Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Single Ladies VH1's new show + Love and Hip Hop news

Happy Hump day ladies. I just got finished watching "Single Ladies" on VH1. At first I was a little bit skeptical because it was a show that I had heard was some what like "Sex and the City". Now in my opinion "Sex and the City" can never be remade. I hated the fact they made a movie (although I own both on DVD). But my point is somethings should go untouched. This show in my opinion is NOTHING like SITC. In fact in my opinion the 1st ep was soooooo freaking juicy it made me miss actual tv shows. Okay "reality" shows are fake people and fillled with actors and scripts. But because of the way they are filmed, it seems sooooo real. So if they use the same scripts they use on reality shows for real tv shows then the real tv shows will become a hit again, if that makes sense. Okay back to the show. This show started off juicy and ended juicy. Things can only get better from here. They had soooo many guest appearances from the ATL. Camron, Kandi, JD, Chili, Lauren London, Kim Porter (who should not act), Eve, Common, and Deion Sander's wife. Character break down and more VH1 news after the jump.

Stacey Dash plays Val, a lady who is in her 30's and is kinda like Charlotte and Carrie mixed together. She is quiet and does everything right, except for men. She sleeps with two men in two days and ends up preggers. Juicy I know.
Lisaraye plays Keisha, she is a def a gold digger and used to steal jewelry from rappers back in the day. She falls for a guy who has control issues, and he also designs jewelry. Guess where that is going to go.
Charity Shea plays April, the white girl married to the black man. I have bad feeling of how they will try to portray her character. I say that because the lines of the other characters were giving poor April a mouth full about dating the only "good" brother. If you know me, I am all for IR dating. But I just hate when black people on these shows and movies make a big deal about a white women dating a black man. It is sooo annoying to me. Anyhoo, April is sleeping on the good black brother with another brother, who happens to be the mayor.
This show is going to be so amazing. I am super excited for this shows success. VH1 picked a winner here again.

In other VH1 news, Love and Hip Hop will start back shooting in 20 days. And according to her tweet, Emily B. will return yay!!!!

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