Saturday, February 6, 2016

Recap: Hit the Floor Season 3, Ep 3 "Fake Out" *Spoiler*

This week in episode 3 we saw Sloane trapped in some room, after last week's kidnapping she is still there. The guy who kidnapped her tells her he works for Oscar (but for some reason I don't believe him) and that she has to write a suicide note or else he'll kill Ahsha. 

Jelena and Terrence are throwing an engagement party to celebrate their new lives together with the Devils family. Zero found out last week that they wanted to buy the Devils, which is a perfect opportunity for him to make a proposition in regards to Derrick. Since Zero doesn't have to worry about Terrence being the star player anymore, and because he thought Derrick was leaving the team this left him as the star!! But Derrick is back and that puts damper in his plans, so threatens to tell people about the team buy if they don't fire Derrick when they by the team. Of course they say no way! first.

Oscar gets two visitors this week Lionel, who tells him she plans to have him removed completely from the team. Then days later his son Drew, who he still refuses to accept is an openly gay man. Neither will be back to see him I'm sure. Poor Oscar *insert evil laugh here*

Meanwhile, Raquel and Kyle go to the cardiologist to see what is wrong and they get some bad news. Raquel's heart is enlarged and she can no longer be a Devil girl. Kyle tries to cheer her up with food, but instead Raquel remains feeling sorry for herself. 

In order to keep Derrick on the team, Lionel has to bring Ahsha back. Ahsha requests to also choreograph and her wish is granted. Lionel makes sure to tell her that it was all Derrick's idea and that she should thank him. Ahsha tells German they are staying and that he can have his job back, which he is unhappy about esp when she tells him it was Derrick's idea. She better watch German's crazy ass! Smh! 

At the engagement party there is a huge dance number with the Devil girls. Kyle invites the movie director so she can meet him, turns out she used to date him. Ha! Raquel no longer wants to feel sorry for herself, puts on a freakum dress, and joins the party. Ahsha thanks Derrick for what he did and how she is okay with them being friends again. Derrick was like "ummmm nah, I dont want to be your friend", he wants to get back in there. The look on her face was definitely a look of curiosity and not fear. Derrick later spots German and tells him he'll continue to fight for her. 

Zero and Drew hooks up in the coat closet, awww! but poor Drew thought they'd actually be open together. Oh well. I think that Drew needs  him a good man who isn't ashamed of him and is at least openly gay. Meanwhile Jelena and Terrence take his offer toget rid of Derrick once they buy the Devils after finding out that letting people know now could ruin their chances. Poor Derrick is about to get blind sided!

Overall, this episode is what I call a fluffer! It keeps you hanging on with out any really huge cliff hangers. Either way I can't wait until the next episode!

Thanks for reading! 

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