Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars Red Carpet + Valentino's tan

I didn't really have a reason to watch the Oscars this year. But I love the red carpet and seeing the same pose done over and over and over again. Anyway I had a few choices of what I like, including a very tan genius.
Forever blessed

Top 10 movies ???

So where have I been. Lol. I have soooo missed writing on my blog and adding a few notes here and there about different things. I love all those who read my blog. Or those who tell a friend. Thank you all so much for the support.

Now on to the final ten movies for Black History Month. This will be a little bit short because I have to finish cooking.

19. What's Love got to do with it.

20. Dreamgirls

21. Ray

22. Princess and the Frog

23. Vampire in Brooklyn

24. All of Pam Grier movies: Foxy Brown, Sheeba Baby....etc

25. Cinderella: the one with Brandy

26. The Color Purple

27. Harlem Nights.

28. For Colored girls

The movies I listed are not anything specific. Not in any order what so ever. But these are just a small number of movies I have loved or my family has loved over the years.
Well I will be back later to show of some new things I have going on. :) Love you all.

Forever Blessed

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Interview outfit + Face make up

I had an interview today. It was pretty cool, nothing unusual. It went pretty well. I am not particuarly happy about the pay but anything is better than nothing. But this is what I wore. Regular slacks, a thin turtle neck, and a gray sweater. O yea and suspenders too. SB: Isn't my fro growing. yay!!! I wore a wig tho to the interview. lol.
Forever blessed? Yes we all are.

16, 17, 18 of Febuary

Hey Ladies, what's shaking turkey bacon. I have been a way from the blogger world a min now. Oops. But I have good reason. Today I had an interview so I had to mentally prepare myself for that. Plus I have been doing some things with my business. So my time is like going by so fast. I will continue to post the 28 days of Black movies. And today I have 3 movies that are connected. Friday, Next Friday, and Friday After Next. I know I know same movie, but they all mean different things. They also all have different endings. They are like apart of those movies that after 3, why make another. Heck, some movies shouldn't have made it past 2. Hello, Meet the parents, like seriously why are there so many. Let it go producers. Anyway. They say there may be another Friday, but in my opinion they should just let it be. The last one barely made it with the punchlines. I love the music they played in the last one. In case you have never seen any, where you beeenn???, I will explain below. :)
Thank you for reading and God bless,


Craig lives with his parents wacky parents and sister in a small house in the hood of South Central. He gets fired from his day off which prompts his day of adventure. His best friends Smoky gets him in some trouble they seem to have a hard time getting out of though out the movie; all while hiding their jewelry from the local hood gangster, Deebo. This movie is filled with happy times, sad times, hilarious times, and hood moments. I give it an A++.

Next Friday

In the sequel, Craig has to move in with his Uncle Elroy because Deebo is looking for him, in Rancho Cucamonga....And that is a real place in Cali, I Googled it. Uncle Leroy's son Day Day is the cousin that you have that will have you laughing up a storm. They live a across the Jokers, a Latin family in gang relations. While visiting his family, Craig again seems to not be able to escape his troubled past back in South Central. I give this one a B+. SN: The character called Roach was supposed to play in the 3rd installment of the Friday saga, died shortly before filming. RIP to him.

Friday After Next

This one to me was the most memorable because I saw it so many times. Day Day and Uncle Leroy move out of Rancho and into LA. Day Day and Craig live together in a complex with a crazy women for a landlord. Uncle Leroy and Mr. Jones open a rib joint in a mini mall where they get Craig and Day Day jobs to pay their rent. Being mall security isn't all that it cracked up to be, but Day Day takes his job too seriously and gets him and Craig in a lot of trouble.....again!. This movie also brings out a new comedian, Money Mike AKA Katt Williams. I rate this one an A-.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15 of Febuary- Moonwalker

If you do not already know this, I am a humongous MJ fan. Have been since before I was born, my mom played him a lot when I was in her tummy. I think I watched Moonwalker more than any other VHS tape. I am actually scarred to watch it now because it may pop. Moonwalker is just a movie that has like so much dancing and singing. Like a musical featuring MJ and his music throughout. One part he plays himself and Joe Pesci plays a bad man who is after Micheal trying to kill him. It was like really crazy. Graphics and a little bit of sci-fi too. If you are a true fan then buy this and enjoy it.
Forever blessed

Monday, February 14, 2011

Natural Hair- My dryness

Well, I have been natural for about almost a year before I decided to actually cut off my perm. I decided to cut it off because I thought it would help my hair with its dryness. Boy was I wrong, wrong wrong. It's like my hair is a sponge. In not in a good way either. If it's not twisted up or braided it doesn't have moisture for long. I mean I know they said keep it moisturized but I have gotten a little bit annoyed with the way it has been recently. I kinda straightened it the other day and it actually came out good. But I was too scared to apply too much heat to it. Well after about 2-3 hrs my hair was back to its dry state again. I know there are so many products out there that help, but they are super expensive and I am not in the budget to keep spending my money all willy nilly like that. I have been think about a lot of different styles lately and what to do about the dryness. I wanted to braid it maybe or do another sew in. But I know me. When I decided in Sept 2008 to not perm again, I just wore wigs everyday. And sewed in my hair almost every week different colors. But then I started working and decided to perm it again. Now that I have decided to go natural, when I do a sew in or even wear a wig it annoys my head. If I braid it it annoys me to. I don't get why. I love the way so many people sew in hair and it protects their hair. But for me it won't work at all and I end up wasting money on hair. I'll be working for an event in NYC for a few days and I need it to look as professional as possible. Not sure where I am going with my hair as of yet, but I'll keep you posted.

SN: Thank you guys for reading my blog, it means a lot to me. I love you all a lot and remember to always always put God first.

O yea Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy's Red Carpet

I haven't watched any award shows this year yet because I feel like that is 3-4hrs of my life I can't get back. I usually wait for the pics and video days later. The red carpet this year was pretty interesting. Gaga was an egg, Nicki was a cheetah, and Snooki asked Drake if he smushed Ri Ri. Too funny. Hope you enjoy the pics

Movies: Love edition 12, 13, 14 of February + update

While I am not watching the Grammy's , sorry they are always just too long for me to the point where I don't care to watch anymore. Instead I'd rather blog and watch Desperate Housewives. I will try and post pics this week of the outfits from the red carpet.

Also I will be starting my own business soon, so stay on the look out for that.

Okay on to some movies.

Love Jones
I have seen this movie so many times it is crazy. I think my favorite part is when Larenz Tate says his poem. Now that is just yummy. I am an obvious fan of Nia Long because this is like the 3rd movie of hers I have feature. But she is just a fabulous actress to me. Love Jones takes place I believe in Chi-Town. Features a love affair of words between two people who share a common interest in art. Darius Lovehall is a writer and Nina Moseley is a photographer. Not sure when, but I am pretty sure I wanted a camera after seeing this movie. The movie's title says it all, Love Jones, is basically the need to be with someone feenin' for them in every way possible; and in this case it was an artistic need that needed to be filled through love. Very enjoyable movie that should be watched on V-day with your hunny bunny :)

Waiting to Exhale
I remember when this movie came out and my parents purchased the bootleg and made me hide in the bathroom when the sex scenes came on. Lol. The movie is another Terry McMillan masterpiece that was written in the early 90's later turned movie/box office hit. It features some of the greatest actress ever. Angela Bassett, Loretta Divine, Leah Richon and Whitney Houston. Based out in Arizona, these four women faced what many women face 'til this day, man issues. The message throughout the movie was to basically breathe again with or without a man. Finding your own while still maintaining that gf relationship too. The best part of the movie to me were the songs. I mean Cherish by MJB was like the anthem to the movie. I wonder what this movie would be like if it were made today.

Soul Food
Not just about love, but also about family. Family and God are always there for you. Some may not have the usual dad/mom relationships but family to me is what you make it to be. In the movie there were some low down dirty things going on, some happy times, some very sad times, but in the end family stuck together. The best part of this movie to me was the foodie....hmmmm. I love to eat and I love food so watching it may make you hungry. You have been warmed.

Forever blessed

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Emma Watson at the BAFTA

I have recently fallen in love with London style and prices too. Emma Watson attended a pre-BAFTA bash last night wearing this S/S 2011 Burberry Garadine Biker trench coat. With Leather sleeves. How amazing is that a trench coat had a baby with a leather biker jacket. The price is $2795.00, but I am pretty sure Emma got it as swag, because she does work for them. Below are a few inexpensive choices.

Hilary Radley Trench coat $84.99

Charlotte Ronson Trench for $525.00

Friday, February 11, 2011

9, 10, 11 of Febuary

I know I know I am super duper late with this but I am trying to start up a business and it is taking so much of my time. But I have three movies to show you ladies this post. The special thing about this post is that it features another fave actress of mine.---Sanaa Lathan, who I just found out that her dad is Stan Lathan. I mean hello Stan Lathan who directed so many shows. Anyway. Below are the movies.

Love & Basketball

This movie was the perfect storyline for people falling in love with their high school sweethearts and living happily ever after. Okay this is very unrealistic in my eyes, but to those who still believe more power to ya! Love & Basketball stars Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps who grow up right next door to one another and end up dating and going to college together. They eventually grow apart but are brought back together through the love of basketball.

Brown Sugar

I remember when I was exhausted from all these same ol movies that were coming out in 2002. And I wasn't going to go see it until I saw Erykah Badu's video 'Love of my Life'. I then said I have to see this movie just to hear this song. Well after watching this movie more than 50x I guess you can say I loved it. Sanaa Lathan and Taye Diggs grew up together through an interest in hip hop music and culture. Taye's character is a music producer while Sanaa plays a writer for, of course the biggest hip hop mag at that time, The Source. This movie was just an all around lovely movie. And showed that Mos Def was actually hilarious. Without giving away the ending, they end up realizing hip hop will always be with them, whether apart or together.

Disappearing Acts

This movie should have been in the theaters somewhere because it was just that good. I mean you have this women on her own who falls for the maintenance man who works on and off to support his kids that she doesn't even know about. This is def a Terry McMillian book turned movie creation. Filled with drama, love, sex, baby's mamas. All that good stuff.
Hopefully you all enjoyed this post and don't bite my head off for being a little late with the next few posts.

Forever blessed

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fatima at the 2nd Annual Essence celebration of black Women

I have always enjoyed Fatima's choreography with BSB. She attended last night's 2nd Annual Essence Celebration of black women.

Gray Pants: NY and Co. pant
Tuxedo Jacket: Clemens En August cotton tuxedo jacket
Chain bag: Rebecca Minkoff chain handbag
Nerd glasses: BCBG plastic Koi glasses
Leopard peep toe heels: Christian Dior pumps
2-fingered ring: Torrid rhinestone ring

Forever blessed

*photo WireImage

Tocarra at the 2nd Annual Essence Black women in Music

Shoes: Forever 21 Suedette peep toe heels in black
Grey Dress: BCBG Maxazria Asymmetrical long sleeve mini
Silver Cuff: Topshop Asymmetrical Cuff
Knotted Necklace: Kara Ross Dbl knot snake chain necklace


*photos from Wireimage

Christian Siriano F/W11

I caught the last few pieces to the collection. I love loved what I saw. The shoes were just a little bit dangerous though because a few models took spills on the runway. Some even lost a shoe or two. But other than that the show was excellent. There was a lot of black but he mixed in some greens with it. And a few rosette dresses that I really loved. Like the finale skirt was so Oscar approved by me. Someone needs to scope that one up asap. Great for a first time nominee.
Forever Blessed

Luca Luca-F/W 11

Well, the Luca Luca show just finished and it was fabulous. I loved the array of colors. From Seaweed green skirts. To the Fushia long sleeved dresses they had. With celebs like Petra Nemcova and Tinsley Mortimer sitting front row, this show was a packed house. From the makeup to the jewelry I love love loved this show.

Forever blessed