Saturday, October 18, 2014

I am back in School ya'll!!!!

Yep you read that title right, I am currently a college student again. I am back in school getting my BA in Fashion Marketing and Management, I already have my A.A.S.

This was, of course, a long journey because I graduated in 2010 and wasn't very sure if I wanted to go back to school to get my BA. But I have always known that school is going to be what gets me in the door. I haven't had many jobs therefore I rely on my education to get my foot in the door. I wish I could say yay guys I got me a job, finally, but unfortunately that isn't going the way I thought. Here is the tea on that, I was hired about 2 weeks ago, had orientation and everything. Now I am just waiting for a call for my new schedule. I mean I am not sure of many companies that hire you then say someone will either email you or call you. And nothing for almost a week.

Now the old me would be depressed, sad, discouraged :(. But how I really feel is that there is something better you know. I just needed to feel that confidence of actually manifesting a job, just like I did with this one. I also manifested going back to school. I mean I have manifested a lot of things these last few years, these last few months like for real, for real. I couldn't have asked for anything better than this feeling of just being very grateful.

Okay so back to my school situation. I have decided that since I am in the process of finding my career I need to be able to go on interviews etc. So I have decided to take allllll online courses. It has been hard, which is interesting because a lot of people think it's easy. But the thing is you, the student are, responsible for everything on your own. It's almost like you have much more responsibility than an on-campus student. Here is why, you may have associates in your class who you see often going to your different classes, they might say "hey don't forget Friday, there is a test". But online you don't have that. Everything is posted on time usually so there is no excuse as to why you didn't do your work. But you get side tracked by life, and other courses (I am taking 16 credits, 4 classes). I am very much focused tho.

The first two weeks were crazy, but this week I had more free time after doing my course work. It's all about organization for me, I need to feel like everything is almost done. When I feel like they are out of order I kinda freak out a little bit. I was thinking about making a video about how I organize my school work, notes, etc. Maybe I should do a blog post?! Hmmm! I don't know yet. But I will post something soon for you guys. I also got a new desk and chair, a mini office set up. It's awesome.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog!

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