Friday, March 15, 2013

Making your own destiny, not waiting for it to happen

Sorry I haven't been able to post anything in a while now, but I have been kind of occupied with some work things the last few weeks. I try my darnedest to post at least once a day but I just can't find the time. I need money at the moment, and although this is want I want to do with my life it's not paying my bills at the moment. So until I can get my life back on track there are going to be only a few posts here and there. I love you guys so much for reading my posts, and like them and reposting them. It brings me joy and reassurance that this is what I want to do, as long as God allows.

But today isn't about my blog, well not in the technical sense it's not. As I was saying I have learned how to make things happen for me. If you want something, you better go out and make it happen because most of us don't have it like that to just wait for it to fall outta the sky into our laps. In 2011 I was just so depressed when it came time around for my birthday, I just refused to celebrate it. I refused to let myself enjoy it because of my situation. I began 2012 sad, stressed, and angry. Just mad because of what I was going through. Mad at the world. Although I was mad and angry I didn't blame God I just blamed myself. Filled with regrets about everything from old jobs to friendships, to family situations. I was just mad at everything. Then in March 2012 when my mom got sick I woke up. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and found out a way to do what I had to do for her. Although I had my own problems, I chose not to let that get in my way of making her feel better. I saw how life could just end in a matter of seconds. One day you're healthy then the next you are sick. And I refused to let my life just die like that.

So I spent the majority of 2012 up and down, up and down. Then in Aug I lost my aunt. We weren't close but it still mad it really hit home that life is too short. So although I didn't have any money to my name, no job in my future, nor did have an idea of how to make money, I refused to not celebrate my birthday doing what I wanted to do. Blessings are awesome let me just say. My dad got a job in Nov 2012 and in Dec a family member needed some extra help around the house. It was like a miracle. I had the money to now do what I wanted to do for my Bday. Money that I couldnt've ever imagined coming my way in a short amount of time. I just put it in my mind that it was going to happen and it did. And I enjoyed my 25th Bday with my mom and her stepdad in NYC. I had a ball!!

Since then I def refused in 2013 that I'd:
1. Let anyone, esp a man still my light. Or sparkle, lol as that girl from the Bachelor would say.
2. Do too many things at once that would make me overwhelmed.
3. Stand up for myself more than ever, this is a hard one but I'm trying.
4. Create my own destiny.

I have my plans for the next few mths to go back to school, using the money I am making now. After that I can get the job I need to start my business. That's the plan. Having faith in God is the only thing that keeps me going.
Thanks so much for reading, follow your dreams.

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