Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to deal with winter skin

When it comes to winter, your skin can take a serious beating. From your lips to your toes here are a list of beauty secrets to keep your skin luxurious to fight the winter as he :).

1). Lips:
No one wants to kiss by some one with dry cracked lips. The appearance isn't very attractive either. But don't get me wrong I have there too, and you know who the culprit is: Lipgloss and Lipsticks. Most lips glosses are not for moisture just for shine. Take a look at those ingredients once in a while to figure out which ones have the moisture and which ones don't. Some will say Vitamin E on the front of the package. Others will suck the moisture right out of your lips. As far as lip sticks go, I always exfoliate and then moisturize first before applying any lipsticks. This prevents the lipstick from leaving that cracked up appearance.

Tip: Lip exfoliates can be purchased at any beauty store like Lush or Sephora. Or you can just make your own with Sugar (brown or white), EVOO, and a toothbrush from the dollar store; using a plastic bowl combine the EVOO and sugar together, dip in your toothbrush and scrub away but be gentle not to scrub too harshly. There are tons of youtube videos on the step by step process.

2). Face and neck:
The face is gets the brunt of the cold weather in my opinion, esp if you have to take public transportation. I use butter on my skin, only because it tends to get very dry during this time of year. I use either Palmer's Cocoa Butter or sheer butter. I stick to my regular face cleansing routine which consists of Philsophy's Purity, Oxy Clinical, or Neutrogena' s deep cleansing. These all work for me and I alternate depending on my makeup usage. After cleansing I moisturize, and my skin is ready to fight that winter cold.

3). Body:
Some of us have those days where hair removal is just annoying. And if you are like me and can't afford laser removal and waxing hurts way too bad, then shaving or depilatory is the next best thing. But for me shaving in the winter just isn't the same, so I use Veet to remove hair from my arms, legs, and bikini area. Just because it's winter and you aren't showing that much skin doesn't mean it's okay to neglect your skin.

4). Hands and Feet:
At night when my day is over, I like to moisturize my hands and feet every night. I moisturize my hands throughout the day, but my feet have to wait to before bed time to get attention. I can't afford all that salon mani and pedi stuff, so I give my own  self a mani and pedi. I use the Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa product line. They make scrubs, soaks, and creams. I also have some Lush products on my list to try as well.

5). Scalp:
Just because you have on a hat doesn't mean you should neglect your scalp. Whether you wear wigs daily or weaves, your scalp needs to be moisturized just like everything else. I can not go one day with oiling my scalp before my hair starts screaming help me. Some use a daily homemade moisturizer and others do the leave-in condish thing. Me I just use my homemade oil, starting at the ends and working my way up to my scalp.

Tip: Massaging your scalp helps your hair grow.

Hope you all enjoyed these tips. They are from my personal experience, and I am not a professional. They work for me. Consult your own physician or dermatologist.

With Love,

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