Thursday, March 20, 2014

How I straightened my kinkyhair: Week1 hair diary and the tips I came up with to protect my hair

Hey Lovelys.....I hope that all is well. I wanted to share my straightening regimen with you all before I forget what I did. Now I have never straightened my hair with a flat iron since going natural because I was scared. Scared that my hair won't revert back to my wonderful kinky curly hair. I love my kinks and wouldn't change them for the world. But I, like many other kinky curlies out there, like to try new things every now and then. I began to hate using the word "natural" to describe my hair because of how the community has become towards those of us who choose to: a)wear weave, wigs, extensions, dye our hair, flat iron, blow dry, not use all natural products. All of these things people judge you for because they think there is only one way to do something.

So like I said before, I love my kinky curly hair. But just like trying new things. Anything that I can do myself safely, I'll try it!!!

Here is what I did to get started:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Kinky Hair-Tips for applying and removing marley twists

Hey lovely readers. I have officially removed my twists and thought I'd share some tips on how I applied them, took care of them and removed them.
As mentioned in a previous post I washed my marley hair before applying it to prevent irritation. And now that I've already removed my twists I can say I definitely noticed a difference in my scalp compared to past applications of synthetic hair.

  • First I made sure to cleanse my scalp properly. Although I washed my hair a week prior, it definitely makes a difference to not apply weave to dirty hair. 
  • I sectioned my hair in 4 sections (2 front + 2 back). And I started twisting in the back versus the front. It just seemed better to me to do this. In the front I made sure to part my hair down the middle and both sides because I wanted to wear my hair like that. It's best to part your hair which ever way you like to wear it normally.