Thursday, September 30, 2010

research mishap!!-Don't believe the Hype

Hola Chicitas!!
Lately as you all may know, I have been exploring the realm of transitioning from relaxers to completely natural. Completely natural not necessarily meaning all "natural" or "organic" products. But no relaxers. For ever!!! I have been learning so much about different ingredients. I never associated looking at ingredients for my hair as I have for my skin. You hair doesn't break out when it doesn't like something. As far as my skin is concerned, I know what works and what doesn't but by brand and not by ingredient. I never thought that maybe the brand isn't the issue, maybe its the ingredient thats the issue. Doing google searches for a a curious 'transitioner' such as myself is epic #FAIL. I say this because being new to anything comes with learning from your mistakes. My major numero uno mistake, believing everything I hear and read. Second mistake is then to make new purchases of products that may or may not even work. I was lucky enough to catch myself last night from having a major break down.

I decided to research words on the backs of all my products. And when I say almost all my products caused some form of "Cancer" i mean it. There was something wrong with everything I own. My BF told me to breathe, relax, people say things on forums all the time. Thats when I realized how venerable I really was. Believing in the internet is a big NO NO.
So I have vowed to from now on when researching, don't believe the hype :)

Please if you are in transition, or even if you get relaxers, here are some tips:
1) Don't believe everything you read online, or what people tell you. Whether you know them or not. What works for your favorite youtuber/blogger may not work for you. What works for your parents may not work for you. And what may work for your brother's girlfriend's daughter's aunt's cousin's baby daddy may also not work for u. Do your OWN research. Make your OWN decisions based on your hair, skin, life, etc

The End
I love you all
Forever Blessed

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BRAD leaving!!!! Nooo

Hey Ladies

This is like one of those days where you are like WTH...why!!! NO!!!!
Ok so I get a newsletter sent to me daily from a site called Styleite. I love the site because it hips me to the fashion breaking stories, that I usually don't have time to look for Well today I see that Brad Goreski has left Rachel Zoe's team as style director. Now looking from the outside in I'm thinking " that sounds like the best job ever" but as someone in that postion, things are always different. I kind understand when Brad says in the article that he wants to spread his wings and fly. When you have so much experience in the fashion industry and you learn so much, you get older-things change. You start seeing that there is more to life than just working for someone. Now I don't know his issues with Lady Zoe, but I do know I love him and her. I can't imagine what life will be like now that he is out out the company as of Oct. Rachel must be having a freaking collapse moment. I mean working a hectic schedule like hers and this news coming not to long after NY fashion week. Who will go to all the shows with her now. Hopefully they can both find something great outta this. Maybe Rachel will find the best style director ever and Brad will start a bow tie Love them both, cant wait til next season.
Forever Blessed

Monday, September 27, 2010

YES YES...Finally

Hey There,
Why am I so happy you ask. Well I woke up today after leaving my hair in a two strand twists since Saturday, my co-wash day. I untwisted this morning with my Castor oil, it was raining so I had to wear a hat. With this new routine actually working I can not wait until I am completely natural. I love the feeling of my hair. Its great!!. Being in a transition can be annoying at times because of the feeling that u can only do a few hairstyles. But it is actually more healthy for my hair. Still no plans yet for the BC tho. Only issue I'm having is touching my hair. Its like I have to keep touching to see how curly it still is or something. I need therapy.
Here are some pics of my results.
Forever Blessed

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brand new Co-wash routine

★Helurr Ladies ★

I know you all are thinking, "y does she keep changing her hair routines". Well I am in a transition period of my hair. Sometimes it takes a while to find what really works and what doesn't work on your hair. My hair is super sensitive to breakage. Not only that but I wear my wigs all the time during the week. So about 8-9 hours a day can do some serious breakage to my ends as well as edges-nape and baby hairs. I am learning to treat my hair with the respect that I treat my body. I shower, moisturize, and lotion my skin daily. Why not treat my hair the same. My hair doesn't react to products the way it does my skin. If I can't use a lotion or soap, I get a rash and change. But with my hair, its all about knowing how you want your hair to feel before and after washing.
Not that my Co-washing routine from before was bad or damaged my hair. It just wasn't as moisturizing as I need it to be. Hopefully this new routine will work for my transition hair. Yes, it takes time and $ to keep changing from product to product, but being able to have healthy hair in the end will make it worth it.

New Hair Routine:
First, I used my Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil on my dry hair. I then applied Culture wet or dry detangler and brushed my hair, starting from the bottom working my way up. I separated my hair into 6 sections-3 on each side of my head. I applied Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural Conditioner from root to tip. Then began braiding in medium sized braids. After I conditioned and braided all sections I rinsed the conditioner out, leaving the braids in. If they unravel just re-braid. With braids still in, I applied Lustersilk cholesterol deep conditioner. I then placed a shower cap on. I cut the legs off of stockings and placed the left over part over the shower cap. Later placing a wool hat on. I left this on for about 30-45 mins. This lets the deep conditioner really condition my hair. I then applied a very tiny amount-about the size of a quarter-of my Nexxus Humectress Moisturizing Conditioner as my leave-in. Until I purchase one that I like, I'll do this instead. ** You can actually use any conditioner u have as a leave-in but apply very lil. Because too much will be a disastrous result, speaking from experience**

Forever Blessed!

Project Runway-ep9

After watching Project Runway this week I have realized that maybe fashion is more than what I see on the runways or on people walking the streets. Every look that I loved, were in the bottom of the bunch. My top faves were Micheal C., Mondo, and Ivy. I look at what looks appealing to me. As far as colors and the way it was styled. From a TV stand point, these dresses looked amazing. I don't look at shape, unless its something noticeable. Valerie's second dress was obviously crooked on top. But until they spoke on Ivy's look about the top, I then saw what they saw. My point is I loved Michael C's second look better. and color choice. Mondo's looks were both amazing. Gretchen's garments were sucky to me. Not only is she a mean, bully, narcissistic...she isnt very humble. When she wins its like "O but of course I won". I'm glad Mondo won...He is very humble since the beginning and he respects people.
Lines of the night was how well constructed Micheal C's garments were...HA! take that bullies.

Ivy's First look

Mondo's First Look

Mondo's Second look

Michael C's second look

Valerie's First look

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sephora Coupon

Hola Chicas

The other day on my way home I stopped at sephora, you know the one in JCpenney. I had to return that hidious dress so I said why not. Well I ended up only getting eye makeup remover because I've been wanting to try it. Well let me tell you that eye stuff is great. With a Q-tip or make up pad, just a drop will do. And your good to go. Any how I was standing in line and saw that the lady had like 5 coupons in her hand. Now I've printed at least 3-4 coupons for Sephora at JCpenney, that I was told repeatedly "oh im sry that was last month". So I gave up. But it says 10/22/10 on the coupon. So I'll check and see if it works for me tomorrow. Or Monday. I doubt it works but it's worth a try right. Well here is the coupon link for a Buxom Mascara in black. Print it and lets enjoy a freebie...
Enjoy your weekend

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New hair products of the week

Hello my wonderful ladies.
Where have I been I know?????
This whole week has been super crazy. I did a fashion event called the ENK Coterie trade show. It was such a learning experience that I can't wait to go again in the winter. But that is the only reason to abandon my blog.....$$$
Well I did buy a JCpenney dress by ABS, I planned on wearing for the show. Tried it on, and ewww. So I returned it. Then I found a nice-inexpensive-beauty supply store in NYC. I purchased the Cantu grow strong strengthening treatment $4.99. And Hollywood beauty Castor Oil-$2.99. Now the castor oil isn't natural, meaning it has other ingredients. but it does make my hair soft. So I'll give it another week or two to see if my hair grow. Still haven't decided on doing the BC yet, but I'll keep my options open for next

Thank you for reading.

Forever Blessed

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hair Diary-Hair wash reggie #2

New Hair Reggie #2
Hey all, I have decided to switch my hair reggie again because the first one wasn't very moisturizing. So now I am trying a new wash routine.

(1) I used Lustersilk Herbal hair gloss
(2) Then I wet my hair and added Pantene Pro-V conditioner for relaxed and natural hair
(3) Rinsed out most of the conditioner
(4) Shampooed using my Nexxus Shampoo
(5) Washed out the shampoo completely
(6) Applied Nexxus Conditioner, washed out
(7) Applied my Lustersilk cholesterol deep conditioner, braided my hair left in for about 2 hours. Washed out with my hair still braided
(8) Unbraided my hair and put Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding on half and 2 strand twisted and then applied Carol's Daughter Hair Milk and let air Dry

The reason I did half and half was to see which one worked best as it air dried...I'll keep ya'll posted. Also I used a 100% cotton tee. So we shall see if that helped.
Stay Blessed Princesses

Friday, September 17, 2010

Project Runway-Jackie O

Hi All
Project Runway
I just love PR so much. I never miss a week for as long as it has been on television. I may not remember all the names...except CS...duh. But I have seen all the seasons. On Thursday's episode the contestants were asked to recreate a look that would be worn for Jackie Onassis. The look had to be sportswear. I loved majority of them in their own lil ways. But my Fave was Mondos. It was a Hoodtooth skirt and black and white top. Very cute and sportswear looking. I also liked April's look. It was some black leather looking top and bottom. And Michael C had a cute royal blue cocktail dress. But unfortunately Michael D went home. The funny thing is is that I spoke to a designer the other day and she was telling me of what a nice guy he is. I totally agree. But someone has to go rite.
Thank ya'll for reading...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Hair Products Mini Haul

Hey my wonderful readers.
Today I went to Ricky's in NYC to price some new hair products, Plus I wanted to see what exactly did they carry. I've been in their maybe once or twice but they didn't have stuff I used so I never bought anything. Well today, I bought a few things. Turns out Ricky's is a little bit outta my price range but I hear the products I was looking for usually are. When I make a goal in mind to buy something, I try and stick to it. But I'm starting small. I bought the Miss Jessie's Curling Pudding...but in 2.oz jar. I also bought Carol's Daughter Hair Milk in Light Curl Booster. Oh, I also bought Fantasia IC Styling Gel.

Now my co-wash day isn't until Saturday so I won't try it yet on semi-dirty hair. Plus the Hair Milk and Curling Pudding say's apply to damp hair. I'll see how these work and let ya'll Wish me luck!!
I love ya'll for reading.
Forever Blessed....Never Stressed.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ciara's VMA shoes

I had to totally search for this...

Ciara's Givenchy shoes...can't find the prices or name yet.

Here they are in fierce.

VMAs-backtage and red carpet

MTV VMA's 2010

Ri after opening performance
Nicki reading lines to present
Eva the diva red carpet
Rosario Dawson
Katy Perry.

LADY GAGA Alexander Mcqueen

Lady Gaga at the VMA's

s/s 2011-Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson.
s.s. 2011

I just absolutely loved this collection. She did some Khaki pieces that are so wearable and not too, Banana Republic looking. I love that I can still buy a leather jacket for spring ....faux of course. And that I may even buy a jumper now. Again you see loose fabrics and color of tomato or that orange-red. Denim, denim, denim. So you will be able to carry over that denim jacket or vest from your fall wardrobe. As well as floral prints. Don't put them in storage. I wonder what her I <3>

************Photos from

s/s 2011-Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang
S.S. 2011

I have been trying to catch all the runway shows for this year's fashion week. But I don't have a great internet connection, therefore preventing me from live streaming. I just love fashion no matter what form it comes in. Heck I just love ART!!

Alexander Wang is pretty cute and he has the hottest bags I've ever seen before, sold at Barney's. This year compared to last year his fabrics are more lighter. From what appeared to be silks and chiffons. Colors were light mint, like a daffodil color, golden and white. He did a few jackets. So far I also haven't seen any exposed zippers in the photos I saw. A few vests that were a lil longer and one cute bolero. Overall his collection was good. I see myself maybe jumping into the whole lace thing again for spring. But here are my fave AW looks....ta-ta!!
Forever Blessed

******Photos from

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yay-Chritian Siriano Spring 2011

Hi there.
So after watching PR8 I realized "hey didn't they host a fashion last night". So I headed over to and checked to see who won. To my surprise, yet again all the remaining contestants had runway shows. I'll blog about those in another post.

CS's looks were all so fabulose-I like this spelling better :)-I could only chose 5 tho. Don't wanna seem to over crowded. But he appeared to be going for a St. Tropez look. Kinda reminded me of something J-Lo would wear. Then he had some beautiful prints towards the end. There was a lot of asymmetries, off the shoulder. And some dresses had a Grecian feel to them. But overall I loved it of course. Check out below my top 5.
Forever Blessed

*All photos are from NYMag*

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is Co-Washing and the Big Chop??

Hello Chicas
So today I decided to do my first co-wash, after googling it of course. I decided to try it every other week so that way I don't strip my hair completely of it's natural oils from shampooing every week.
So what is Co-Washing?
Co-washing is when you use a conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo. Like I said, I want to keep some natural oils in my hair but shampooing, conditioning, and deep conditioning every week was stripping my hair bare.
How I Co-washing?
Today all I did was run my hair under water until it was completely wet then parted it and applied my Nexxus Humectress conditioner. Now some people prefer organic products. To me this works great on my hair so why mess up a good thing. Then, I let the conditioner sit for about 5 mins before washing it out. I applied my Infusium 23 leave-in treatment with a spray bottle then applied my Dudley's Creme Press to my scalp. Twisted my hair up with Lustrasilk Right On! Sealing my ends with Dax Bees wax
How did my Co-washing regi come out?
This was my first experience as a co-washer. But so far I don't feel it has dried out my hair. I'll see in a few days. I have to go some where tomorrow and will have to wear a wig. I want to give my hair a rest from combing and brush and constant touching. So the twisting will have to do for now until I am completely natural.

**Only bad issue I am having is the nape being completely natural and me having to constantly moisturize it**

Big Chop??
I have decided to not chop of my relaxed ends yet. Only because it's majority of my hair. Meaning if I cut it then I'll have a little afro. I couldn't take having an afro but maybe when my hair grows out a little longer i'll chop but for now it needs to grow out a little more. One thing at a time. lol
Some photos coming soon! :)
Forever Blessed

Brand New, Brand New-hair regi #1

Hello out there in Blogger land
Since I have decided to transition into a natural look for the time being. I am trying a new hair wash regimen.
When I am attending the hair salon, I have no idea what she used. I have been attending the same salon since I was 5. She was so upset that my mom had put a relaxer in my hair. But in my moms defense even though I was 5 or 6, my head was in such pains from the constant pulling and burns from the hot comb. I would cry alll the time. So my mommy put in a kiddie kit. "Just for me". I loved it too. I looked just like the girls on the box. Maybe that's where my fascination with str8 hair came from.
Once I got old enough to was my own hair around 14 or 15 I purchased a book that suggested Nexxus and Dudley products. I plan on continuing to use these products because I love how my hair feels after. But these are my products I use listed below.

Shampoo: Nexxus Therappe luxurious moisturizing shampoo-$20.99
Conditioner: Nexxus Humectress Ultimate moisturizing conditioner.
Deep-conditioning:Lustarasilk Herbal Liquid Cholesterol Deep conditioning salon formula
Leave-in (just re-started using this)-Infusium 23 leave in treatment.
Curl activator: Lustrasilk Right On! and Soft Sheen Soft Care Free Curl
Scalp moisturizing: Dudley's Creme Press, and Dax Bees Wax

These are my new products and what I'll continue to use until I notice a texture difference.
But these are products I want to try.
Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding
Carol's Daughter curling milk-something like that
Castor oil, veggie glycerin, coconut oil and natural Shea Butter- all being purchased at Whole Foods

Thanks again for all the support these last few months too...:)
Forever Blessed.

Am I ready for the Transition?

Hola Chicas
I can't help but be afraid of this journey I may or may not be taking. In a previous post, I mentioned that I may want to go natural but not exactly sure if I am ready to commit fully to being au natural. Full commitment to me means to give up perming for life!! No Perm forever! That was scary to me. I couldn't see myself being comfortable in the corporate world with "nappy" looking hair. I work in a fashion showroom and I wore my hair in the little curls for weeks until recently where I pressed my hair. Then I wore my cute short cut wig. My boss was like OMG you look so cute and I love your hair this way. What she really meant was "please stay away from the natural look because to me you look better this way". With my hair curly, people like my friends complemented me on it. But how did I really look to others, esp those in the corporate world.
Not being able to str8en my hair with a relaxer could alter how people looked at me. I am already African American, short, very skinny, and I live in the 'hood'. And now I'd have nappy hair.
I want to fully transition into natural hair though. It's sexy and cute and just less hectic then perming every other month. It is also more affordable to maintain. It costs me about $100.00 a month to get my hair done. Thats $1200 a add tip and the occasional products you buy to style your hair. Thats almost $1500 a year in just hair care, services, etc.
So far in the past 6 months of natural curling, I have only spent no more than $20 on curl activator. Shampoos and conditioners, deep conditioners I already had.
My point is I am 75% ready to transition fully into natural hair. It's a mind thing. I have to psych myself out into realizing curly or kinky is ok, no matter where you live or work. It's who u truly are. If at any time I feel it affects my chances at a job or whatever then I'll just sew in or wear a wig. But for right now transitioning is in my future....YAY!!!
So if you are ready to go on a journey then take a look at yourself and make a change!!
Forever Blessed

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion Week/ FNO-lincoln park

Hey Chicitas, it is I...Pynky...
While surfing through the internet and checking my mail and twitter I have come to realize that Fashion week is right around the corner. Last season I was able to see the tents in Bryant Park, but this year being that it is sooooo far away from my office at Lincoln Center I can't even catch a glimpse of celebs. Also my plan to win tickets for FNO went to poooh because I never edited or posted my vid. Guess i'll have to read about it like everyone else. But fortunately I will be attending the ENK Coterie, which is a trade show. Maybe I'll see someone famous.
Besides working a booth, I'll also be taking notes on the event. Looking forward too seeing whats hot for Spring and how well NY shows do compared to Las Vegas. #EpicFail I heard.
Back to Fashion week. I'm looking forward to seeing many new and older designers and can't wait to see how they adjust to the new locations. Schedules coming soon.
Forever Blessed and Never Stressed :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

When did you fall in love with.....Jones

Hey bellas it is me....Pynky.!!!
I am such a mag hag, which means all I have been doing for the last 10-12 years of my life is buy mags. From Right On! to Jet to Teen Bop....I mean I have just always read mags. Well a few years ago all of my mag collection (over 1000 magazines) were ruined due to water damage. I had stopped for a very long time because that made me realize that gurlfriend you have pun. The two mags that got ruined was one mag named Suede and another named Vibe Vixen. To me these were the younger versions of Ebony and Essence. They featured people that I loved and knew, watched on TV and listened to on the radio. Unfortunately they were discontinued and it was either read online fashion mags stick the usual group (vogue, instyle, us weekly; etc).

Until a few months ago when I came across a reality show named "Keeping up with the Joneses". To me Tracey M. Ferguson (@tferg3) is the women I've always wanted to mock. The classy African American women, who runs a business in a male dominated field. Accomplishing a lot of things with her vision. I've always wanted to have my own mag some never know right.

Jones mag is so happening and hip. It features all of the people I love to see in a fashion mag. People that not only looks like me, but also dresses how I aspire to be. Classy, flawless, brilliant, and most of all feminine. Jones mag gets 5 ☆☆☆☆☆. Best mag in a long time. Go pick up the Fall 2010 issue.
Forever blessed and never stressed

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kanye West-He really is sorry

Leave Kanye Alone!!!!
lol. So this isn't fashion related but very interesting.