Sunday, January 18, 2015

Teavana HAUL

Hey all!!! Recently I went to the Teavana store finally after years of hearing  about how amazing their teas are. I am a lover of tea so for me, I am not particular about what brand. It just has to taste good. And smell delicious. Both of those were checked off once I got to this tiny little store.
The aroma alone had me stoked to find the perfect teas. Plus I received an email that I could get a free one because I am a Starbucks member. After being confused at what kind of teas to buy, the nice guy and lady helped out with some great choices. They let you taste any tea displayed and since this was a holiday treat to myself all of the holiday teas were available. 

Raspberry limeade mixed together. It is very citrusy to smell. And the taste isn't too strong whether it's cold or hot. I tried it at the store cold and it tasted pretty good. I believe this is the only one I got that's available all year long.

 I tasted this one in the store and it was so yummy. I don't like any type of chocolate except for certain candies. I hate chocolate syrup, chocolate ice creams, sometimes chocolate cake too. You get the picture. So when the lady offered me something with chocolate I was like eww. But she said try it first, and well I guess you can see how much I liked it because it's so good. I really can't taste the chocolate, it's more of the peppermint that I love. This is definitely seasonal so it may not be available in stores or online. I would check first.

 This one is also another one that I was told may only be seasonal so it won't be back until the next holiday. But this was probably the first one I tried and it is my favorite. I may go back soon to get more before winter is over. This is also the only one I got 4 oz. of because it's my favorite. It has ginger taste that isn't to strong. It mixes well with the Caramel Chai Tea I got as my free B-day gift.

The Caramel Chai one tastes so good alone or combined with the Gingerbread. I didn't get to taste this one but it smelled awesome and I never go wrong with caramel flavored anything. Since this was my free sample I only got 1 oz. The others I got 2 ozs. except for the Gingerbread, which I got 4 ozs.

I also purchased the Perfect Tea Maker back during the Black Friday sales, I only paid 11 bucks for it through Amazon :). And also all of these were purchased during their annual sale so everything including the canisters were 50% and up off. Double yay!

I plan to go back soon to try more teas. And also I want to show some "tea tutorials" of how I use my Perfect Tea Maker.

XO, Pynkstarr

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