Monday, August 30, 2010

Brian Atwood! wearable art

Hey out there in Bloggerland
Brian Atwood. Brian Atwood. Brian Atwood. Nope. Nothing. I was hoping if I did this three times these wonderful beauties would appear. The art work that he calls a shoe is absolutely so amazing to me. He can construct and mold something that i've heard are the most comfy shoes ever. I hope to own a pair some day. :)
Forever Blessed

*pics from brian atwood website

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm graduating!!! Check list!

Hellurr out there in Blogger land!!
I am Graduating in less than three weeks. YAY!!. I'm so happy and proud of myself it's crazy. Unfortunately I never got to walk down the aisle at my HS, so this will the first time in a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time. At first I was saying I'm not going to walk in the Spring, but then I said you know what I've earned it. I have worked so hard to get where I am, and still have a long way to go. After I am done with school this summer and my internship is done, WHAT will I DO with my life. What do you do? All I am trained to do is go to school or work, and not doing either is very scary. But I know God has a plan for me. The thing I have to do is wait for Him to provide with the tools, and use them to start my career.

But while I'm waiting I have established a checklist of things I do need for my future career path:

Suit separates/skirts/pants
Very important if you plan on working in the corporate world. You will look very professional if you show up to an interview in a suit. The colors that are the safest are black, dark blue, or gray. Once you get the job, you can ask or watch what other are wearing to alternate your looks.

When in doubt choose a light blush color to wear under a suit or blazer. During your first month at a new job you wanna stand out but not for being so bright. Some companies find it untraditional to dress in other colors than black and white. Then some companies find it ok to wear gray or blush. TIP: Best way to see what to wear at a new job is to look at the other employee's attire.

A nice Blazer
Its easier when you can mix and match your attire. Blazers can go with suit pants of skirts.

Trousers and Chinos
These are versatile and also can be mixed and matched. Some jobs have casual Fridays

Topshop School bag
Can be used for papers or for when I go back to school next spring.

These are just a few items and tips that are very important when starting a new life in the "corporate world". Nothing is wrong with you if your thinking "what if I don't want to work in the corporate world". Most people don't work in that world, but if you plan on making a career change or need ideas for how to look more professional these are just some tips. Why not buy a suit. It is one of the greatest investments to make as your new career is starting. Its more about the Quality not Quantity. You do NOT have to have 5 suits. You need only ONE suit and LOTS of accessories. And you can mix and match with blouses. Don't spend all of your first pay check on clothes, instead Invest your money else where like 401 K or charity. And my last advice is to Experiment with looks. No matter what don't think too hard about what your wearing and instead relax, relate, and
Forever Blessed & Never Stressed

*pics from lord and taylor, and topshop website

I freaking am in love with Christian Siriano!!

Hello out there in Blogger land.
This post is just about a very awesome amazing designer named Christian Siriano, I love love love him and his style so much. Funny thing is the season that he was on for PR was the only season I didn't watch; one day when I'm done with school I'm gonna eat popcorn and watch every episode. Any hoo, last year for a class I had called Fashion 101, if you didn't know I'm a Fashion Major. The final assignment was to find a designer and make a poster board of them. My first fave "designer" was to choose Kimora Lee Simmons, then I said that's too easy. Then I saw a book at B&N, with CS on it. I said that's it, I gotta do my board on him.

So After tons of research I finally got to know who he was as a designer, his aesthetic is so different. And he makes a beautiful piece of art every time.

Here are some shoes he showed on the View the other day and some may even be available at Payless shoesource . I hope to some day meet him :).

Forever blessed and never Stressed!!

Finale dress.....sooooo cute and fierce!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vince Camuto

There is a man by the name of Vince Camuto, who up until this point I'd never heard of. I know all you fashionistas out there are like "You've never heard of Vince Camuto!!!" Well not until I read this month's Lucky Mag did I become fascinated with this shoe. I just love shoes so much now it's crazy. I can only imagine the day that I'll be able to but all the shoes I want. Now although I have yet to see these shoes in person, I can tell that this NY born and raised designer has some really great quality. Now although I am not a leather wearer, I still love his aesthetic as a designer. Went to the website and here are my favs...

Forever blessed and never stressed

Friday, August 20, 2010

More Shoes....Pt. 1

As you all know, I have a fascination with shoes. Buit whats funny is I HATE feet so much. Yucky!!. Well since I can remember, I have had a facination with shoes...I own about 100 pairs of shoes. Now out of those I only wear about 60 pairs monthly...I mean I switch up a lot and some of them just are just played out, but I can't seem to part ways with them. Any way I was searching as usual, decided to share some new loves and sites with ya'll :)

I enjoyed looking through the shoe catalog at, but my fave pairs were the blues....I know they aren't in season yet; but they are super gorgeous.

I will probably not be buying shoes from here though, not because I have anything against them, but because I feel as though they will not last on a my feet more than an hour....would I be able to take it? I guess you can't judge a blog by its shoe but most the these shoes are under $40.00...And I say you get what you pay for...
Forever blessed and never stressed

Project Runway

I love Project runway So much. That and the Rachel Zoe Project....I die...I But this week the got rid of Kristen which wasn't a surprise to me at all. I liked her weirdness and it will be missed but one of the Michaels one, the chunky one, for his Burnt Orange rusty dress. Besides the detailing and architecture of the dress that matched the Philip Tracey hat, I didn't like it that much. Any who here are some picks of some I kinda liked and others that I thought were cool.
Forever Blessed and never stressed

Thursday, August 19, 2010

MY shoe wish list

I was reading Lucky Magazines Sept 2010 issue. And I found some very cute items I wanna try and somethings I need in my life. One of them was from the website. So I went there being the browser that I am, and found these....please babe if you reading this....hint

Forever blessed and never STREssed