Sunday, December 4, 2011

Am I the only one who want these leggings? Beyonce's Leggings

The other day I was on some fashion blogs and gossip blogs and spotted a pic of Bey wearing these leggings that made me so crave shopping again. She wears leggings a lot like me. They are just very comfortable to me. And I am only 4'11'' so there is no cuffing involved. I haven't made any new clothing purchases in a year and some change now. So it's been so hard to really want things like clothing or w/e that I know I can't buy until I get a JOB. But my cravings come and go. and these leggings are in my budget too; okay not my actual budget but you get me right?.

Alexander McQueen Butterfly Jacquard leggings $895

ASOS Maternity Ikat Print Legging $21.82


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