Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chris Brown - Beautiful People

I really like this song too...didn't buy the cd yet. But I may just go out and buy it.

Skylar Grey -- Love The Way You Lie (Original Demo)

I like this....where have I been???!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

FOTD :New Look....Blue/Brown + New Items


Products used are:

Concealer ->>>>>>>> Black Opal Flawless Perfecting concealer in Tan
Bronzer ->>>>>>>> NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny

Base ->>>>>>>> NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk and NYX Eyeshadow base in Skin Tone
Blue Shadow ->>>>>>>> BH Cosmetics 120 palette
Highlight ->>>>>>>> ELF cosmetics Eye shadow Quad in Butternut
Liner ->>>>>>>> Solid black Eye pencil then used a black powder over it
Brow ->>>>>>>> MAC Penultimate Brow marker/NYC Eye Liner in 922A
No Mascara but I would have used Rimmel Volume Lash in Black

Liner ->>>>>>>> NYX Lipliner Pencil in Brown 802
Lipstick ->>>>>>>> Wet and Wild 549A. (the one in the silver tube)
Gloss ->>>>>>>> NYX Hot Fudge Mega Shine lip Gloss

New Earrings I made....ya Likey?!

Thanks for reading :)
Forever Blessed, Never Stressed

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rachel Zoe plus one!

I love Rachel Zoe ssoooo much. But I wanted make sure this was a real story before posting. She and Rodger gave birth to a baby boy named 'Skyler Morrison'. I wish her nothing but the best. Love and happiness to them.

Forever blessed

Video Girl, coming in April

Meagan Good has been on my faves list since Cousin Skeeter. She now has a new movie coming out in Apr '11. This movie to me will make her known acting chops come out even more. This may be her movie. The trailer is deep and I am pretty sure many fans of Meagans or any video girls out there will find the true message. I will def be watching on HBO. :)
Forever blessed

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Turbans and more Turbans....and scarves 'o my'

I just think this is a nice painting :)

Heyy Ladies. I love the 70's more than any other era because just the style and the music then seemed very peaceful and meant something to people. And turbans and printed scarves were very 'dynooomite' back then. So here are some cool ideas to style your turban and scarves.
Thesee to me are amazing looking. I can not wait to buy some scarves to try out these looks :)

Thank you for reading,

*images courtesy of Stylesight

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rip the Runway-My faves :)

<---The lovely hosts: Mehcad Brooks and Selita Ebanks
<---LaQuan Smith
<---LaQuan Smith
<---Selita Ebanks <---Selita Ebanks <---Melanie Fiona <---Tennille White <---Keri Hilson performing <----WISB <----Rachel Roy <---Rachel Roy

200th post.....yay!!

I made it to 200 posts on here already. Wow like for me that is amazinggg because I am soooo wishy washy and change my mind a lot. And have my lazy spells. So yay for me. And thank you so much for reading my bloggy. I hope to bring more excitement to my blog. More makeup, and Fashion stuff. As well as some hair stuff. Speaking of hair. Dear goodness ya'll I am not having a good hair month really. Okay the first curl define came out great but now I am out of Eco Gel so until I run to Sally's to stock up I am stuck with my IC Fantasia Gel the clear one. Well I did the same process and will say this IC leaves my hair wayyy softer than Eco Styler does. But Eco Styler leaves my hair curlier and lasts longer. So until I get to Sally's to get the jumbo size jar, there will be no curl definer here. :)

Well have a happy day ya'll
God Bless

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reality Mealting Pot: 3/13-3/19

Hey all....this week was sooo juicy in the reality world it is crazy. I do promise to keep this post short so I can get back to Dog the Bounty Hunter. :)

So first off is the two part BBwives Reunion special:

John Salley was the host and let me say he was a little bit on the dry side. Like I felt like he just stuck way to the script to much. Overall I won't go into too much detail on the show because although Royce cursed out Evelyn and Jen, I know in a few months they will all be friends again. And Shaunie will continue to make her money and take advantage of her bitter friend's lives. I believe Suzie, Gloria, nor Ashely will be returning. I mean why would they. No one really paid attention to them. I watch my shows online so I have the courtesy of fast forwarding past all their parts. They even bought up Evelyn and Chad 85's relationship asking if it was real. I mean no ones business. But you never know. As far as a new season 3?? Yes, sometime in the summer meaning they will be filming shortly. Yay.

A very important part to me about this reunion were the shoes....ya'll know I loves me some shoes. YES Hunny....Okay these shoes were on point

Shaunie's shoes Custom made by Gasoline Glamour

Tami's Shoes (not sure by whom they are made)

Evelyn's shoes.....yummy. CL's of course!!

Next up is BGC.
Okay, this show is annoying to me now. Everyone is so extra for the cameras. But I am sad to say that Ashley left the show. I liked the first girl with the natural curly hair, she left. Then I really liked the red head girl, then she left. Now I was starting to like Ashley, now she is gone. Now I am stuck with masculine Nikki, who is hilarious. And the new replacement, Wilmarie who is from Jersey too. Yay!! Woot Woot. Hopefully they don't leave too. Besides the usual fighting, Char was actually very quiet this episode. And next week Lauren and Michelle (hope thats her name) get into a huge fight, meaning she may go home which is fine because she is boring anyway.

Other Reality shows I watched: (very small %)

Jersey Shore
Real World Season 5million in Vegas babi
Dog the Bounty hunter
True Life
Rupaul's Drag Race--OMG no one went home this week between Yara Sofia and Carmen Carrera. Ekk!!. I personally feel as though Carmen is just not all that into the show at all. But I am glad they both got to stay this week.

There many more but it is late.

P.S. RHOA may be coming soon. I heard they were supposed to start taping soon--Via Kandi.

P.S.S. My blog has reached 5000 views. This may not be a big deal to many, but to me it is awesome...Thanks for reading.

Forever Blessed

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Freakouts + **Hair update**

**********Freaking out!!!! :O**********

Hey ya'll, I have been MIA for a min, but I have good reason. I am starting this whole business thing. I want it to be just perfect as perfect can be you know. I want people to buy my products and go wow, this girl cares for her customers and she cares about her brand.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shingle, Coil, Shingle Part deux: Shingle/coil time!!

It's Shingle/Coil TIME!!!!!!

I learned this technique from MsVCharles on YT as well as a few others but added in some differences here and there. I wanted something to do to my hair but it wasn't listening to me so I said let me try this shingle/coil method. Searched for some techniques but they all sounded so drying to my hair. This one contains massive gel too, but with the mixture of castor oil, it may reduce the flaking.
Step 1, On freshly washed and detangled hair I parted my hair in as many sections as possible. Because my hair is so short, I have to make sure to use duck bill clips or hair clamps to keep it secure and out of the way.
Step 2, I then grab the back sections first, I do this because for me it is just more easy to start back there. I spray my homemade mixture of leave-in conditioner and detangle with my Denman D3 brush. :).
Step 3, Then I took my castor oil and rubbed it in that section of hair only. I have had to learn the hard way that not separating my hair first can be disastrous.
Step 4, After having my hair well moisturized to my taste, I used my Olive Oil Eco Styler gel and generously spread through out the section. I used my D3 again to brush through to get my natural curl pattern

Repeat steps 1-4 until your head is completely in gel.

Last step, I used my hair dryer for a while so my hair can dry faster but you can let it air dry too. I also had to use my rod rollers because my front hair only curls a little bit. I guess heat damage....IDK

Stay tuned for the result and upkeep!

Forever blessed

Shingle, Coil, Shingle Part one: Materials

After taking out my first attempt at an invisible, which came out great, I decided 2weeks was enough. The main reason was I really missed my frotastic hair. I had to use my homemade shampoo (1) to wash all the gel and glue out. Which took forever. I then used my (2) conditioner, a cheap kind but I love it just like any expensive one. Lastly I used my (3) homemade deep conditioner, smells amazing and makes my hair so soft.

Steps 4-6 are just some of the products I used to actually get the shingle/coil effect in my hair. I used my (4) homemade Leave-in Conditioner treatment spray to condition. Then my (5) Castor Oil, a tip I learned from MsVCharles on YT, she made a good point about castor oil being super thick. Which it is and helping to 'reduce' flaking from the (6) Eco Styler gel which is the last step.
Forever blessed

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reality Mealting Pot: 3/6-3/12

I know I rarely make any posts about the things I watch on TV. I watch sooooooo many reality shows it is not even funny. I watch a lot of UK shows too. But this week so far has been filled with so many new and old shows. Between the fights and arguments, I don't know if I was watch TV or WWF wrestling matches.

First up B-Ball wives: Okay I have watched every ep since season one. But Sunday's episode was the most dramatic ever. I will also say this, I only watched the fight. Why? I only watched the fight part because I heard there was just a lot of nonsense footage beforehand. As in irrelevant to my life. AKA a waste of time, well you get the point. The fight was juicy too. Starting off when Eveyln slept with Kenny Anderson yrs ago. But he was still married to Tami. Now in my opinion I would've not done that on the show. Like seriously Shaunie. Shaunie nudges Evelyn like tell Tami what happened; all while at Jen's party. Personally I would've said no this is our best friends party. I guess Shaunie has too much pull for her to have said that to her. Anyway Evelyn then goes outside and tells Tami about messing with her ex-hubby, AKA her children's father while they were married. I feel as though it would have been received better had it been off camera. I wonder how she confronted Kenny about the situation. I doubt fists were flying in the air. Evelyn stated how irrelevant Tami was at that time in Kenny's life, I mean obviously how is your husband having a mistress for 6mths and you not know it. Not to mention the other chicks he more than likely had. So Evelyn and Tami fights kinda but it got broken up. Tami felt betrayed. And Miss O'Neal played both sides saying how she understood. I mean most women do but if that was your friend you should have been more concerned with her family than the ratings, which were the highest in VH1 history. If this show makes it to a Season 3 cool, if not I won't miss it that much.

Now on to BGC: Now this show has turned completely opposite of what it used to be. But I guess it is all about the ratings. In short, Char is still being Char. Nikki got laid and Char had to watch. Jen and Kori are spoiled brats. Ashley is still my fave, except for the fact she fight like a girl in HS. And the others, I can't remember their names because they don't do much. Ashley and Kori got into another fight over Char again. Kori standing up for Char who was on the phone the whole time. Dear Char poor baby, she actually thinks she is a brand and will be something more than a nobody once she leaves the house. If you went in as a nobody you will leave that house as a nobody, just saying. If I were a lead company lets say L'oreal, I am not calling Char. Not only is she getting older, she is embarrassing herself by being on a show like such. So back to the fight Ashley snuck Kori but in the mist of their little squabble ended up with the black eye. I am like how'd that happen. I love Ashley, but I have a feeling she will have to leave now.

I also caught that Love and Hip hop show. This show is super duper wack wack wack. Only because I don't get it except for the fact that it is just yet another show featuring how black people really are. Yeah lets keep letting other societies see how we all operate. Not all all black women argue and curse people out. Nor do we use our bodies and looks to get ahead. I feel as though this show is just a stage to make irrelevant people relevant again. Not gonna work.

I also saw All about Aubrey. This show has potential, but it just makes people not take Aubrey all that seriously anymore. She is trying to live separately from her past fame and be in her own light. Which is cool, but she is sooo wild that it may come across to most of her old fan base as trying too hard. I hope it works out for her though because this show is a reality of how hard it is to be successful twice in a lifetime.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this. Just had to get this alllll out of my system. LOL!
Thank you for reading, Pynkstarr
Forever Blessed

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Raven is Natural too!!

A weeks ago I was reading an interview with her stating she had been natural for years but that she never really wore it out except a few times on the red carpet. But never for movies. And she also mentioned she had to cut it. Well the other day she was at Steve Harvey's Disney’s Dreamers Academy and Raven was there. She was sporting a new 'do and I love it. =)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Words to Lift you up

Hey Ya'll. I love you all for reading my blog. I highly appreciate it you have no idea. So, most bloggers give out items and do giveaways. But instead I will give you an uplifting verse I have been really living my life by.

I have began to do my research for my own business, which is coming soon. But I have been a little nervous because it is a new venture for me. It was like when I went back to college for the first time or even back when I left HS and had to get my GED. I have always had aspirations to be big, but was just sooooo nervous of reactions, not to mention the nay-sayer. So right now I am back to that shy girl stepping into a big world. This is basically my baby that I have been wanting to start since I was in elementary school. As a recent college grad, I have been lost in the sauce I guess you can say. I thought I wanted to do this one thing but instead I want to actually do another thing. Thank God I took mostly business, marketing and management courses.

As I go through this journey, I have learned this:

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 KJV

For me these word are extremely ones to live by because without Christ there are so many things I have no idea how I would've have gotten through it. I don't necessarily consider myself lucky but extremely blessed for the things I have and the things I will obtain. I try not to think about the things I don't have because I don't have them. There is no point in that. I stay more positive now more than ever.

So I say stay optimistic.
With Love, Pynkstarr
Forever Blessed :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fave Lippies

I have been buying up a storm with lip glosses and lip sticks. Not really into liner but I have to get more of those too. I found a very inexpensive BSS in NYC that have NYX products and have become obsessed with their Lip Gloss Megashine

1. MAC Amplified Creme 'Girl About Town'
2. Black Radiance Lipstick 'Mystic Magenta'--5012
3. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss 'African Queen'--112
4. Black Radiance Lipstick '5055A'
5. Black Radiance Lipstick 'Uptown Red'--5013
6. Wet N' Wild Lipstick '902C'
7. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss 'Hot Fudge' 114

Not in any particular order but these are my fave lip products. They are my got to whenever I wanna grab something really quickly and go. I have been keeping the NYX Megashine in my purse lately. And I paired 2 & 3 together the other day and got such a beautiful dark pink color. All of these lip products were less then 5 bucks a piece, minus the MAC one.
Hope you enjoy.
Forever Blessed

February Faves!!!

I rarely do this whole faves thing, but I was thinking that maybe what I love some others may have wanted to try or have tried and love it too.

1. NYC NY Color Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder ' Sunny'--720A
2. Homemade Oil treatment
3. New Oxy Clinical Advanced Face Wash
4. Rimmel London The Max Volume Lash Waterproof Mascara
5. VS Blossoming Mist
6. Salon Pro 30 Sec Bonding glue
7. Black Opal Concealer in Tan

This list will have a few tweaks in it for next month but these are def my go to products for right now. Esp the bonding glue because when I was my hair I have to always put new pieces back in. My first time using glue but I love it.
Hope you enjoyed this post.
Love, Pynkstarr
Forever Blessed

Thursday, March 3, 2011

BSB Fan forever

I was cleaning up late last night when I came across my BSB collection. I had a flood in my basement a few years ago and thought that it had gotten messed up and ruined like many other things had. Well I was super surprised to see that it was still intact. I used to be a really stalker fan of BSB. AJ Mclean was and still is my fave. As the years have come and gone you grow out of people and stars. Then you realize other things as well, but I'll always love them forever. =)
Forever Blessed

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New hair Drama

The other day I went to the BSS to get some hair.
I had an event to do for the weekend and wanted

to look as fabulous as possible I guess. I had been wanting to do the Brandy/Patra/Justice braids for a while now. But I had never done it before and was a lil weary of how they would turn out. Well I went and purchased about 3 packs of bulk hair which were very inexpensive a pack. As I began to braid my hair I noticed two issues one: my natural hair was too dark. I used to be a 4 but I guess my hair is now a 2 because of it's natural state. I have no idea. And my second issue was this hair kept tangling up. It was like I having a fight with this hair and I was losing big time. Growing so frustrated I just gave up and decided Ok time to return the hair. Luckily I was able to exchange the unopened packs for Nyx Lip gloss, which I just love btw. So I decided to straighten my hair in the front and rocked my usual half wig. After straightening my hair so much in the front I decided to wear a protective style for at least 3 weeks...maybe. An invisible sew in with human hair. I haven't upgraded to Remy or Indian yet. This is a great protective style esp if you are a beginner in transitioning, it will prevent you from too much manipulation.

Forever blessed