Friday, March 15, 2013

I love Essence Mag, but whatt!

Although the vision of the magazine industry is decaying more and more every quarter, I still sub to man of them. After reading EIC of Essence Mag leaves I realized maybe now is the time to just wait to sub to this one. I read Essence from time time to time, and enjoyed issue I purchased however I did notice a difference, not in a bad way though. Well regarding the article it is said that the new owners made this decision to dismiss the current EIC, Constance White. Someone I look up to because I have always wanted to work in the mag industry ever since I was younger, and I used to read a few other mags she was and editor at. She's is very intelligent and will definitely bounce back soon. Now back to Essence Mag I hope they can come up with some good content and keep their old customers happy. Until then I will be saving my subscription money for now.

Thank you for reading

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