Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fight the power!!

Hey Ladies, Long time no post :). I am alright, been hanging in there. No job as of yet but the journey still continues. I bring you a post to just update you and at least show that I'm okay. I pray that all my readers have a safe and prosperous New Year in 2011. Be safe and put God first in any decisions. My only resolution in 2011 is to become closer to God, Im close but not as close as I'd like to be. I feel as though for so long I neglected our relationship and called upon Him only in the time of need. I am so thankful for the friends and family of 2010. Any new friends I gained, I just want to say that I love you with all that I am. And to any old friends lost , well things happen for a reason and I still love you.

Well I am off to finish my delicious homemade turkey burger with peppers and onions with a side of fries. Yum.

Stay Blessed and Have a Happy New Year!
P.S I finally found my ↓↓↓fist hair pic↓↓↓ :D, I am soooooo happy.

Monday, December 27, 2010

My letter. .

Hello out there in internet land :)

I was sitting here and watching Celeb Rehab 4 thinking to myself how thankful I am for God. To just be there for me when I didn't even ask, or feel like He was there. I have often doubted Him for many reasons. Mostly being impatient when things were going bad, or getting worse. Often asking why me. There have been times where I felt as though God was punishing me for bad things I have done in my past to hurt people or even hurt myself. Watching different people, whether on TV or in real life, it just makes me so thankful to have God in my life. After watching this episode and thinking I could be anywhere right now and I am not, I am here in this house, in this body. Who is doing this for me, who has me in this space of my life where I know him. And it just made want to write a letter. Write God a letter of not only appreciation but of gratitude. I can only thank Him every moment of the day to show Him how I wouldn't be me without Him. Having faith and believing has kept me out of bad situations. If I ever had to write a letter it would be to Him.
Who would your letter be to?

Thank you for reading!
Forever blessed never stressed

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Teena Marie- RIP

God Bless her soul, may she rest in peace in heaven!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I ♥ bags!

Marc Jacobs Laptop bag
Messenger bags

Marc Jacobs

Alexander Wang Duffle

I think these are like the cutest bags ever!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coat and bag

dress and shoes

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Turbans are. . .

. . .cool

I love Turbans below are a few I like

So I watched. . .For colored Girls!

Hey Ladies
Since I have been unemployed, there have been movie watching all day long. Nothing else really to do except watch movies. Well I finally saw For Colored girls, and woowww!!! was it good. Tyler Perry picked a great one again. I mean who would've thought anything could top his Precious, even though Tyler wasn't the director but his name was in there somewhere. But wow. Very nice movie. Very deep. Made you think. Very interesting depiction of the play, turning it in to something like this. Makes me wonder which character would have been played by Mariah Carey.
Hope you go see it if you haven't.
Forever Blessed Never Stressed

School Daze

I just love love love School Daze for many reasons. I really enjoy the singing and being free. Mission college and Hilman were my best memories of what college was like, although fictonal, I assumed it was filled with drama, dancing and Denise Huxtable like characters. All these of watching School Daze I never appreciated how amazing there hair was. There clothing. The African influences of colors. That what Spike Lee was about, he made movies with not only meaning but also a fashion awareness that has become relevant again today.
Being natural is amazing. and being African American is just as good

Forever Blessed, never stressed

Monday, December 13, 2010

the journal of the lonely women!

Why is it that women put with so much shit from the man just for his D@#%!!

Hello Ladies.
Perhaps I am being just a lil bit to graphic, but what is it about the penis that will make a women lose all of who she is for it. You can't say its the love that keeps you around for so long, even though he treats you so wrong. What do you think you are worth lil gurl. Why do you let him take over your soul, your heart, your body. What is that makes you stay but the penis. To me that is crazy. I can never let a man take advantage of my body, my soul, all the things I have worked to hard for in my life to let him just take it away from me. Because once it is gone, you can not get it back. Your heart is forever scared, your soul is burned, your things are gone, you have nothing but you. And you might let him take that too. why can't you just wake up and see that he doesn't really love you. Nor does he want you all that much. It just upsets me to know that a person that is just flesh with a penis can ruin your life, and that any sensible person would just let him. I guess I'd just rather be alone. I've seen so many people go through so many things that it just confuses me. I just wanna shake them and say wake up lady he doesn't want you. Or he is just using you. No man who hits you is in love with you, no man who uses you for your money is in love with you, love is not that important. The love of the penis is not that important. So wake up and see that.

This is one of those moments where I just want to shake some women and tell the to WAKE UP!!!!!!

Thanks for reading :)

Forever Blessed, never stressed

Friday, December 10, 2010

A few cool ladies

Being a scrooge for the holiday season

Hello All!!!

Yes you have read correctly, I am a scrooge this season. Why such a scrooge you ask? Well, I have no reason to really be all celebratory or happy. I have never been a very enthusiastic person about Christmas the last few years anyway, only because I never get much. Except last year I got a Macbook Pro AkA And some other stuff. But that was last year. This is a new year. Also, just in case I forgot to mention my Bday is the 24th. So people automatically assume I am like this big Christmas person. But I am def not. Although I do love the songs, esp. Alvin and the chipmunks. I just want these holidays to go away and for January 1, 2011 to come here already. But then again new year and no new beginning really. I don't know, but if your an excited person for the holidays, more power to ya. Me, I will sulk until it comes and goes. Birthday is just another day, Christmas is just another day, nothing special.

Pynkstarr (Bahumbug)
Stay blessed

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Big Chop

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Are women in need of attention while in relationships?

Hello Ladies.
I know this is totally off topic of fashion but I read an article today that really made me think. The article or interview was with Music Artist Trey Songz and in it he stated that he is unable at the moment to give a women the attention she needs and that he can't check in with her. I have personally never been in any relationship where my man had to check in. I understand the fact that a man doesn't want to hurt his girl by not giving her attention. But do women really require 24/7 365 52 weeks of attention? Or are women independent enough to have a man and understand that he has his life too. Is complaining about about a women needing to much attention an easy way to get out of being in a relationship? I guess this every relationship is different and I'm sure I have at one time in my life, became a part of that nagging club. You know the why don't you (call, text, IM, FB, AOL, etc) me? Or have you ever hung out with a GF and she is constantly checking her phone wondering why hasn't her 'Man' called her in the last 20mins since they have seen each other.
I'm not saying women need constant attention from a man, but we do like to feel loved. Therefore, I agree to why most women and men stay single. No one wants to check in, and no one wants to show someone, who is perhaps psychologically incapable of realizing that their attention seeking ways really stem from something serious that may have happened in their past. I vote for single until the time is right and not needy.

Forever blessed and never stressed

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I did it!!!

Heyy Ladies
I am an official naturalista. It was time to let it go because it was soooo uneven and a annoying. I am so thankful for the natural hair God has given me. Me and my poof are gonna be the best of friends. Its all about me being me. And this is me. I am in no regrets whatsoever. I wanted to go shorter but I said it's too But I love it. I cut it myself and it actually came out way better than I thought.
I am just sooo happy to be all natural now. Never turning back either.

Forever blessed, Never stressed

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hellerr ya'll,

So I was searching YT as usual for 'big chop' videos because I am thinking about doing my BC soon. I started so far in the back but became extremely fearful of looking like a boy. I started trying my best to think about all the beautiful women who have shorter hair than I and look like women duh. But to me in my head, I am thinking here come the stares of wow she looks like a boy. Not many of you all know this but I am extremely self conscious with everything I do. With my hair especially. I am learning that no one is really looking at you, but no no no they are looking. There is always someone watching you. Whether it is the hater or the congratulater, they are watching. So I said let me view some YT vids to become inspired about this BC. Well nothing happened. All I saw were ppl who were so beautiful and comfortable with who they were with their short hair. Or kinky long curly hair. All this did was upset me. Then I looked at my hair. And thought why can't I just cut it off my head. What is the attachment. Why does my hair look this way, or feel this way. Their hair doesn't do that or this. It was I guess you can say a jealousy thing.
I then came across a YT channel called 'sushinelovespeace' and she is totally into God. Which, if your not already aware of so am I. I am learning to listen to Him speak to me and other things too. Well, in one video she discussed how some of us are jealous of things ppl have not looking at what we may have. This is so true because I have stopped watching many channels or reading blogs just because I was jealous of someone being able to either do something I think I can't do or buy something I know I can never afford. Mostly materialistic stuff. Growing up I was never jealous, ppl were jealous of me and that made me feel powerful, like I was better than someone. I always felt as though I could one up someone just so they would be jealous of me. But as you get older you realize things aren't always what they seem. While others were jealous that I got what I wanted materialistically , they didn't know that my mom had just moved out, or that bills weren't getting paid. So while we may become jealous of someone for what they can do or what they have, its best we just take a look at all the amazing things we have that others may wish for. Like good health, or a job, or even a bank account.
I am extremely thankful for my new relationship with God. He has given a new found look on my life. No one can stop me, no one. Not my parents, friends, lovers, family, no one. And before finding Him I let everything someone did or said about me or to me affect me. I was told after a I dropped out of HS, that I would never go to college. I was told I'll never be anything. I let a teacher change my views on being an actress because she told me there was no life in that. Now I am a college graduate working on my second degree. But I didn't do that because of them I did it for me. Just like a lot of things in my life. I took jobs people told me not to take, I went places people said I couldn't go. Now was that jealousy on their part, IDK, maybe it was. I do know this no more being jealousy of things I don't understand, because look at me. I am FABULOUS. I am happy. I am a Christian. I am me. Soon to be a bigger chopped me, lol. But you get what I am saying.

Writing these posts have made me a happy women. I am so proud of this opportunity, even if no one reads, I still do this for me. No more doing things for others. It stops TODAY. Good bye Jealousy, Hello-----I guess non-jealousy---lol.
Enjoy ya'lls night

Forever blessed, and never stressed!