Saturday, May 5, 2012

The lesson I learned in the waiting room

Today when I went out I expected nothing in particular to happen to me. Which is like most days. But today I learned a lot. Some things that I have always known about myself. The first thing I learned being I need a job. But not just any job, some place where I can grow into my greater purpose. Secondly I learned that being older doesn't mean anything bad or scary. Thirdly I have learned that I am sooooo blessed. Okay so here is an explanation. I have been going through the motions seeking higher power, my purpose, who am I, and all of the above times 12. And I am doing this now because now I have the time. This is my time right now to get it together and listen to my inner self, and follow my heart and find my purpose through the spirit. For most of my adult life I just went with it, I have sometimes listened to my gut but not always. Esp when it came to jobs. I just took them for the money. Yes money is important but it isn't everything to me anymore. 

Certain things I guess as you get older just isn't as important, like material things or hanging out in bars or clubs every night. Call me a square but I have been there and done that on to the next chapter. So today I was out, I was sitting in a waiting room reading this great book that I have had in my home since 1999 and just never gave it a look until last year. This book is about finding your definite purpose, it is a little outdated but the message is still there. I believe I mentioned before in another post about me seeing "find your purpose" everywhere. I mean for the last year everything I have come across had to do with "finding your purpose". So I was reading this book and sitting with my mom's BF waiting for her when this older women began speaking to us. She was so amazing and I don't even know her name. It has always been a gift that I have for gab with older people. I guess it's because I have an old soul. I can talk to everybody, but older people and I just have always clicked. So the women says to us how easy it is to talk to us without even knowing who we are. And then I say it's the Spirit, when a person has a great Spirit about themselves it always shines through. Just like that we ended up talking about everything you can think of. Eventually my mom's BF fell asleep but the lady and I kept talking until the Nurse came in to get her. 

The Nurse was also very nice, she listened to the older women as she explained how nice my mom's BF and I were; which is always nice. Anyway, the older lady left us with wonderful words of wisdom and many blessings and I go to the back to meet my mom. The Nurse and I began talking about what I am doing with my life. "Basically trying to find my purpose" I say. I didn't want to go into detail about my situation so that's what came out. I tell her my background of what I want to do with my life eventually though. Then she tells me I should do anything to get by for right now until I can find what I want to do. At that very second I didn't understand what she meant. I mean I did in context understand  what she meant, but I didn't get it. Why do people always say "do something just to get by". To me that's just not who I am at all anymore. She mentioned how maybe I should go a different route then see where that takes me, meaning going outside of the fashion industry. Many people have also said this to me. I am not sure if it's the fact that people see fashion as not a real career or what. But everyone not in the fashion industry always says to me "why don't you try this instead". Believe me I have. I have tried new career paths multiple times in my life. Teaching, Sales, Restaurant, Jewelry designing. You name it I may have tried it. And by trying I mean giving the idea a thought, then implementing a plan to get started until it doesn't work. I am just meant to be in the fashion industry that is what I am meant to do. I have a passion for it, and I am not just saying that. So why should I give that passion up to do something I might hate? Well the answer to that question is to get to where I want to be.

For the longest I have always thought that by going after something other than working in the fashion industry I would be giving up my dream instead of thinking of it as having a strategy. The Nurse also mentioned having other skills, which I do have in many other areas outside of my major. And today is the day I plan my strategy to get to my goal. If my strategy is to do something outside of fashion, which I believe it is for right now, then that is what I should do. So besides fashion, I am really good at helping others and what better way to do that than to volunteer somewhere local, I just have to search. And maybe a job could come out of that. Or it may lead to another job. This is something that I understand now and will pursue. I am not giving up on my purpose, I am just creating a strategy to bring me closer to it…a little something I learned watching Oprah's Lifeclasses.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading. I'll keep you posted on this journey.


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