Saturday, October 18, 2014

I am back in School ya'll!!!!

Yep you read that title right, I am currently a college student again. I am back in school getting my BA in Fashion Marketing and Management, I already have my A.A.S.

This was, of course, a long journey because I graduated in 2010 and wasn't very sure if I wanted to go back to school to get my BA. But I have always known that school is going to be what gets me in the door. I haven't had many jobs therefore I rely on my education to get my foot in the door. I wish I could say yay guys I got me a job, finally, but unfortunately that isn't going the way I thought. Here is the tea on that, I was hired about 2 weeks ago, had orientation and everything. Now I am just waiting for a call for my new schedule. I mean I am not sure of many companies that hire you then say someone will either email you or call you. And nothing for almost a week.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My first experience on a train.....Tips for taking an Amtrak Train Overnight.

Hey all I just got back from such a wonderful trip to Florida to visit my boo and I must say it was so much fun...once I arrived. The ride there was awesome but it was extremely long and exhausting. The best parts were the fact that my mommy came with me, being able too see nature and different towns. But that's basically it. If you have to ride OVERNIGHT and if you have about a grand to spare then I suggest you get a roomette. We had a coach seat which wasn't too too bad, but after about the first 10 hrs your butt falls asleep. Then when it's time for lights out, around 10pm, and you began to get tired finding a comfortable sleeping spot was difficult for my mom and I. Her more than me because of her height. I am only 4'10'' so I was kinda able to curl up in a ball on the seat. I can't sleep sitting up, but if you can then do you boo. Otherwise get a room!!!

My Busy Busy week plus new schedule.

So I know it's been a minute since my last post but some great things have come about since the last post.

First I have made the decision to go back to school for my Bachelors. Although I just attended school for computers, I have decided to finally get my Bachelors in Fashion Marketing and Management.  Which is basically in the fashion business side of things. I think I made a blog post about that already, talking about my fashion experience. I may do a video on that soon :). I think it would have helped me out a lot to know what to expect exactly. Going back to school was one of things I wanted to manifest in my 8-week Focusing on Manifestation class I am taking now. The class has been a life saver by putting things that were in my subconscious mind already and taking them to another level. It has put things into perspective for me in ways I have not really thought about on the same level as before.

One of the necessities, or shall I say 3, is to have notebooks for different purposes during the class and hopefully beyond.  I will continue to do the notebooks even after class because I feel like it has helped me stay out of my head really. At times I over think things and turn them into negative thought before they even happen at all. I am just learning about training my thoughts really. After writing down about the school and seeing my boo, they have since manifested. I am starting school in a few weeks and I am going to go see my boo. The other thing I am manifesting is a job. I know I will find one soon. But the thing is I have no idea in what field because I have experience in so many. I mean I can't really pick a field really. I want to obviously do something with technology and fashion some how. That's just what I am meant to do in life. I have been surrounded by both all my life in some aspect. And I feel like they are my calling. Buttttt the issue is what am I supposed to do with that. Like is it a job or something. So many question I don't have the answers for but that's why you write in the notebooks. To express your true feelings and many many questions.

I am also traveling this week finally to Florida. I have been searching and taking notes on traveling because I have been saying I want to travel here and there and then never travel anywhere. LOL. So now that I am doing so I needed to be prepared on some things that involved it. I'll be posting on that too next week when I come back.

That brings me to my schedule. I will start posting once a week on any every aspect of my life. I needed to do this scheduling because it seems to work for most bloggers and vloggers. I will post once a week probably on Saturday nights or Sunday nights. Just a recap to end the week, sorta like the day in the life. I've just wanting to revamp some things and I always say I need to post more for my loyal readers who read all the time. Or even new comers. I really appreciate it!!

Well, let me finish packing