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Dear White People...

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Tarnish bags

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How to- Create a style notebook/binder

Money will steal your joy

Money almost stole my joy

      How important is money to you? I have been so inspired lately  to talk about money and my relationship with it. For most of my life money has been the first priority, mainly because of how I was raised. You want something, you need money. You want to go some where, you need money. Family has always said to me "make sure you get a good job so you can make a lot of money". So it has always been instilled in my head that money is THE most, if not only, important thing in life. Before God, before family or friends, even before love and relationships.

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Appreciating me

Appreciating who you are. And what you got.

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It's up in the air!

    I have a funny life and thank God I get it out on paper or through a blog post from time to time. This post is about a guy. A guy that I have known for about 5 years and we have been friends as well as "friends".

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Natural Hair twist out protective style

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MJB Burger king commercial

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I have to admit this was kind of hilarious, didn't find it racist but just a really bad funny commercial.

The lesson I learned in the waiting room

Today when I went out I expected nothing in particular to happen to me. Which is like most days. But today I learned a lot. Some things that I have always known about myself. The first thing I learned being I need a job. But not just any job, some place where I can grow into my greater purpose. Secondly I learned that being older doesn't mean anything bad or scary. Thirdly I have learned that I am sooooo blessed. Okay so here is an explanation. I have been going through the motions seeking higher power, my purpose, who am I, and all of the above times 12. And I am doing this now because now I have the time. This is my time right now to get it together and listen to my inner self, and follow my heart and find my purpose through the spirit. For most of my adult life I just went with it, I have sometimes listened to my gut but not always. Esp when it came to jobs. I just took them for the money. Yes money is important but it isn't everything to me anymore. 

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Natural Hair plus tutorial

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top 12 most inspiring people and counting

People that have changed my life

After God of course, there are a few people I look up to because they have changed my life in so many ways.

12) Sara Blakely 
The founder of the underwent company Spanx. After reading her article in Forbes magazine a few weeks ago, her story definitely gave me some encouragement as a young business women.
11) Kimora Lee Simmons
I wrote an article about her when I was younger. She is just an amazing person a great mom and business women.
10) Wendy Williams
After listening to her show for so many years, reading her books, and now watching her in TV I can't help but be inspired by her.
9) Martha Stewart and B.Smith
These women both have inspired me to be more creative with everything from crafts to cooking to home decor.
8) My bosses from my internship
They the best bosses anyone could have asked for. They inspired me to take chances, and gave me the confidence that no other boss has given me. They helped me find my true calling in the Fashion Industry as well.
7) Elle Woods
Although a fictitious character, she was the most bubbly person I could have ever fallen in love with on the big screen. Watching 'Legally Blonde' inspired me to pursue fashion a lot more seriously. Plus all the pink brought out a new side of me, it became my favorite color.
6) Tyler Perry
Having been on the balls of my ass multiple times in my life, not knowing where my next meal was, or if I'd have a place to live has made an extremely strong person. But knowing what a success he turned out to be makes me a confident person. He just has it going on. He is very humble and uses his name to employ tons of people. Plus, he is friends with my number 5.
5) Oprah Winfrey
There was a point in my life where I didn't get Oprah. I believe it was my age. But now I am so thankful for her being so amazing. She shines the light on so many subjects that need to be known. She is also humble and an extremely hard worker. Being an African American or a women in news didn't stop her from being basically unstoppable.
4) My Aunt Leslie and Nana
There was a time in my life when there were just certain things my mom just wasn't into doing or talking about with me or I just couldn't talk to her about. But I was fortunate enough to have lived with my aunt and grandmother basically all my life. These two women showed me a lot of girly things like about makeup (my aunt is a beauty connoisseur), life as a women, unwanted advice about men (but I still listened). I'll just always love them for being there for me when I needed that motherly figure.
3) The life coaches from the TV show 'Starting Over'
The women on this show helped me with me. Before I found a spiritual connection with God, I used to take advice from TV shows. They were the best thing I needed at that time. I used to cry and do the exercises along with the house guests. Towanda Braxton was on there as well. They were just so inspiring. I really wish they were still on TV. Or at least on DVD.
2) Joyce Meyer
There are so many tele-evangelists on TV right now who are just sooo judgmental towards people who donate money, or download their podcasts. They say things at times that just leaves a nasty tasty in my mouth. She is so far from that. She goes deep into what she has gone through then she talks about how she got through it. She doesn't pretend that she never had a past life with all the 'you' talk. It's more of 'we' or 'us'. I get her emails, letters, magazines, podcasts. I am such a fan.
1) My Dad
This guy right here is my angel. He saved me from things that tried to defeat me in the past. There was a time where I took him for granted or didn't realize and understand how lucky I am to have a great father. He is not just a great father, he is a jack of all trades. We talk about everything and he gives the best advice. He is the first person, and at times the only person I call when I am upset, stressed out, unhappy. He is just very easy to talk to and the best dad any girl could ever ask God for. And I just love him :)

With Love,

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Let's be creative

Everything in my opinion happens for a reason. I see certain things a specific time because, I believe, it is meant to be.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

 I have had this crazy issue that has been bugging me for the past few weeks now. It involves the new best-selling read called '50 Shades of Grey'. No I have not read this book so I won't be judging the words of the actual book. But the words and reviews of others from news personalities, to everyone else.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dealing with anxiety

I have had issues with anxiety since I was a freshmen in HS. I just remember the summer before HS I had to do a book report along with questions and vocabulary. It was basically an entire notebook if stuff. This was all due the first week of school. I wasn't just nervous because I was going to be at a new school, but I was nervous because before this I hadn't really taken school that seriously. I just went with the flow of things.

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I have a Pinterest

Okay I am not that late to the party. I just felt as if I have some many accounts that I never really use so why add another. Okay well I did. I agree that this is way more easier for me than a lot of other things. Like FB or Twitter but it is yet another something I have to take time out to use. Right now they don't have a way to embedd your boards on your pages or blogs yet. But other than that it's a pretty good site. I love pinning things and finding inspiration. My pinterest Hope you join too

What Mrs. Obama wore for the State of the Union

The dress is Barbara TFank, and is currently available at Barney's New York.

My Fashionable Life Experience Part 6: My Miranda Priestly moment

Around Sept 2010 I was in the groove of things until I had to work an event for my internship. It was a disaster. Not because of my employers but because of one of their designers. The company I worked for were Sales Reps, which is one job in the fashion industry that I do not want to do, but they were great at it.

I mean watching them working was awesome. I was excited about this 3 day trade show event. I couldn't wait. Then the first day I get there and I am told I need to go to the office to get curtains for one of the people they rep. Um okay. I shuffle back to the office in a cab, carrying this big ol box of special curtains that the designer had to have because she felt as if her both looked awful. It was crazy. But it gets worse.

      My job during this event was to work with the Reps not the designers. I mean make sure that the designers were doing okay and that their booths were okay but that's it. This designer had me fetching her coffee, food, posters, banners, ladders. I had to say wait a min her I am only one person. She even got me in trouble with my boss because while I am out fetching her banner my boss is looking for me. So she gets upset and hangs up on me, which I totally understand. My boss explains to me, look you work for me, and I work for them. I def got it. From that day on I did what I could to avoid that designer, but she got me the next day, and the next day. On the last day I had an epiphany of this "Fashion industry".

     Some people that are in it aren 't as nice as you think and not many people smile. I am a happy person, all the time 24/7. I am just very smiley. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to smile because of so much depression just wasn't worth it anymore. So I decided to move on from my fashion dream.
I graduated on September 19 2010 on the Dean's List and with a 3.7 GPA. I mean it's not a 4.0, but who is complaining. I graduated, at that time, with a degree I would never be able to use because I felt like I didn't want to working in that field anymore. I got an admin job, which was another disaster so I had to quit. I was under so much stress there it wasn't even normal. I had also gone to the ER like 6 times for stomach pains and migraines.

     Then in Feb 2011 I did another event for the same people, because I love them. It was different this time because I felt so lost. Like why am I here. It was until late 2011 I realized I can't just quit on my passion for working in the fashion industry. I just need to take the time to develop my business plan and figure out what it is that I want to do.

With Love,

My Fashionable Life Experience Part 5: The Intern

        The career advisor told me I had to get a move on the interviews for my internship. I was nervous that I'd choose the wrong place. You all of have seen "Devil wears Prade"  I have seen this movie a lot. Enough times to know I wouldn't have been able to deal with Amanda the way they all did. I just hoped and prayed that I'd have a great experience I went on about 3 interviews and one phone interview.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Fashionable Life Experience Part 4: What was I thinking

This time around my job was awesome. Yea I had to go home late because I had school in the morning, meaning I could only work at night. But the people were nice, it was a smaller environment. It was more family oriented. I felt on top of the world. Until January when we got a new manager. Ugh.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Fashionable Life Experience Part 3: College

My first day of college was like the craziest most nerve racking day of my life. I was scared because I didn't want to fail. I had messed up so many times in my life I didn't want to mess up again. My first few semesters went great. I was going along with the motions of college life. It was a struggle at times but my dad and I did the best we could as far as money went. The only thing was that I couldn't take many fashion related courses because of campus issues. The college I attended as about 8 campuses but only certain ones have fashion courses. That made it very hard to choose the right courses at times. By the time summer semester came I was excited to start taking courses in NYC. Until they told me I couldn't get certain FA help for summer classes. I was so upset. I was going to quit school. I said this is it. God doesn't really want me to do this. Then someone gave an idea of going to school part-time. I just couldn't attend the NYC campus. It didn't matter as long as I didn't have to drop out. By the time Oct rolled around I began to focus a lot on what exactly in the fashion industry I wanted to do. Do I want to be a Buyer, a Merchandiser, a Designer ,  or production. I still wasn't sure. So I did something I thought I'd never do again. Went back to Retail/Sales


My Fashionable Life Experience: Part 2 My 1st Retail Experience

I was just so excited when thievery popular lingerie store called me for an interview. It was like the stars had aligned mysteriously. I had my interview and things seemed to be going great. I had always wanted to work at a clothing store for some strange reason. I think it was the discount. Well that love turned to hatred with in a few mths.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Personal Reflection: Being content with my life

5 Let your character or moral disposition be free from love of money [including greed, avarice, lust, and craving for earthly possessions] and be satisfied with your present [circumstances and with what you have]; for He [God] Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. [I will] not, [I will] not, [I will] not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let [you] down (relax My hold on you)! [Assuredly not!]

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Fashionable Experience Part 1: Finding my Passion

   I am not sure if many of you know this but I majored in Fashion when I was in college. And the other day I was brainstorming of what I could do differently with my blog or what can I add. And it hit me. When I wanted to go to a fashion school there was no real place to or person to answer my questions. I was 15 about to turn 16 when I wanted to be in the fashion industry.

My Fashion Life Experience: Intro

 I have been thinking about writing a blog post and uploading some videos of my experience as a fashion student. Esp after I Googled it and realized not many people talk about this career choice or why they chose it. Or even the schools that are available for future fashion students. When I decided, at the age of 16, that I wanted to work in the fashion industry, and then when I was 20 I decided I reallly wanted to work in the fashion industry. I didn't have anyone to ask. I had left HS when I was young and before that moment I always knew I'd be a Veterinarian. I think that the best thing for me to is tell you, my wonderful readers and watchers, about how I became such a fashion enthusiast that I am today. I'll be giving some tips and secrets only because I never had them. No one was there to tell me what to do or what to look for. Working in the Fashion Industry is very tough, and I want to help in anyway I can.

With Love,

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Style Sketchbook: DIY Sequined Clutch

I am in my crafty mode

With Love,

Tacos for dinner

Tacos are the easiest things to make in my opinion. There is nothing to it but to do it. I think that lots of people see it as a tedious meal, which is true. But if you prepare some things in advance then #boom, it'll make your life easier. Recipe below.

Mondo Won! Braxton Finale! Jersey Shore Reunion

 I watch a lot of TV and some times I have no one to talk to about it. LOL. Pretty funny I know, but true. So I have a lot to spill on this weeks TV.

BBW was ridiculous with all that fighting. Can you believe that these women are mothers and they are in their 40's. I mean come on. My little cousins don't even behave like that. They know that when they go out in public to sit and hush up. Evelyn used to be my favorite because in the 1st season she was so bold, a women who took what she wanted. Now it is just a bad look her tryna fight Jenn outside the restaurant like that. Shaunie has said repeatedly that all this violence is not what she wanted for the premise of the show, well then stop filming certain things.

Bad Girls Club was so sad because MiMi left. Isn't she the most adorable person ever. She left because she was home sick and forgot her passport for Mexico. The twins are still being beyatches towards everyone and have now outcast-ed themselves from the other chicks. They go to Mexico just to do their on thing. When they come back home and go to a party Amy starts flipping out in the limo and everyone basically wants to fight the twins. The twins go to the producers saying they want to go because they don't deserve to be ganged up on like that. I mean come on they beat up Elease 6 against 1 a few episodes ago.

Mondo won on Project Runway All Stars.

What was up with Wilam leaving on Rupaul's Drag Race??? What a curve ball for me and you right. I think he had partied with certain people that he wasn't supposed to. I read on a blog interview that he did it on purpose to stirr up the show a little bit. Rupaul made Sharon Needles and Phi Phi perform for their life but disqualified Wilam right after.

I tried to watch the Jersey Shore Reunion but it was sooooo boring.

I watched the Finale of BFV which was off the hook. The usual arguments. Toni fired her sisters from back up singers. Miss Evelyn isn't getting married. Trina file for divorce. And Tamar wants a baby with Vince, I think that is cute. She has her own show coming out so we shall see.

That's about it as far as TV goes. Gosh that felt good to talk about with someone else besides my dad, who never really listens.
Thanks for reading


Quick look at my menu for the week

Am I on a diet? Hell to the naw. But I am learning, at least trying my best to eat better. more healthier. Although the boneless chicken wings with blue cheese I had this week isn't healthy at all. Any hoo, I love to take picks of my meals so here they are.

DIY Decor: Picture Frame Collage

I just love DIY. Anything for the home, fashion, everything :)


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I love Shanda so much more for making this video

With Love,

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chicken Taco Salad - Easy Dinner Idea!

I have some taco shells I have been wanting to find something to do with for a min now. I think I will try this some day this week. hmmm.


Health and Fitness: Eating High Energy Snacks+A delicious smoothie recipe

I have become so passionate about being healthy and eating healthy for a while now. And recently I have been blessed enough to eat that way. I feel like this is a lifestyle I will be able to live for the rest of of my life. I was speaking previously in another post about having low energy. I am pretty sure a lot of that has to do with vitamins and what not, but I hate pills and write now I can not just go our and buy vitamins.

Health and Fitness: Setting goals

One thing I learned recently is to find a system that works for me and also set goals that I can actually complete. I set so many goals in my life that I never really get to follow through because they are just too huge to do in such short amounts of time and lack of resources.  I have also learned that I cannot do everything I want to do. And believe me I want to do a lot in 2012. But so far my most important 2012 goals are going through okay. And I have also learned it's okay if I don't complete some of them. Goal one is my spiritual journey, which is a work in progress with the scheduling of things. Goal two is fitness, health, and eating more consciously, being more aware of what goes into my body. I was treating my hair better than I was treating my body by putting everything into it. I stopped eating outside junk like fast food; which is soo hard because I used to love Chinese food. I just can't eat food that I don't cook myself anymore. Except the occasional Popeye's which I really cannot help. Ugh that chicken is just so delicious. Any who to help me with my second goal of the year I have reading books and watching YT videos to help me. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snack Cravings

     I have been trying to make an effort to eat healthy lately and fortunately I have been able to. I wanted to do a different routine for breakfast lunch and dinner. Eating enough so I do not snack. Usually I'd skip breakfast and just have my coffee. Then around 12 noon I'd maybe have something like a PB&J sandwich. Depending on what's available I'd make something like Spaghetti. But every night like clockwork, esp within the last few months I want something sweet. Starburst being my all time fave night time snack.
     Then I reach for potato chips (BBQ), after those are gone I start on the chocolates. But not just any chocolates, Reese Cups. I just really enjoy them, like  they just taste awesome. Anyhoo this week I started eating a lot during the day so that at night I don't have those cravings. Like instead of chips I eat Almonds or berries with yogurt. So far so good. My fave snack of the moment would have to be my berry salad (see pic). It's just blueberries, strawberries, grapes and yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon on top. hmmm.



Mid-day snack

Bad midnight snack :(

Also I have been trying to keep a food diary, which is very hard to remember what you ate the day before. But so far so good, I really recommend it esp if you have a goal regarding health and weight.
Hope you all enjoyed this post.

With Love,

Want to Grow Spiritually? Spend Time In the Word! Here's How I Do It

This video is awesome. I love watching her videos because she is always so true to who she is. Some people are afraid to blog about God, let alone talk about him on a video. It is a personal thing to be spiritual and to have a belief. This video is so true to me. And how I have been on my journey with God. It's just amazing feeling.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiration update

     Hey all. I know it's been a longgg while since my last post. Believe me I do not like taking time off from anything I love doing. I really enjoy writing and blogging is the easiest way to get my thoughts 'that cross my mind' out there in the world. A lot has happened in the last few weeks. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Keeping the faith

Keeping your faith can hard at times. So I wrote a blog to help in anyway I can.

Read it here.
Thank you so much for reading
With Love,

How keep my faith!

I want to help people. 

Okay yes!  I know this already, but how can I do that is the question? I have been feeling like I need to help someone or people for years now but I never pursued that feeling. I never considered this urge to be from God necessarily meaning ministry or testimonial, but being able to help in anyway I could. Now I am stuck with the question of how.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I rely on God and no one else.

God is good. I just would like to say that because without Him I would not have all the love that I have. With that being said, I have been lacking inspiration and energy. There could be a number of reasons for this. I am soo used to having the money, funds to just go out and buy essentials of life. Now that I have no money coming in what so ever, I find it very hard to, I guess you can say function. Some days are great days, some days are like I won't get out of bed for hours. A few years ago when I was about 16 and 17, I wasn't in HS anymore because I had to drop out, my dad had lost hos job. We had not many things. I mean times were bad then, but I wasn't in the place then that I am now. I have more trust in God now then I did when I was younger.

I never really was the religious person that most of my friends were. I went to Catholic school all of my life and was basically told by many teachers and students that God didn't know who I  was because I had no religion. And that when I died I would go to some place called the Limbo. No matter what I did who cared because God was not watching me anyway. So for years I lived my life this way. Then in 2007-2008 I met these girls who went to church every Sunday, then were not religious but they would talk about God all the time. I just stayed away from that topic because it just wasn't who I was back then. So one day I said hey I want to go to church on New Year's with you guys. And I must say that the Pastor was speaking to me. I had never even met him, but it was like God heard me some how and told him to speak to me. Since then my life has been a roller coaster. I no longer go to that church, no longer friends with those girls, I was able to get jobs and graduate from college. Happy one min and then not happy. A lot has happened to me since then, but never felt as low as I do now. I think a lot of it had to do with always having something.

When I quit my first job my dad paid my bills until I found a job. When I stopped working again to start college, I had something going for me. I just always had something going for me, or people to help me. I mean I never relied on God, just people, for all of my life. That was how I worked. Now that I have no job, not in the place I want to be at 24 years old, living situation not so good, I mean wayyyyy worse I feel then before. But I am saying God is good, because now I see where I lacked before. Relying on God is the only way to go for me. When I relied on people it worked for a little while but not forever. God is forever. And since I have been relying on Him, esp in the last year or so, things have been awesome. I mean some people may look at my situation and think damn I feel bad for her, but I say don't feel bad for me. Because of this situation I am in right now, if it wasn't for it, I would still be moving and on the go depending on people. I am extremely blessed to have come to this realization now rather than later. I prayed to be closer to Him, and now I am.

Now although I do rely on God, I still get a little bit in a funk about a lot of things. I really want to write posts and make videos, but some days I really can't because I am not completely there yet in my life to be all happy go lucky. Am I having a pitty party? YES!! Am I a little upset about somethings? Absolutely!! I just don't want to make a video that is forced. Or write a post that isn't how I feel. I tried that for a while and didn't help me at all. I just need to now work on somethings before I can be that extremely gitty person from before. I promise to come back better than ever. Just pray for me. Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

RIP to Whitney Houston

Today is like the craziest day ever. I wanted to make a video, but I just can't bare myself to talk about this situation without breaking down and crying. God has blessed me and you all with the voice of Whitney Houston. There is no one out there like her. And there never ever will be. I had been hoping and praying that this wasn't true, and to see that it is, it's just heart breaking because I just have always had a special connection with her and her family. She is from the same area I was born and raised in, Newark and East Orange, NJ. I never got a chance to meet her but I always said I would someday because my father and family always tell me stories about her and her family living near by. I just can't believe she is gone. It just is one of those times in your life where you feel connected to something so strongly about someone you don't know. I hate this has happened and all the speculations that surround it so far. I think people should just be praying at this moment, not only prayer for her but her family. Just hug your closest family member and tell them that you love them because you never know what day is your last. I am thankful to God to have had the experience that most of you have with her through her music and movies. My fave being "The Preacher's Wife". I have no idea why I love this movie, but I have seen it a milion times. I think it is the message about time and family. I will remember her for the rest of my life as the greatest female singer of all time. I am not sure why things like this happen to great people with wonderful souls but we can't always have the answers. Keep her family in your prayers you guys. If you go to church, then tomorrow pray. Even if you don't pray regularly, just pray right now. Thank you for reading. I'll miss you Whitney. And I love you.

With Love,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

BBwives Season 4

Well it's really going to be some crazy ni&*%ific crap going on this season. I feel like this may be one season I don't watch. Not a fan of anyone but Royce and Tami. We shall see I guess right.
And Jenn totally gets her ass kicked on national TV. I hope Shaunie is happy to have created this show.

With Love,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Red vs Nude

To go red or to go nude? That really is the question that needs to be answered. One min the trend for lip shade is red, next thing you know the color is nude. But how can a girl choose. They say depending on the color you choose, it can be detrimental to your whole entire look. I say, if the trend doesn’t work for you, then don’t work IT. 

Happy Birthday to Tatyana Ali

Yesterday was Tatyana Ali's bday, and my connection would not let me upload a picture at all. But Happppy Birthday!!!

With Love,

My old mindset

This blog post should become titled as “personal diary entry #1”, because it’s definitely a look into my life at the moment. I consider myself to be pretty open with my readers and watchers, but there are some things I kind of feel are wayyy too embarrassing to express to people.

My old mindset

This blog post should become titled as “personal diary entry #1”, because it’s definitely a look into my life at the moment. I consider myself to be pretty open with my readers and watchers, but there are some things I kind of feel are wayyy too embarrassing to express to people. I have always had the fear of being judged or made fun of for whatever reason. Call me self-conscious. I just enjoy being loved and being respected 24/7. I know that isn’t reality, but in my mind the world is made of pink bunnies and teddy bear hugs all the time. When you begin to grow up into adult hood this reality or dream disappears. So I try to hold on to it as much as possible by not doing certain things in public view, say YT. 
For the longest time I could not for the life of me possibly think why would I have found the interest to make videos on YT or make a blog in the first place. Let me back up to around 2007, when someone told me I could watch videos for free on YT. I said get out of here, free is my middle name. Well they did have some old TV shows and movies here and there but it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I mostly would use Yahoo Music! to watch music videos or would just be so out of touch I’d forget about it all together. By 2009, I was unemployed and a fashion student that needed a video to use in a power point for school. 
This is when I found very famous fashion/beauty guru. She was listed in my “suggestion box”, which was weird because I had no idea how she got there. So I clicked and watched her vids and the next thing you know I had spent a whole day watching her. After that, I began watching so many other “gurus” that it became kind of obsessive. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I began hitting that sub button so much that it was to like 400 subscriptions. That’s a lot I know. Here is where things go bad. I began to beat myself up after a while because I wasn’t like them. I mean they had the nice apartments, all the great collections, hauls galore, and lots of money. To me they were so important. I wanted to be them and had to be them and fast. I began thinking why don’t I have that kind of money. Maybe I should join the army or maybe sell my stuff to get more stuff to be just like them. 
Then I learned how much they got paid just to sit in front of a camera. I said wow; I am in the wrong business. The hauls made me sad but happy all at once. Then after I started writing to them some wouldn’t write back, making me feel bad. Was I not good enough? Is it because of this or that? A lot of things started running through my head. By the end of 2009, I had begun making my own videos on YT for my own personal selfish reasons. TO MAKE $!! That’s it. That was the only reason. I saw the life that these people lived and to me it was so glamorous and it had led so many to so many glamorous opportunities. I also started writing my blog in Sept 2009. Things for both were extremely slow. And I was making videos, which I thought others wanted to see. Hauls, outfit of the days, all that good stuff. I posted blogs that I thought would get me the hits. When I didn’t get any subbies, and no followers, it was a serious blow to my ego. Esp. when you put all the time and effort into editing vids and capturing pics to write on your blog. I felt like a failure. Then as time went on I began to realize it was my entire fault. 
Number 1) I never promoted my stuff. YouTube and blogging were never my first priorities. All I wanted was the money. I wanted the fame and lights. Oh yea can’t forget about the free products. 
Number 2) My hopes were in the wrong place. Like I said money was always the main things on my mind. 
Number 3) I never updated regularly. I had had no really good excuse to not upload vids, except for during the week of finals at the time or work. I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get the views or the hits. So I gave up completely. 
Then I just started posting things that I wanted to. And it just began to not matter to me anymore. If people watched or read, cool, if not then oh well. Next thing I know the blog started getting so pretty okay views. I mean nothing to brag about, but okay views. I felt like if blogging was what I wanted to do then hey I will continue to do it. It was exciting hearing people say they liked my blog. Then in June 2011 I lost my internet and that was all she wrote. After that my dog died. Then my aunt (who is still in a comatose state) got sick with brain tumors. I was able to find a connection way up high in my house to still post blogs. When I got up the “umph” to post things, in which I was up to about 1200 views a month, I no longer could afford my domain name. This made it hard for some folks to find me. Then I just gave up completely. (I’ll make another post on my recent depression some other time.) 
So where am I now with all this? Well for one, I no longer feel obligated to fulfill the need of fitting in with the Joneses or “gurus/bloggers”. Also, as of Jan2011 I began my journey to find God; meaning to become more spiritual and closer to Him. Living through the Word of the Lord. And this year I started reading and actually understanding the bible way more now than ever. Two lessons I have learned and that is that when you seek “riches” instead of Christ, it just never ends up well. And secondly, I have to do His plan and not mine; meaning His will His way. That is just how it is. And until a lot of us understand that we will always be soooooo frustrated with life instead of living the happy and peaceful life that God wants us to. 
So all those times of frustrations and wanting what other people had, I didn’t understand what they did to get where they were. Nor do I know if that is/was my destiny to be that person. Although I still gripe about certain things like views or followers, I am slowly learning that some things just are not meant to be. And that I am NOT always being punished, which is my answer to everything.  God is such a mighty God and I can never give Him too much love. So I will continue to post things when I have a connection. Nothing will change in that. Only thing that will change is my mindset and the reasons I post things or make videos in the first place. There is no behind the scenes motives any more but just me at my purest of hearts.   I am very glad to have gotten all of this off of chest. Thanks for reading guys!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NAACP award noms 2012

First let me say that I am sooooo happy for all the nominees. But I have special shout out to the following folks. I love the NAACP awards. Aren't sure what they are? Think BET awards but older and more mature.

Congrats to Tatyana Ali for her noms for Love that Girl TV series “Outstanding Comedy Series” and “Outstanding Female Actress in a comedy”. I love this show. It is super hilarious. 
Jill Scott received a ton of noms including “Outstanding Female Artist”. I just really love just about all of the songs that I have heard so far from her latest album, which is nominated for Outstanding Album.
Bet alone was nominated for 15 noms. Their hit shows are “The Game” and “Reed between the Lines”  . 
Gabourey Sidibe “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy” {The Big C}
Tracee Ellis Ross {Reed bwn the lines} Wendy Raquel Robinson and Tia Mowry-Hardrict {The Game} “Outstanding Actress in a Comedy”
Damon Wayans Jr. “Supporting Actor in a Comedy”  {Happy Endings}
Taraji P. Henson for “Person of Interest” {Outstanding Actress in a Drama}
"Oprah Presents: MasterClass" (OWN :OprahWinfreyNetwork) {Outstanding Variety Special}
I Smile by Kirk Franklin {Outstanding Song} , which is my fave song right now. I just love the spiritual message it brings.
Jumping the Broom {Outstanding Motion Picture}
Kim Waynes for "Parish"
As you can see there are just so many to name. Check out the rest here.


How to: Fashion lookbook

How to make a Fashion Style notebook Part .2

 This is part II of my fashion binder tutorial:

Step 1. Find mags that are inspirational to you and the kind of binder you want to make.

I then put all of my supplies together like my scissors, page protectors, construction paper, markers, colored pencils, etc.

Whatever gets you in the crafty mood. Stickers too!
Each page I do usually has a theme which makes it easier for me to find when i need inspiration for a certain color or a particular style. I can even pull out the page i want whenever I go shopping so I don't have to bring the whole binder with me. The issue is I have run out of mags to use and page protectors. I also need to buy a bigger binder than the one I store them in now only because it is becoming a bit over crowded and my binder is growing into color swatches. The binder also helps me with my sketches. I hope this helps you all. Scraping for as a hobby is so relaxing and therapeutic for me. It takes my mind off of life's problems and tribulations. Thanks so much for reading. Stay tuned for the final project.
p.s. email me some of your scraping ideas starrpynk@yahoo.com

With Love,

Oscar Noms for 2012

I am just super duper excited for this upcoming Award Season. We now have the noms for the Oscars 2012. I want to say Congrats to Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. I am super ecstatic for them both. And I also want to congratulate Jonah Hill, who I have loved ever since Superbad :). I have never seen Hugo, but they have like 12 noms or more. Congrats to them.

With Love,

Congrats to Sanaa Lathan

Congrats to Sanaa Lathan being the new face of Pantene ProV


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stuff People Say To Natural Girls & Behind Their Backs!

Pretty funny video


Saturday, January 21, 2012

RIP to Etta James

 She will truly be missed


Fashion Style Notebook Part 1

Hey all. As some of you already know I love me some fashion. I just always have ever since I was a little girl. Playing dress up and Barbie's were my life back then. When I was about 11 or 12 I became a magazine addict. I mean a really bad one too. First there were the Cosmos my mom used to find at the airport she worked at. Then I went to more age appropriate mags like Teen People, YM, Twist, Seventeen, Cosmogirl; you get the drift. Around this time I also started scraping notebooks for my fav band at the time; BSB. As well as scraping just for fun. Cutting up my magus. And from there on I continued to cut and paste.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Something Something #1~Who Are You?

I love me some Missp. She is hilarious and very inspirational. I like to watch REAL people on YT. Nothing against the fakes :) Follow her on twitter as well. @misstp90


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brandy's Suit on Wendy Willams

When I was watching Brandy on Wendy the other day I kept thinking how beautiful her suit looked. Although I know she was cold... but that's another story.
The suit is by designer Stella and Jamie. I am pretty sure it was custom made because of the fit of the shorts. But it is the best suit I have seen in a min.


Looking good Solange!

Solange is doing her thang. I have always loved her because she was always so real and never held back anything from people. She reminds of how Brandy was when she first came out, they had an old soul since teen years. And that showed in their music. Congrats to Solange on the new gig.

With Love,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

will be back soon!

Heyy all. I know I have been MIA for a min, but I will return as soon as I can. There is a lot going on right now. Hope you all understand. Muah XOXO

With Love,