Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Notebook, and binders, and more o my!! (on a budget)

As I blogger earlier, I use a notebook and a binder to store/organize my time and projects. I forgot to mention I also have other notebooks, 1 for my hair journey and another for my jewelry business.
There is no need in spending an arm and a leg on a note book or a binder. They sometimes get ruined by weather or just everyday wear and tear. By all means if you have the funds to purchase expensive note books and binders, esp made for time management projects, then go on an buy what YOU feel works for YOU. Find websites and more after the jump...

I do love nice things such as notebooks. Esp ones you have to travel with that are just so pretty. But I stay in a budget when it comes to certain things. Places like Target, Borders, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, or even JC Penney's sell very inexpensive branded notebooks. But the most underrated store that has every type of notebook, would have to be the Dollar Store. Any of those Valuemarts, or Value Plus or Dollar Tree. Any stores as such have very nice notebooks. Below I made a list of prices and ideas for storage as well.

So I use a binder to compact all of my notebooks together, but you can store your notes and projects any way you like. Some use a huge notebook that can be separated into tabs, or you can use a binder with dividers. Since the binder I use is very large, it is just used for at home use only and the smaller notebooks or organizers are used for on the go things. Like the market or a Home Depot trip. Check out these ideas for a binder or notebook.

Less than $20.00

**Items found at Staples, Greeting Stores, JCpenney, and Vera Bradley (love love them)

More than $21.00

Marc Jacobs note book very convenient, and it's Marc Jacobs need we say more.

Say what!!

Smythson notebooks can go anywhere from $40.oo up to$ 500.00, they can be found on Barneys.com

Along with notebooks and binders, it is best to have dividers with little tabs on the end for the bigger notebooks or binders. Vera Bradley has some notebooks that come with tabs already.
labels, label makers, extra pens (the dollar store usually don't last that long ). Clipboard, index cards, pencils, pencil sharpeners. Sticky notes, they come in handy when you are traveling. Calenders, sharpie markers w/fine tips, tape, paper clips and binder clips, pouches. I also carry clear plastic folders with pockets for my coupons.

Hope all this helps you out. Thanks for reading.
Stay blessed

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