Saturday, April 24, 2010

Its been a Long time coming! Versace is the shizzel

So I'm chilling and bored as heck!! But on my usual quest when I am bored, I found SHOES!! Entyhoo, I was reading a blog post featuring Ciara's Versace shoes. Ohhh M Gee they are so cute. They are called Intrecciata metal platform sandals by Versace
They are cutest, sexiest shoes I've saw. As my idol Rachel Zoe would say I Die!!! They are about 1975 euro and $2643.44 america at net-a-porter. Versace is my newest fave shoe. I someday aspire to buy something as hot as these or at least have them loaned to
Hope you enjoyed this post.
P.s Nicki Minaj had on a pair of Versace shoes on 106th and Park a while they are yummy!!

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