Friday, March 1, 2013

Why do men blame the other women?

Why do men blame the other women when they screwed up?

I have not been on this planet for that long, 25 years. I have no true experience in the love department, never had a relationship before. But I know a lot about a lot of things in regards to relationships due to my friendships with people and being the problem solver. Plus I read, a lot of things. It's like saying to Dr.Drew you can't help addicts because you have never been an addict. Or telling a Dr who treats Cancer patients he can't do it because he has never had cancer. Just because I have never been in a relationship, doesn't mean I don't know a thing or two about them. And I am not one of those people who go pushing my thoughts and feelings around, I talk common sense. Everything in life is about common sense Case in point, I listen to the radio, read blogs, and watch reality shows all of these things coincide with one another. They all feature things about the other entity. Reality stars are on the radio and blogs, bloggers are on reality shows, and radio djs are on both the blogs and reality shows. Recently a DJ has confirmed that he has been stepping out on his wife. With who? We aren't technically sure, but there is speculation that its reality star. When it came out weeks ago that this girl and him had been shacking up, or used to mess around I must admit I couldn't believe it. Not because of the girl, that I can believe. But because of the DJ. He always seems so happily married. He used his station to set the record straight, and I believe everyone deserves a second chance so I hope he and his wife get it together; plus she is preggers, so yea. Anyhoo, I say all that to say he has said some not so nice things about this girl. Not to say she doesn't deserve it. But why is it every time a man is caught cheating the girl is all kinds of names. She wasn't all these things when you were kicking it. I watch all these talk shows like Ricki Lake, Bill cunningham, Steve, Jerry, you name them I watch em. But they all feature cheating men and women on daily bases, and the first thing people do is deny that anything ever happened. Then they either confess, or the lie detector says the truth. Or there is a mystery guest. Once the mistress comes out she is all types of hoes, b*****s, c***s, skanks, I mean you name the insult and they've said it. But why wait until you get caught to say these things. You taking this women out, treating her like you're her man to clubs and dinners. Introducing her to your homes, then all of a sudden this girl is every word in the book. We don't know the exact details of the affair but we do know it happened. And we will know more when her book comes out of course. The DJ blasted this girl calling her "beneath him" and a "bird". What does that make him, this nice man who cheated on his wife, but because he was forced to confess it's okay now? He in my opinion is just as many bad names as she is. I never understand why people blame the other person for there wrong doing. It took two people to be low down. I just feel sorry for his preggers wife and kids. I hope they can work it out. But blaming the other women won't make this problem go away; esp since there is a book coming out. If this DJ is the God fearing man then he should know that God will handle her and not to worry.


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