Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rihanna in Elle-July 2010

For those of you that know me know that Ri Ri is my fave to watch as far as fashion is concerned. Not really sure, nor do I care, how she is as a person. I remember when the tomboy style she had about 5 - 6 years ago. I miss that Ri but thats another story. Well I picked up July 2010 issue of Elle. I never have time like I used to to read my mags and when I buy them it takes me weeks if not months to read them. I honestly didn't her interview because it didn't appeal to me. I cared more about the styling and makeup. And they were on point. I'd like to thank those involved ms Ursula for hair, Mylah from Dior beauty and Lastly the stylist....listed as an assistant named Sarah. But we all know Mariel...also styling Willow who ppl think I favor. lol. I'll take it cuz she's cute. Anywhoo if you didnt buy the book here are the pics
Ri Ri's dress on the Balmain runway....courtesy of Video fashion

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