Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Faves

Hey ya'll theses are my fave products of the month. most of them are new, while others have been used by me for a few months now. I didn't wanna make a video on this because I feel like there are so many ppl doing vids of their favs. If you want me to make a fabulous video, I will be happy to oblige. But for now here are my Favs.....Enjoy
CVS brand Cleansing & makeup Remover Towelettes
I love these towelettes to remove my face makeup and eye makeup. I don't wear that much so it doesn't take but a few wipes before my makeup is completely gone. And they are affordable too, esp. if you are on a budget i.e.; struggling college

Up&Up Target brand facial towelettes in Cucumber
I just started using these to remove my makeup. So far so good. My skin is extremely sensitive. I can only use certain products, they have to have natural fragrance and no
or other additives. This brand is supposed to be exfoliating kind, because the cloth has lil bubbles on it where it's easier to remove makeup and dirt. I like them so far. And no allergic reactions. Only thing is that the bubbles are too rough for the eye area.

Sephora's eye shadow pencil in pewter(i think)
This shadow is so great. I just bought a month ago and its getting lower and lower. It reminded me of the NYX Jumbo Eye pencils, but since I cant find those anywhere but online, I opted for this one. They don't have as many colors as NYX though. This too was purchased at Sephora

Benefits Bad gal Lash Mascara in Black
This one of the best mascara's that really work in making your eye lashes look very long. I used to use a Cover girl mascara but decided to try something new. I purchased a smaller version in first to see if it lives up to its hype....and IT Does. My eyelashes come out so great and long. I purchased this at Sephora.

MUFE's Mist & Fix
I really wasn't too sure I wanted to have a real huge bottle of this so I picked up a travel size to see if I like it. And I love it. I haven't tried the Mac cosmetics fix+ so I can't say which one is better. But this one works well with my eye shadows, esp my mineral shadow's. It brings the pigments out very bright. You can see the true colors. I purchased this at sephora.

Smashbox Gel liner in midnight black
I love this Eye liner wayy better than any other because it goes on smoothly. Just use the right kind of brush and you'll be fine. I purchased it at sephora store about a year ago and I still have a lot left. As long as you close it tightly it'll last you forever...or at least until its time to dispense. lol

Dr Miracle' s Temple & Nape Gro Balm
I use this every day. It helps the back of my hair grow so fast. I have always had issues with the nape of my neck. Not sure why. But this is wonderful.

Hope you all enjoyed this blog post about my favs. Leave some of your favs in the comments below or above. Remember style is from within!! Muahz

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