Thursday, May 17, 2012

Appreciating me

Appreciating who you are. And what you got.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's up in the air!

    I have a funny life and thank God I get it out on paper or through a blog post from time to time. This post is about a guy. A guy that I have known for about 5 years and we have been friends as well as "friends".

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Natural Hair twist out protective style

Saturday, May 5, 2012

MJB Burger king commercial

With Love,

I have to admit this was kind of hilarious, didn't find it racist but just a really bad funny commercial.

The lesson I learned in the waiting room

Today when I went out I expected nothing in particular to happen to me. Which is like most days. But today I learned a lot. Some things that I have always known about myself. The first thing I learned being I need a job. But not just any job, some place where I can grow into my greater purpose. Secondly I learned that being older doesn't mean anything bad or scary. Thirdly I have learned that I am sooooo blessed. Okay so here is an explanation. I have been going through the motions seeking higher power, my purpose, who am I, and all of the above times 12. And I am doing this now because now I have the time. This is my time right now to get it together and listen to my inner self, and follow my heart and find my purpose through the spirit. For most of my adult life I just went with it, I have sometimes listened to my gut but not always. Esp when it came to jobs. I just took them for the money. Yes money is important but it isn't everything to me anymore. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Natural Hair plus tutorial

With Love,

top 12 most inspiring people and counting

People that have changed my life

After God of course, there are a few people I look up to because they have changed my life in so many ways.

12) Sara Blakely 
The founder of the underwent company Spanx. After reading her article in Forbes magazine a few weeks ago, her story definitely gave me some encouragement as a young business women.
11) Kimora Lee Simmons
I wrote an article about her when I was younger. She is just an amazing person a great mom and business women.
10) Wendy Williams
After listening to her show for so many years, reading her books, and now watching her in TV I can't help but be inspired by her.
9) Martha Stewart and B.Smith
These women both have inspired me to be more creative with everything from crafts to cooking to home decor.
8) My bosses from my internship
They the best bosses anyone could have asked for. They inspired me to take chances, and gave me the confidence that no other boss has given me. They helped me find my true calling in the Fashion Industry as well.
7) Elle Woods
Although a fictitious character, she was the most bubbly person I could have ever fallen in love with on the big screen. Watching 'Legally Blonde' inspired me to pursue fashion a lot more seriously. Plus all the pink brought out a new side of me, it became my favorite color.
6) Tyler Perry
Having been on the balls of my ass multiple times in my life, not knowing where my next meal was, or if I'd have a place to live has made an extremely strong person. But knowing what a success he turned out to be makes me a confident person. He just has it going on. He is very humble and uses his name to employ tons of people. Plus, he is friends with my number 5.
5) Oprah Winfrey
There was a point in my life where I didn't get Oprah. I believe it was my age. But now I am so thankful for her being so amazing. She shines the light on so many subjects that need to be known. She is also humble and an extremely hard worker. Being an African American or a women in news didn't stop her from being basically unstoppable.
4) My Aunt Leslie and Nana
There was a time in my life when there were just certain things my mom just wasn't into doing or talking about with me or I just couldn't talk to her about. But I was fortunate enough to have lived with my aunt and grandmother basically all my life. These two women showed me a lot of girly things like about makeup (my aunt is a beauty connoisseur), life as a women, unwanted advice about men (but I still listened). I'll just always love them for being there for me when I needed that motherly figure.
3) The life coaches from the TV show 'Starting Over'
The women on this show helped me with me. Before I found a spiritual connection with God, I used to take advice from TV shows. They were the best thing I needed at that time. I used to cry and do the exercises along with the house guests. Towanda Braxton was on there as well. They were just so inspiring. I really wish they were still on TV. Or at least on DVD.
2) Joyce Meyer
There are so many tele-evangelists on TV right now who are just sooo judgmental towards people who donate money, or download their podcasts. They say things at times that just leaves a nasty tasty in my mouth. She is so far from that. She goes deep into what she has gone through then she talks about how she got through it. She doesn't pretend that she never had a past life with all the 'you' talk. It's more of 'we' or 'us'. I get her emails, letters, magazines, podcasts. I am such a fan.
1) My Dad
This guy right here is my angel. He saved me from things that tried to defeat me in the past. There was a time where I took him for granted or didn't realize and understand how lucky I am to have a great father. He is not just a great father, he is a jack of all trades. We talk about everything and he gives the best advice. He is the first person, and at times the only person I call when I am upset, stressed out, unhappy. He is just very easy to talk to and the best dad any girl could ever ask God for. And I just love him :)

With Love,