Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guess What. . . .

--->(top) Amethyst shadow; (bottom) punk funk quad

--->bronze/blush conturing pallet

--->(l-r)shimmering whip in citrus, eyeshadow/liner stick in plum and purple, and in pearl and glow.

<---(clockwise)All from the studio collection... Makeup remover, Co
mplexion perfection pallet, HD powder, Shimmering whip in Citrus, Studio Blush in tickle pink, Cream eye liners in ivory, midnight, and coffee, Eyeshadow and Liners in pearl and glow; purple and plum, single eyeshadow in amethyst, an
d Conturing and blush pallet...not from the studio collection; Shadow Quad in punk funk and Eyeshadow/mascara duo in clear gloss.

. . . . my delivery came on a perfectly hot summer day. I wasn't feeling all that well friday because I had to make a trip for no reason to my school, it was sooooo hot, i was upset about work, had a migraine, yaya yada yaya. Was told by my tracking number that I would'nt get my package till Saturday. But on Friday afternoon when my dad handed it to me....i was soooo happy. I couldn't wait to open it, after finishing hw of course. I
made a video but it came out awful, so I made another one yesterday, w
hich was way better.. Well here are some swatches and pics...please enjoy.

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