Saturday, February 13, 2016

Recap: Hit the Floor Season 3, Ep 4 "Good D" *Spoilers*

In this week's episode, there was some of everything!! Sex, Love, Trust, and Truth!

Since Ahsha has decided to stay, she has decided to move in with German finally! Poor German looks like hell too, smh! His guilt weighing in on him badly this episode. Not only that but he knows that Derrick wants Ahsha back in his arms soon. If I were a killer and thought my girl may leave me for another man, I'd be sleep deprived too! 

Sloan and Pete have hired a bodyguard instead of going to the police in regards to the kidnapping and threats. The bodyguard even teaches her how to use the gun she purchased without Pete knowing about it. 

Kyle has sex with her producer, who I know still loves her. And Raquel is dating everyone, trying her best to live her life to the fullest without putting strain on her heart. Ummmm, am I the only one wondering where her son is? hmmm!! Anyhow Drew and Lucas hook back up in a big way. But Drew is still hung up on Zero, esp after Zero says I love you awwww! Drew is like who needs love, I need attention in public doe! Zero was like or nah! 

Last week we saw Jelena\Terrence make a deal with Zero to fire Derrick after they buy the team. Well Zero wants his boo Drew back so he tells him everything about the deal, and of course Drew tells Lionel. Lionel makes sure to that Jelena pays for it too. She gives Ahsha more reigns over the Devil girls in this week's dance, she also gives her a huge budget for props, and lastly she wants her to go to Las Vegas to spruce up the team's image. Jelena hates this! LOL

Jelena is able to figure out that Zero snitched on their deal so she and Terrence go to Pete for help with buying the team. Pete tells Sloane, who dislikes Jelena doesn't approve of this decision. Sloane agrees to meet with Terrence alone, but still tells Pete no. Pete goes against her wishes and agrees to help them buy the team. Meanwhile, their bodyguard gets a threatening note regarding his daughter and quits. He tells Sloane to go to the police. 

Back in Vegas Ahsha relalizes there is still some spark between her and Derrick. They have sex, no surprise there. But she feels guilty! Her plans are to tell German everything after the game.

While Pete, Terrence, and Jelena are on their way to the meeting about buying the team, they realize that Lionel beat them to the punch. Lionel tells Derrick about their plans, that Pete never knew about, and they are able to convince the league to postpone the buy for a later date. Derrick is super pissed at Terrence! Jelena is so mad that she cancels all of Ahsha's plans for the big game night dance routine. Oh well!

While on his way to the game German crashes his car :O

Who didn't see this happening though.

The big game happens! 

So does the big first dance, which was great even without all the sparkle....ha! to you Jelena.

 Lucas explains to Zero how needy Drew really was, not knowing that he and Drew were hooking up. Zero feels bad and tells Drew what Lucas told him. Then while everyone is doing their interviews, Zero kisses Lucas in front of everyone!!!! Finally!!!!!!

Sloane comes to the game to tell Pete that she is going into the witness protection program and how she would have told him first had he not ignored her calls because of his secret meeting with Jelena/Terrence. HEHEHE!
Ahaha finds out about German, and thinks he somehow found out that she had sex with Derrick. But instead he confesses to killing Olivia. :OOOOO

Well in next week's episode it looks like Ahsha is in shock. Sloane and Pete are on thin ice. And Zero has to do damage control after being public with his relationship with Drew!!

This episode gets an AAA++++ IT was soon good. Can't wait till next week.


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