Monday, December 5, 2011

Replacement for Stacey Dash on Single Ladies?

Replacement for Val or not? I am really not okay with this story. I guess you can say a huge part of me was hoping Ms. Dash would make her way beck on the set of "Vh1 Single Ladies". If you do not watch the show then stop reading now and go to to view the season finale. 

  I really wanted to know who she was gonna pick for marriage. But once Stacey Dash announced she was leaving the show to spend time with her children, then I just had to accept it. But I assume they will fill us in on something about Val's character. She was the  best to me. Anyhoo I hear they have kind of replaced her but not really. They have a new character. Her name will be Raquel (played by All my Children's Denise Vasi) They begin filming in January and the show will hopefully air in the summer of 2012. I am still excited. I love Lisaraye and Charity's characters so it should be okay. **fingerscrosssed**


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