Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crazy for jumpsuits this summer!!

This just in...JUMPSUITS are the new summer trend. Okay, so, not new per say, but definitely a reemerged trend from like 4 years ago Jumpsuits from 2011.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My umpteenth wash n go experience!

After watching so many videos this week, I kinda of wanted to try a wash n go style again :O!! I know??! Why would I do that again after trying it multiple times in the past and failing at it. But I come to realize it doesn't hurt to try again, plus if it comes out bad I could just wash it out.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Final week of school!!! Living in the NOW!

Oh My Gosh!! 

Too excited for being able to relax my brain just a bit for my break for school. I still have about 3-4 terms left before I graduate, which seems like a short amount of time but it'll go by so super fast.

I have been having an issue living in the NOW, meaning not focusing on yesterday or the future, which I do ALOT! But after doing some soul searching, finishing up my Residing in Abundance course, I have come to realize that NOW is what's happening. The past has happened so I can't change that. And the future hasn't happened yet so worrying about it constantly won't really fix it. Somethings are really out of my control and I need to understand that fully. Butttt I do know that now, or at least I am working on it. :) I have been writing and praying. I am now beginning to meditate daily as well, so hard for me to do but I am doing it. 5mins a day is what my life coach suggested and it's working. 

Other than that I am still into planning!! I really love my Plum Paper Planner so much because I can see what I did, how I decorated weeks ago etc. I really enjoy doing it.

Here is my last week's rainbow theme! I have seen so many examples that inspired me to try it out and well here it is!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dry natural hair and what I am watching!

I honestly can not describe how dry my hair was the other day. I feel this is the driest I have ever felt my hair to be, esp after just 2 days AFTER washing it. I still can't understand why it felt the way it did. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Packing for a 5 day trip!!

Welll I am going away for a few days and I wanted to share some tips on how I pack *light*, cue Erykah Badu's Bag Lady. Anyhoo. I like to bring as many things with me as possible because I always feel as though I will forget something. The crazy thing is I just could've bought what ever I forgot because there were tons of stores around my hotel. I think I showed what luggage I have but just in case I haven't this is my luggage. 

The top back is made by JanSport and is used for my snacks and electronics.
The bottom bag is my actual suitcase made by Jessica Simpson and it is where I store my clothing. Peep the picture below.

In my suitcase I store all of my shoes jewelry and makeup in the pouches inside the bag. On the other side I use the roll technique to store all of my pants, jeans, shorts, shirts, skirts, swim suits, and under garments; which I store in ziploc bags. I usually put all of my clothes in ziploc bags just to protect them. But our hotel was so clean and comfy I didn't see not one bug or ant. 

Like I said before I packed sooooo much stuff because I don't like feeling that I am not secure especially being so far away from my comfort zone. 

I planned on doing a lookbook while I was there of all of the outfits I wore, but in all honesty I just wanted to enjoy the moment. I didn't take many pictures but a few which are personal but I did get to go on the beach.

I really really enjoyed the beach so much. But I got burned so next time I am going to buy a better sun block!

Any hoo hope this post was informative. Thanks for reading!!

XO, Pynkstarr