Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Olsen Twins do Tom??

Hey get your mind out of the gutter people. Tom the shoe line. Duh!! The Olsen twins have developed a line of Tom's footwear made of {drum roll please} cashmere.....hmmmm yummy. I love cashmere and if I could own everything in it I would. Scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters, and now footwear. The price ranges from $140 and $150. But they are so adorable to me it is crazy. The great thing I love about Toms is that for every pair you buy, a pair goes to a child in need of shoes. Some of us have a choice of what to wear on out feet. A choice made from a selection of 10 or more pairs of shoes. In some countries kids and adults don't have that choice because to them shoes are a luxury.
I will pick up mine as soon as the I get some funds. Cashmere is an investment people!! :)
Stay blessed

Weddings: Toya Carter's big day, Tamara Mowry magazine Spread, and Kristen Cavallari ,

David Beckham has undie line coming soon!

David is just so yummy. I always feel bad saying that because Posh Spice was my second fave, behind Scary of course. Anyhoo. He will have a line of undergarments in H&Ms all over the world due to launch in February 2011. The name of the line has yet to be announced. I am very excited though. Whether they are for men or women, I may purchase a pair.

Cool news of the week

Hey all. I found out a lot of news this week

-Nicki Minaj will be apart of the new MAC's Viva Glam, which comes out in February. I can not wait to see what is in store as far as colors are concerned. I really enjoy Nicki's personality.

-Rachel Zoe did a special in ABC Primetime to discuss her body and baby Skyler. Here is a snippet {ABC} . Rachel Zoe is amazing stylist and after watching this special you can tell that being a mom is the most amazing job. Plus the baby has the great closet you can ever imagine

-{NYP} reports that Amar'e Stoudemire will launch his own website featuring fashion and sports. If you enjoy fantasy basketball and male fashion icons, this may be the site for you.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.
Stay blessed

Friday, July 29, 2011

Project runway Season 9: eps 1

Happy Saturday. I have finally seen the latest episode of PR and I must say it was a teeny bit of a drag. I don't know it was because I was busy filling out job apps or what the issue was but something was def missing. I hope next weeks episode isnt this draggy.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Website of the week:

Hello and happy Thursday. I really really enjoy finding websites that have nice things that I feel as though I can share on here. I do not receive any promos for these sites and I post things on my blogs because I like that or they look nice to me. Well I found a site called This site has the cutest notebooks I have ever seen in my life. Notebooks and journals like these make me want to write in a journal everyday.

My latest journal is my Affirmations/Quotes/Gratitude journal. Where I state nothing but positivity. When I write in my actual journal, it can sometimes be a little bit negative or sad. So I was watching "organizelikejen" my fave youtuber right now, and she said how she writes ina a gratitude journal to help her stay balanced. After I realized how much better you can feel writing nothing but positive things it changes your view on life completely. Like today I got a quote from REV RUN's daily word. "We must learn to trust Gods mighty hand! God has more than enough to help everyone. Remember. When you're down to nothing God's up to something!" Sometimes when I feel like things are not going so well, I'll say something like that to boost me up. Or write them down in my journal. I just really want a new journal though :). And is the place I will go to get it.

My wish list prices range from $ 20.00 to about $50.00. There are just so many notebooks on the site that are just too cute for words.
Happy shopping

Consignment versus Thrift

Hey ya'll happy Thursday everybody. I have never ever in my life been to a consignment shop. To me, I always thought consignment and thrift stores were basically the same thing. But I have recently found out that I was wrong.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Basketball Wives....where is this going**Plus Single Ladies

Hi guys, so I know I was supposed to had reviewed BBwives season 3. But the internet situation has been crazy. Not only that but it is honestly not worth it you know. There is nothing positive I'd be able to say about these chicks. Sry to say but I have little cousins more mature than most of them. At the end of the day, in a few years maybe by next year people will not remember who these people are. But we will always remember what they did. Or how stupid they acted. Remember Pumpkin from Flavor of Love Season 1, well people do not remember her, but we alllll remember how she spit in New York's face. These people right now are on that high life of reality because it is what's up now. But to sacrifice your family or your own personal issues is crazy. No amount of money is worth that to me.

where have you been PR9

Yay, if you do not know by now I am a lover and a true fan of Project Runway. Serious crazy stalker of just about all the seasons. I cannot wait for the season to start tonight. There is always competitive drama going on so I am pretty excited about that.
Hope you enjoy
God Bless

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It has been a long time, shouldn't have left you.

Hey all, it has been such a crazy last few mths for me. And because I rely on getting a wi-fi connection in my room, which is in the attic apartment, without AC. And if you know, on the east coast it has been a reallly reallly few days. The other day it was about 118. And my room was about 135. I have a nice laptop but I don't want it to over heat because I want to make a post or whatever. Right now the temp is okay I guess. But lately it has been awful trying to post things I want to post for the night and then I come to my room and no connection at all. Until I am able to get my own internet service back, the posts will be sporadic. Posting everyday or a few times a day is important to me. I don't want you all to think that I have abandoned my page. Which I will never do ever. I love blogging so much. But right now things are just extremely hard on me. What I want to post or say on this blog hasn't really gone my way for some time now. And I can not update how I want to. Please be patient with me and this journey I am on to be an amazing bloggerchic from NJ :)
I love everyone for reading
God bless

Drinks of the week! Non Alcoholic

Hey all I had no internet connection to post the drinks of the week. But here are the Thursday and Friday drinks of last week. Hope you enjoy them.

Mango and Peach Smoothie from

Slice 1 peach into a few pieces or you can just use a can. Dice and peel 1 mango. I am not sure if you can buy mango in a can as well, but if you can then try it. And remember that if you are Diabetic then make sure that the can fruit says "light" or "diet" in syrup or just . Or just use your own discretion. Some recipes say to use 1/2 cup of vanilla soy milk, but I have never had anything soy so I am not sure how I'd like that. I'll use a 1/2 cup of low-fat milk. Place all of these in the blender put it on puree. And enjoy!!

Root Beer Float

So the afternoon drink of the day is a root beer float. Take a tall glass and fill it a scoop of ice-cream, vanilla for me please :). Then poor a can of root beer soda of your choice on top to make the scoop of ice cream float. Now this is going to be refreshing and definitely cool me off.

Enjoy your week everybody


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finding stuff but not on purpose ∆∆ Happy Birthday Daddy

Today was just like any normal day to me. I watched some TV, cooked, cleaned, etc. After watching some vids I found myself cleaning out my mailbox. Which is about 14,000 something right now. And about 1,000 unread messages. I still have at least 2 accounts that are the same amount, if not more. Well, I was going through it and found Rev Run Words of Wisdom. I love these because they always lift my spirit. I have been receiving them since 08 and I never deleted them from my because I knew they would come in handy. Luckily for me on my Apple mail I can still read some mail without internet. I found sooooooo many affirmations it is crazy. I always read them, but I guess you can't remember them all. Esp when you are scanning other mail. Anyhoo. I think that it is awesome to have found them esp right now. I think that they will help me with my faith and other things as well. If you get a chance, look up Rev Run's words of wisdom online to find out how to receive them daily.

So today is my dad's bday. And even though he is rarely online I want to wish him a happy bday. I love you daddy :)
God bless

Summer Drink Non Alcoholics ∆∆∆ Flying Saucer

Wow it is the middle of the week already. Time flies past sometimes right. Well today's drink is called a Flying Saucer. I have never tried this myself but by the looks of the picture and the fact that it has ice in it, it is sure to cool you down. The recipe calls for 4 tablespoons crushed ice, 1/2 cup grapefruit juice, 4 teaspoons lime syrup, and 2 teaspoons grenadine syrup or cherry juice. Fill a glass with the crushed ice then pour all ingredients over the ice and stir. Hmmm. I will def have to try this one out soon. Yum
Thanks for reading

Summer Drink Non Alcoholics ∆∆∆ Shirley Temple

Hey all today is another hot day and I am in need to be cooled off ASAP.

A Shirley Temple is the best way to go on this day. I used to drink these a lot when I worked in a restaurant. All you need is ginger ale or sprite, grenadine syrup and a few tables of lemonade. Pour ice cubes into a glass then add all the ingredients on top of the ice. This drink is sure to cool you down. If you don't have actual grenadine then you can use the cherry juice from a jar of cherries.
Hope you enjoy this hot day wherever you are. And please be safe and if you can stay in doors under some AC.

God bless

Summer Drink Non Alcoholics ∆∆∆ Homemade Iced Tea

Summer Drinks to stay cool.
Hello all. Hope all is well. I am doing awesome of course. So far this summer has been a scorcher of all scorchers. I am more of a Fall and Spring kind of gal, so I can not wait for the fall to come up soon and reduce this humidity. But for now I will enjoy the cool drinks for the summer.

First on my list is ice cold Homemade Sweet Tea.

I use a gallon pitcher I purchased from Walmart a year ago. Making my own tea has saved us at least $100.00 for the summer time. If you purchase Snapple or Arizona as often as we used to during the hot summer, then you understand how expensive it can be. Not only is making your own tea cheaper but also you know what is in it. You can use tea bags and then add lemons later on. But to me this is too much work because you do have to boil water first then let the tea cool off and all that stuff. Instead I just purchase the tea mix that is already made. Like 4C or Lipton, which ever is on sale for the week. I use about 6 scoops of tea mix and 3-4 scoops of sugar. Depending on how it tastes I may have to add more or less of either. Just add the ice cubes and then Presto! your own homemade version of ice tea. Of course if you are a diabetic you may want to use a sugar substitute or just use tea bags instead. Also some tea mix brands come in different flavors now; like fruit punch or mango.
Hope you enjoyed this post.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Wish List: books

For those who may not know, I am a book fanatic. I just love to read. Anything. Well not anything. But for the most part mostly Nonfiction stuff or mostly African American authors. As of recently I have gotten into some spiritual reading as well. Below is my list of books I really would love to have to read for the summer.

Peace from Broken Pieces by Iyanla Vanzant
Platinum by Aliya King
The Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer
New Day, New You by Joyce Meyer
Starting you day right by Joyce Meyer

If you have read any of these books, leave a comment and let me know what you thought about it.
Thank you all for reading.

List of Designers S-Z

Hey all. This is the last of the list. I will have to keep updating it though.
Enjoy the rest of the night.
God bless

Allen Schwartz A.B.S.
Anna Sui
Kate Spade
Christian Siriano
Via Spiga
Jil Sander
Yves Saint Laurent
Vivienne Tam
Emanuel Ungaro
Dries Van Noten
Donatella Versace
Gianni Versace
Louis Vuitton
Matthew Williamson
Diane von Furstenburg
Diana Vreeland
Alexander Wang
Vera Wang
Vivienne Westwood
Jason Wu
Yoshi Yamamoto

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Solange I adore you






Designers and more H-R

Hey all here is H-R and tomorrow I will bring you the remainder of my fave designers and labels.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend
God bless

Marc Jacobs
Norma Kamali
Donna Karen
Calvin Klein
Michael Kors
Christian Larcoix
Helmut Lang
Derek Lam
Ralph Lauren
Nanette Lepore
Christian Louboutin
Philip Lim
Martin Margiela
Nicole Miller
Alexander McQueen
Stella McCartney
Issac Mizrahi
Issey Miyake
Zac Posen
Emilio Pucci
Tracey Reese
Cynthia Rowley
Raplh Rucci
Narciso Rodriguez

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Designers and more A-G

Hey everyone. I hope all is well. I am doing pretty cool. Here are some names of designers and lines. Not all of course but A-G, later on this week I will try and post some more in groups. Now so sorry if I forgot anyone, but there are some designers and lines that stick out to me. I have a lot of things I need to blog about before August. Pray for me to have the patience for this slow connection, as well as a number of things.

Giorgio Armani
Balmain (Bal-main)
Luella Bartley
Manolo Blahnick (BLAH-nick)
Bill Blass
Coco Chanel
Estaban Cortazar
Jimmy Choo
Hubert de Givenchy (Jee-von-she)
Oscar de la Renta
Christian Dior
Dolce and Gabbana
Perry Ellis
Salvatore Ferragamo
Tom Ford
John Galliano
Jean-Paul Gaultier (Go-tee-A)
Guccio Gucci
Prabal Gurung

Update on me

Hello ya’ll. Long time no speak right. Well I hope everyone is doing well. Things for me are, well, let’s just say I cannot complain. As easy as it is to complain I will not do that. And also I’d like to thank the people that have written nice prayers for my aunt. It is truly a blessing to have such support from strangers when it comes to prayers.

On another note, I have wanted to share some fashion info with you all for the longest time. Ever since I have had this blog I wanted to speak on different fabrics and heavy hitters of the fashion industry. My next post will show some names of SOME designers you may or may not know of. There are wayyyyyy to many to name. Also I have been thinking about taking a fabrication class, which discusses every fabric and fiber ever made; basically a textile class. This would help me to understand and actually feel different types of fabrics. There are just so many and if you are going to be in the fashion industry you have to know what they feel like. If you are unsure or curious of a fabric go to a store and ask questions. Or read tags of different clothing that feels great to the touch or rough. You can read and know the spelling, pronunciation of any texture in the world, but if you have no idea what it feels like, you are kind of out of the loop.

Hope you all enjoy this post. I love you all for reading.
God bless

Lush Haul!!

Mini haul and OOTD Friday 5-21-10

*ootd 7-10-10*

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Foodie Tacos

Hey ya'll it was tacos this weekend at my house.
Check out the below link for the low down on how that went. :)

Tacos for the weekend

Yes I know, I know. Where have I been. What can I say except it has been a lonnnnnggg year already. But this post is about some tacos I made this weekend. OMgosh. They were so tasty.

So the other day I decided to make tacos with sirloin steak. This to me was something totally new, but how different could it taste with steak instead of chicken.
It came out pretty well as you can see from the picture. I used beef sirloin boneless steaks about four. That I marinated with different seasonings just for taste. Of course the usual diced onions and peppers were added later after the steak was cooked to my desire. While I waited though, I did prepare my toppings such as diced toms and shredded letts. I also used shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream. I plated my wonderful tortillas; add my different layers one at a time.
Melted cheese, steak w/cooked onions and peppers, toms and letts, and lastly my fave sour cream. The only thing I was missing was something spicy. I love spicy foods so much sometimes. Next time I’ll make some homemade spicy salsa and see how that turns out.
Well until next time.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

*update* and outfit of the day...RIP Forever 21 and OOTD and Haul

Sry: denim week continues

So because I have been such a slacker lately ( although it is not my fault at all). I have actually been trying my best to find a way to make some postings for you all if not for personal reasons or life issues of the week. But also for fashion tips and clothing styles of the weeks. So below I will post the remaining denim trends of the week.

Denim Vest

Why not cut the sleeves of your fave vintage denim jacket to sport this look for the summer. Sure you go to the store and purchase a brand new denim vest, or you can go Salvation Army or any thrift store and cut the sleeves off. To make it more funkier purchase some embellishments. There are tons of places like Micheals or even in the NYC garment district area that sells embellishments.

Boyfriend Jeans

I have so many BF style jeans in my wardrobe it's crazy. You can take some of your BF's jeans and wear them cuffed at the ankle like the above photo. Or you can go to any Thrift store or men's section at Forever 21 to find a cute pair.

Denim Dress

I have yet to find a denim dress I love. But HM and Forever 21 has some really great selections available for the summer.

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks denim looks. Next week is mixing tribal patterns.
Stay blessed

Friday, July 8, 2011

Personal: Slow connection/friend vs. associate

Hey all. I write to you all kinda bitter.
This is a long one after the jump

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red Denim Day 2 of Denim week

Red Denim Jeans

Vince Crop Skinny Ankle Jean from Bloomingdales

PRICE: $225.00

MOTO Red 7/8ths Jeans $76.00 from Top Shop

Hudson May Five Pocket jeans $165

Monday, July 4, 2011

Denim on the Brain! Day 1

Hey all,
This summer has been denim overload in the stores now. This whole week I'll feature different denim ideas for the summer.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

OOTD Apr 30th 2010

This was a video I posted on Apr 30 of last year hope you enjoy :)

Cravings to blog? Tragic week!

Hello all my readers out there in blogger land. Where have I been I know I know. It has been a long time. I still have no internet and can only post through wi-fi connections in my neighborhood. The last time I was going to post I had a tragedy happen in my life. So therefore I was unable to post my MJ Tribute stuff from Saturday. My mother and I went to Harlem and they only had a dag on poster with some flowers. I tell ya, when folk pass away they really do for forget about cha. So she and I just walked around a bit and I recorded a little bit of a flea market in Herald Square. Monday was the worst day of my life really. I had to put my dog down because she was so sick. For those of you who own animals you understand how hard it is to lose them. Esp when you have no control over the situation. My other doggy has been so sad since Sandy has left. She keeps on looking at the door like is she coming back. Every little thing reminds my dad and I of her. Like going to the grocery store pet aisle or even a pet store. It's just very hard on us.
You ever feel like well damn if it isn't one thing it is another. That is how I was beginning to feel at first til I snapped out of it and thought God has a plan for everything. For now I have been trying to keep as busy as I possibly can. Cleaning, cooking, anything to take my mind off of losing Sandy, among other things that are going on.
So where does that leave my blog?? Don't give up on me yet people. I will return as soon as I am able to post things I want. It is hard to get a connection as well as it takes forever at times to post photos and other things. Ladies and Gentlemen, I will NEVER ever leave my blog. Posting things and blogging has become part of my life and a part of my therapy. Knowing that people read my blog is the most amazing feel ever. And even when people stop reading, just being able to vent or share things is awesome as well.
Please continue to live and breathe in the blessing.
Talk soon!!

My Sandy. I miss you baby :*