith and how important it is to have in order for this to work. So I had just quit around this time and was only doing my non-paid internship at the time.
I wrote in my goal book, which I've kept since I was 16, what I wanted in a life. What I wanted in a job. I wrote down all things I'd like for my next job. I did that like July. I'm thinking to myself, I'm graduating and I'm gonna be unemployed. But then I had to take those what ifs out of my life and put in when this or that happens. I've had faith in God for a few years now. That is a long story I'll talk about another time.
So fast forward to Sept. I began to worry like wow I have this faith in God and nothing is happening for me. So then I realized what I was doing was asking all the wrong things.
I began to loose sight of the fact that He is the only who is in control of my destiny and when He was ready for those things to happen for me they would.
So I kept my faith and put my trust in God.
Although Sugarfreetv made the video, God was who I had my faith in. But I am very thankful that God sent me a message in that way. And I thank Him for this wonderful job opp He has given to me.
Forever Blessed and never stressed

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Visible Panty Line-VPL

Hi Ladies
No, not That happens to be the name of the company that makes this shoe.
I was trying to figure out what it meant myself. But these boots are sexy, yet classy. I need a few pairs of winter boots actually. I'll keep you ladies posted on a few ideas of where I will go and new purchases. FYI: I placed an order the other day for something that I know ya'll will love love love so stay tuned....Muah :*
VPL Fisherman Knee Boot $745; available @Barney's NY

Forever Blessed and Never ever Stressed!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Two f/w staples

Hola Chicas

I was browsing again, when I saw something magnificent. A faux fur vest-

"Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Vest with Hook & Eye Closure". And suede boots "Christian Louboutin in Egoutina" I love love Rachel Zoe as you all know. And her vest is only $79 bucks. Faux fur or fur can be added to your fall/winter wardrobe in any way possible. From a fur wrap, to even a fur hat. But the vest is an item that may possibly last at least the next few seasons.

As for the suede boots, these Christian Loboutin's are very versatile. Can be worn with jeans or leggings, tucked in of course. The studs add a more edgy look to suede boots. And the color gray can be mixed with any color, from black to even red.
Forever Blessed

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New hair Products

Hola Chicas

I went online browsing the other night for hair products and came across an item I've been wanting to try out. Online it was about $14 not including shipping and handling. And in order to get free shipping you usually have to spend between $40-75. Now unless you planned on spending that amount I found myself adding more and more products when in fact I just wanted one "Dr.Bronner's Magic Soap" in Lavender. Well after a while I gave up I'll find it when I find it. Lo and behold, yesterday I went to an African store looking for Shea Butter. And I turned and saw like a magical sparkle like in the movies. Dr. Bronner's products were fully stocked. And the price was $13.... :0. So excited. And also went to Walmart to purchase Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner. Haven't tried these yet. But I'm sure it will leave my hair feeling marvelous.
FOI(for our info): I found that Dr Bronner's soap can be used for many more things than just hair. Body, cars, pets,etc;

I was bored and decided to see what products work well together and what doesn't. I saw a video of a lady on YT using Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning cream and Eco Styler gel together. She got a big messy, clumpy disaster. So I decided to try it with my IC Fantasia Gel.

Below is what I got. The fact that they both contain similar products, I assumed they'd work well. Nope. And that big cottage cheese mess could have been in my hair. And when I washed my hands....eww a big cloudy mess. So the lesson of the day is to not mix any and every product or else your hair with look like my
Forever Blessed

Real Models under the radar

How yew dewin?
I have always wanted to be a model. Ever since I did my first fashion show for my school in the second grade. It was like wow everyone is looking at me, how exciting. Even thought about it for a career. But I was told I wouldn't make it pass a week. See as a young child I never really stuck with things long. And my parents knew that. But if I had known then what I know now then I def would have at least tried. Even if it would've been print stuff (Im only 4'11").
So I'd like start adding a lil day dedicated to models that I think are just too fabulous, but aren't really out there like Naomi.
Bria Murphy may be Nicole and Eddie's daughter, but she is def making a name on her own. She has appeared in music videos. As well as having her own photo shoot. I just love the way she can transition herself. But I don't think many folks are up on her, except a few celeb blogs.
Forever Blessed
pics from global grind