Friday, December 13, 2013

Review of Dr Bronner's coconut oil

Hiiii y'all. Long time no speak. I say these words all the time but it's true. I am still so busy and so tired all the time that I barely have time to blog. This blog isn't about that though. It's about my favorite oil, well second favorite after EVOO. Coconut oil!!!
I've been using coconut oil since 2010 but never really used it on my skin until this year. I don't use it every day but most days right out of the shower it's the best. There are 100s of vloggers online that focus on all things natural, but my fave has to be "HEYFRANHEY" she is the best all NATURALe vlogger. I only say this because she really does use organic, natural products for her skin and hair. I'm sure she uses non natural items too.
After checking out her vids I've been in transition on going completely naturale, organic everything. But like everything else that's good for you going organic is expensive. So when I get a great job next year after graduation I'll make the complete turn around until then I'll stick to organic hair and body products.
The other day I realized I had ran outta coconut oil, which was a shocker because my first jar lasted so long. My second jar was the Spectrum brand expeller pressed which was unscented. It felt great on my skin and in my hair. It was purchased at pathmart for $9.99 for I think 12 oz. So since I had to go to "Whole Foods" for some essential oils, which I refused to purchase because it's really overpriced, I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and pick up my EVCO. Well they didn't have any Spectrum brand. I thought uhoh...what is a girl to do? Then I see another brand of EVCO. "DR. Bronner's magic all-one fair trade & organic fresh pressed virgin coconut oil" it also said "whole kernal unrefined". Lol. I said what in the heck is whole kernal, like popcorn kernal. I still don't know but after opening it up I didn't see actual kernels so I was less worried. Anyhoo, I get my purchases home, I also bought honey ill review that later cause it's Amazing. I open the jar and it smelled like popcorn. Lol. Now I'm like wait is it popcorn coconut oil or what. My other brands never had a smell so I thought about returning it but I liked how it felt on my hands.
After 1 week of use on my skin and hair I really love it. The smell isn't strong to me but I know some folks might not like it. Also it's the same price as my last jar $9.99 but unlike Spectrum EVCO it's 14 ozs . We'll see as time goes on but so far so good with this brand.
- "DR. Bronner's magic all-one fair trade & organic fresh pressed virgin coconut oil" was purchased at "wholefoods" for $9.99. It's 14 fl oz.  -It's scented, although lightly it still may not be appealing to most.
-coming soon are the ways I use EVCO

THANK YOU for reading my blog. It really does mean a lot to me.


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