Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tv Review: Hit the floor

The latest episode of Hit the Floor just wasn't for me. It was one of those episodes that make you wanna punch the TV screen. One main reason is Asha's naivety. No one on earth is this naive right?
Some of the lines they give her I just can't deal with them. Telling Jelena about your routines and where they are is like telling a thief where the key is to your safe.

TV Review: The Haves or Have Nots Finale

So um....yea. The season Finale for the Haves or Have Nots was really good. It didn't disappoint. Only thing I didn't like was when David went in Maggie's hotel room. That doesn't really seem like something David's character would do, but I believe that's the point of having a "wow" factor in the season finale. Not everything will be cookie cutter for TV. Maybe his character is just fed up with Veronica's attitude towards life.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

TV Review: The Killing !!!!Spoilers!!!

I have been watching the Killing since season 1. At first I thought this show would suck. I mean come on A&E isn't my kinda channel. But after watching the first episode I rather enjoyed it. Then I kept coming back for more. Then my internet got cut off and I just had no way to watch it anymore. So I watched Season 2 premiere and kinda gave up on it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I found out that Season 4 was the last season and would be on Netflix. I decided to give it another try, but not before catching up where I left off in the first place; Season 2 ep 2.

I binge watched the remainder of Season 2, only to find out that they literally spent 2 whole seasons on Maggie Larsen. Here I am thinking they finally found the killer. But nope they hadn't. Of course I know the killer now, but I won't spoil it for you. So Season 3 started off with a bang which I love to be pulled in in the opening scenes of every show. The gist of Season 3 is Linden is no longer a detective. Holder has a new partner, who I hear is a big deal in Season 4. Linden had a case 3 years ago where this little boy was found in the closet after his mom had been decaying for one week in their apartment. The main suspect was the husband who is now on death row and only has two weeks to live.

Holder and Reddick have a new case of a teenager who reminds Holder of Linden's case 3 years ago. Where the killer cuts the women up in a specific way. Holder tells Linden, Linden tells Holder she has a new life. Linden visits her old partner/lover, Skinner, to reminisce about the dead mother. Skinner reminds her that the husband was the killer and that he is sentenced to death in a few weeks.

Bullet and a few others are also introduced in this Season. Bullet is a teenage runway who becomes cool with Holder after her BFF becomes missing. She assists holder in finding some of the spots most runaways are hiding.

Linden finds 17 bodies of teenage girls all of who was cut in the same way as the dead mother.

Linden then becomes a detective again working with Skinner, who she had an affair with years ago when they were partners. Linden believes that the husband in jail isn't really the killer but just doesn't have the proof.

Fast Forward a bit. The husband, Seward, is executed after Linden tried to save him knowing that he didn't kill his wife. But it was too late to help him. Linden and Holder discover that the boy may have seen the killer dump the bodies which is why his mother was killed, the killer was really looking to kill him. Linden and Skinner end up having sex after Skinner left his wife. Then Linden finds out that Skinner is the killer when she  goes to his house to find him and sees his daughter with a ring on from one of the missing girls. Thinking that Skinner has the missing boy Adrian they drive to the woods. Holder finds them and tells Linden that Adrian is safe and that Skinner never had them. He tried to convince her not to kill Skinner because there are more girls out there to be found. She kills Skinner anyway.

So now we are coming up to Season 4 where Holder and Linden have a secret...I am assuming killing Skinner is the secret. I don't know what the secret is but whatever it is I can't wait to see the new season. Which is 6 episodes but 1 hr long with not commercials :)


TV Review: Project Runway Season 13 ep 1

I finally had a chance to watch the new season of Project Runway. Before that I watched a special they had where they followed the contestants to their homes. Which became really interesting pretty fast when I saw that one of the contestants was an Atheist. Now I have no problem with anyones beliefs because A) I know absolutely nothing about Atheism B) I have my own issues to worry about.  But the issue is with Lifetime. I didn't know it was okay to where t-shirts with labels on them on any show.

Friday, July 25, 2014

TV Review: BAPs Season 1 Ep 1


Yep that's how I felt after watching the first season, first episode of BAPs. Which stands for Beautiful Black Princesses/Princes. Nothing against the show concept, I understand what the network was doing. They wanted to show black folks who had education and come from something not just from the "streets". Yes I was annoyed of seeing that too. I mean there are tons of black people who went to college and graduated, but all we ever see are the ones who didn't. Therefore allllll blacks are considered uneducated and lazy sitting around collecting welfare. So I get it. Educated black people would be a different step forward had they not been so stuck up.


The funny thing is I heard that saying all my life. I have always been called "stuck up" "wanna be white" all that you can think of to me down because of how I spoke, where I come from, or how I treated people. Now I am not saying all the characters on the show are stuck up but half of them are. Besides that it was a little dry for the first episode. Here is my version of the recap:

Anisha is a single mom, dating a thug(the other BAP's word not mine) co parent, dramatic gossip queen. And she is my favorite. She is a little loopy but I do love her for her down to earth personality.

I don't dislike Gina but her segments had her come off as "I don't have a man because I am too educated".

Then you have Kristen who has a beef with Anisha for a fight that happened two years ago. Yep. 2 whole years ago. I consider myself an adult not because of my age but because of how I act. I have behaved this maturely since I was in the womb. So when I see women argue like 5th graders it's just embarrassing. And it's not just this show it seems all the shows I watch are like this. Esp the women.

So here is what was said.......two years ago. Kristen being BFFs with my girl Anisha just flat out called her a bad mother. (and from the looks of future eps she will say it again more than once). Anisha was going through a divorce at the time so Kristen pulled that "tough love" excuse. This comment caused Anisha to tell Kristen that her womb is cursed.

That is all the recap that's important, because that is the ONLY thing that happened on the episode. I mean yes, we meet a few other characters but all they kept talking about were Kristen and Anisha's fight and how they have to get them together. And that is another thing I hate about reality shows they always feel the need to have "get togethers" around the time people are beefing with one another. I mean I get it, it's dramatic for us at home to watch. Kind of suspenseful in the essence of "what will happen at the restaurant". But I don't know about any of ya'll but I don't want to see, speak to, bond with people I don't like. I don't want to be in the same room as them let alone make up. Once we are done, that's it. And that's me with all relationships.

So will I watch again? Maybe. But only because of Anisha. I love her!

Thanks for reading!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

TV Review: Sisterhood of Hip Hop sneak peek review

Hey ya'll there is a new show out called,

I watched the first I guess you can call it an episode last night and I must say it wasn't all that bad. But I don't think it's "rachet" enough for todays TV reality shows. Although I believe we have come a long way as far what we like to view (look at the success of scripted dramas out now). I still know we still like our reality shows to be a little hood. 
So here is what I thought!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I really don't enjoy doing wash n gos!!

Every time I see a video regarding wash and gos not being for my type of hair I get really angry and do one. Then I get angry at myself for trying it knowing dang well the last time I tried one, my hair was a mess. A big mess. I am going to start video documenting them more. lol. People need to see the bad as well as the good hair moments I have.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I heart Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls!!!

After hearing so much about Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls, I decided that instead of wasting my money on the whole product I could just try the sample. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vision Board updated

Hey ya'll
I haven't completed my board yet but here is how it looks currently.

I added more pictures, and colors and stickers.

Life to me is all about manifestation. Although writing it down to make it happen helps, but some times we need a visual piece to look at.

If you don't have the sources to make a tangible vision board make a Pinterest inspired vision board. Those look just as amazing. 

I plan on adding more colors and pictures so that it can be completely covered.

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Video: I waxed my lip!!! Review and demo

Hey alllllll

The video below is the first and last time I waxed my own lip. I've never ever waxed anything except for my eyebrow, and someone else always did it. But I am a cheapie so last year around this time I purchased this wax by Family Dollar. Family Dollar is a store that sells everything from candy to lip wax. 

Now I am not sure if it's a crappy product because it's cheap, or I just did a horrible job at it. I say that because I didn't see any hair removal lol. It hurt like heck for basically no reason. 

I always buy comparable products because sometimes they really work just as goood as the actual product but this wax just didn't do what I am sure the Sally Hansen version would have done. 

It came with 36 wax strips but since there are two cellophane strips stuck together it's really half of that. It's like when you get a box of little debbie or pop tarts, they say it's 16 but technically it's only 8 because there are two per pack. 

You warm the wax up in between your palms, then separate the strips and wax the area of your choice. Once done I had to use baby oil to remove the left over wax. I think I am brave enough to get the wax warmer bowl and try eyebrow waxing next. 

I'll keep you posted!!!