Saturday, March 27, 2010

So bored, Erykah badu is the shizell

I am so bored. And I wanted to make a video, but then I gotta edit, and post which takes like 2hrs. Well I wanna talk about first is Erykah Badu's latest Video, "windows seat". OMgeee first she starts out by getting out of the car and then she is walking. But she isnt saying do hear the music. Im like oh kayy...then she removes her coat an looked like a crack head pics it up. Omge again!!. So she starts taking off more and more clothing. Im like um ok. Then before I knew is she was in her lingerie. Like miss Badu got a dunk, and thats all I will say. So then she gets even nakeder (not a word). But there are ppl around. Then she gets shot and bleeds purple stuff. She pops up from the dead and has beads in her hair. Ive always loved her vids and her music. Its a nothing new for her to think outside the box and be so creative...
Love you miss Badu
~pynkstarr (=_=)~
pics courtesy of
The Sugar Water Festival At The Greek Theatre

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