Friday, May 17, 2013

what about your friends?

What about your friends?

That is the question asked by my girl Missptv from youtube. I love her channel because she has kept it real since I've been following her like 5 almost five years now. Anyhoo, once in a while she gets a message, now whether it comes from God or whatever, she is always on point. She does videos and writes a blog about different areas of life advice; on relationships, friendships, love, family etc. I just always agree with her and she always seems to know how I am feeling at that moment. Her most recent video asked the question above, What about your friends? Which is my most favorite song from TLC, and my fave movie starring Monica Calhoun back in '93. I digress, she stated somethings in the video that I have been saying for years and that is some people are our friends temporarily. I have learned that years ago, it took me a lot of friendships to learn that but I did. Every relationship I have ever had was for a reason, whether temporarily or until this day, it's for a reason. I remember being told as a child that the friends I was cool with were not my real friends. And that statement upset me because how could anyone know who MY real friends were if they weren't in my shoes. But as you get older, things that the older generation used to say to me never registered until I experienced it. She mentioned that people will show you who they are especially when you really pay attention long enough. Some people show you right away while others it may take some serious hurting for you to see who they really are. 

For example I used to be friends with these sisters I worked with for years. We were more than friends we were like sisters, I mean they were always there for me when I really needed them. But I was also there for them as well, listened to them when they needed an ear, let them cry on my shoulder when ever someone hurt them, I mean I was there; or so I thought. One day I had an issue with someone from work who was their friend, basically they chose him over me. Made me feel like what I had done was my fault, which it wasn't it was his, but they made me feel like I deserved what this guy had said about me. I mean in the moment I saw a different side to them I'd never seen before. Then after a few hrs of me crying I started looking back on the other relationships that they had with other people and I just froze. They were mean to lots of people all the time, thought they were better than everybody, talked about everyone behind their backs. I mean I saw this all the time but always thought they'd never do that to me, they'd never treat me the way they treated everybody else. But like I said before people show us who they are in the beginning it's just up to us to realize it. Besides if it weren't for them taking me to church, I honestly don't know where the heck I'd be today. They served a purpose. 

Now I always keep two eyes in the back of my head. That is the only way to survive. This just doesn't apply to same sex relationships but also opposite sex relationships. When I was younger, guys would tell me all the time who they were, showed me who they were; whether it be a liar, cheater, non-commitmenter, all of the above. But did I listen to them, of course not it went through one ear and out the other. In 2009, I went through a situation where I realized I deserved so much more better than what I was being given, so I said a little prayer for God to send me someone to treat me like a Queen. And like a week later I met someone who absolutely did just that. Now we have always been just friends because that's all we are supposed to be, but it is still nice to know I can have a friendship like that. 

Not saying again that I have it all 100% figured out because I do not, but I know the signs right up front. You just have to listen to your gut, and don't accept any BS from any type of relationship. Also know when to cut someone off, or pray about it. 

The end

Friday, May 3, 2013

My 1st Shea Moisture Experience plus rant on the pricing!!

Hey lovely readers

I have finally joined the club. What club you say? Well, the Shea Moisture club that is. I have made my first Shea Moisture purchase and it only took until 2013 for it to happen. I know, I know what took me so long right? Well there is this thing called unemployment and boy is it real. Then there is the fact that I try not to conform to buying whatever hair product is "trending" at the moment. But let me tell you all the being able to finally purchase this product made me happy because it was on my very long wish list of products to try. I love trying new things, but I do not like wasting my money! So this week after seeing CVS had a BOGO sale on Shea Moisture I decided to go ahead and spend my hard earned money to treat myself. I do so many things for my family and loved ones that I sometimes forget to treat myself, ladies you know what that's like. Some may get a pedicure or manicure, or get a cocktail or two with friends, whatever your vice is, make sure you take the time to do you once in a while. My vice is buying things, like clothes or hair products or make up, lately just hair products. I try not to spend too much money on them but it never ever goes that way.

First off my experience again at CVS was horrible yesterday, my dad and I went there for my hair products and a gallon of water, that's it. Oh and I think my dad wanted some hair stuff too. So of course like before the worker is all up in our kool-aid, not even watching the other shoppers, like he was just watching us. My dad saw his products and did a double take on the pricing. As did I after seeing how much the Shea Moisture products were. Although there was a BOGO sale I was still very surprised at the pricing of all CVS's products, esp the products for us naturalistas. I mean is it just me or are curly hair products very expensive now. I mean they have always been kind of pricey but now I feel like they are just too over priced for no reason. Even in the corner beauty supply store they had Shea Moisture Curly Smoothie for $15. Can you believe that? I mean I put it all out there about my economic situation. I do not get paid to endorse products, nor do I receive any products for free. I do not have it like that at all to just go out and spend money on hair products every chance I get. Even when I had a job I never did ,like most people. Like I said do you! I'm not judging! My issue is people are getting a little bit ridiculous on the amount of money they charge us on natural, curly girl hair products. However, I do understand people have bills to pay too right? So we can either boycott the hair industry (never going to happen), or just be smart about our purchases. Don't fall for the trends ladies and gents, it is not worth it sometimes. Don't feel bad if you can't do a haul of products every week. It will not be the end of the world if you can't rack up, it will be fine.....I promise!

Anyhoo I ended up not being able to purchase the conditioners and styling products I wanted. After spending about 10 mins in the store I purchased Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque w/Sea Kelp & Argan oil. It says for Dry, Damaged, Hair but lots of users say it really doesn't matter. I may go back later this summer and try some more products from this line depending on if I like these or not. I also purchased Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk w/ Silk Protein & Neem oil. It says for Thick and Curly Hair, Anti Frizz, moisture and Shine. My total for both products was about $19.00. Okay not bad I guess because they were on sale, but still way more than I intended to spend. I hope it was worth it and I can not wait to try these products and do a review for my blog and YT channel. There are so many ideas out there for hairstyles, as well as ways to use both products in ways other than what is printed on the back of the package. Shea Moisture products are certified organic so that also made the purchase less cringe-worthy.

Wish me luck!!