Friday, April 30, 2010

Nicholas Kirkwood

I was web surfing and blog surfing as usual and I found out about a new shoe. German born shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood has designed shoes for companies like Rodarte and Ghost. He started off in a store but later branched off into accessories. He has also won numerous amounts of awards. But I found him on a blogger site that featured his shoes because a famous reality show tv star tried them on. Rodarte Corroded Brass pumps are the "sharpest"(no pun intended) shoes out there right now. Thesse are my new found friends....for this week


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Its been a Long time coming! Versace is the shizzel

So I'm chilling and bored as heck!! But on my usual quest when I am bored, I found SHOES!! Entyhoo, I was reading a blog post featuring Ciara's Versace shoes. Ohhh M Gee they are so cute. They are called Intrecciata metal platform sandals by Versace
They are cutest, sexiest shoes I've saw. As my idol Rachel Zoe would say I Die!!! They are about 1975 euro and $2643.44 america at net-a-porter. Versace is my newest fave shoe. I someday aspire to buy something as hot as these or at least have them loaned to
Hope you enjoyed this post.
P.s Nicki Minaj had on a pair of Versace shoes on 106th and Park a while they are yummy!!