Sunday, May 17, 2015

Planner update!! Plum Paper Planner month of May 2015

Hey Ya'll
Planning can be so complex at times because a) I overthink too much about getting the perfect look and b) I really don't have time to decorate.
And this week was supposed to be my trip week so I definitely just didn't have time to do much. But I did get to the library to print some FREE printables. They have saved my life completely :)!! Because I can not go buying planner supplies all willy nilly like some people can. Nothing wrong with that, but I just can't afford to do that so these free printables are a great way to decorate while on a budget. I either create my own or I print some from Google!!

Here is a pic of what I printed!

I love the way they came out on my school's printer versus mine. My printer is awesome too, but the color ink isn't the greatest for sticker printing, only general things.

Let us work backwards on the planners:

May 11-17

May 4-10

April 27-May 3

May month in a glance

I really love my PPP because it's not too bright for me. It's easy to carry around with me. And I take it everywhere with me because I always need to use it. Planning keeps me from losing my mind and forgetting things. It really is peaceful to decorate. And fun. You do not need a ton of money to decorate your planner and that is something I had to learn on my own. People feel as though they need to go crazy and buy everything in every color when that is not the case. Just do you when it comes to planning!

Please take my advice and have fun with your planner, what ever brand you have!! Decorate it, don't decorate whooo careess?! No one else matters but you :)

Keep on planning Ya'll!!

XO Pynkstarr

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My desk Organization!! I love IKEA!!

Hi guys!! I am one of those people who appreciate organized chaos. I like my area, especially my crafting and planning, to be clean. This is a staged photo, lol. Because my desk isn't always this clean, my drawers are clean all the time because I always put my stuff away in an organized fashion. :) So I have said before that I purchased my desk because I needed an area to do my HW.

 I had a previous desk but after water damage it's not the same, the feng shui was all off. I believe if you have a space you love, you will want to do the work. I enjoy writing at my desk, I eat at my desk, do my school work, my arts and crafts. You name it and my desk is involved. I need to be able to feel comfortable in what ever it is I am doing.

This post isn't about detailed specs of my desk but I really love that my desk is spacious. However, as long as I am going to continue to grow my scrapbook supplies, I will need more space. I have no space to really grow without stuffing things in my drawers, and I am not fan of that. Currently I have the Micke by IKEA but I plan to purchase a bigger desk from IKEA once I move into my new apartment. :D 

Let's break down the desk though. On top is where I have my laptop, and either my planner if I am planning or my binder for school. I also have some stones and crystals for good energy and a candle. On the left in the pink basket I have my Target note pads, which I have to go get more because they just added some more :D. Farther left are my pens and makeup brushes. This will eventually change because this caddy is not too big for me, and I can't always get to my makeup brushes. Next to that is my white board, which is where I put my HW. And below that is my paper station, which I will plan on expanding soon. But these folders also come from Target's dollar spot. and I love them :D

Then we have my drawer systems that I purchased in the kitchen section of the Container's Store. Left drawer has all of my essentials, my washi tape, hole punch, some smaller note books, label maker, ribbons, and my doggie's nail clipper. 

Right drawer I have a smaller version of the drawer separator where I store my sticky notes, my calculators, page flags, paper clips, binder clips, and index cards. 

By being organized I feel as though I can get more work done because my mind doesn't see clutter. I can't really describe it but when I see organization it's not as hard to do my work. I will post more pictures and details soon. 

Thanks for reading!!
XO Pynkstarr