Sunday, January 25, 2015

My 1st Marley Loc experience

     Back in august I made the decision to finally try out Marley Locs. I had been admirer of this hairstyle for a few years now after looking at all of the pictures on Pinterest and videos on YT. I just never wanted to try it because it looked like too much work. Which it later turned out to be.

After almost 2 weeks of twisting and about 13 bags of hair I finally finished these Marley Locs that I had been craving to do for the longest time. 

                              I almost gave up but decided not to be a quitter and just keep twisting. 

Right around the time of twisting I was going for an interview for a job my school had set me up with. On my way to the interview I lost my wallet. I never lose stuff because I am very careful, but somehow it came out of purse and on to the streets.
I took that as a sign, number 1 I was overwhelmed that I wouldn't get hired because of the locs, and secondly I wasn't completely finished with my hair so I knew I'd look wacky. So I eventually almost finish, I say almost because I left like 4 locs undone. But I gave up plus I ran outta hair....again. I just couldn't take it anymore.

I say of this to say I will definitely do them again. LOL. I know it was disaster but I loved not doing my hair for a few weeks. Only thing is afterwards my hair lacked some serious moisture because I never washed it. Therefore my hair was extremely limp and took a massive amount of protein treatments to get it back to normal.

I now know another technique I learned from @Naptural85 where she didn't make hers so heavy and she used less hair. And I because she uses her real hair mostly it's easier to moisturize ur own hair. YAY. 

I can't wait to try in the spring. For Winter tho I will be doing crochet braids for the first time ever. I like to experiment with hairstyles I have never done because I know that whatever I put my mind to I will succeed in it. Can't wait to share that experience with you all as well.

Thanks for reading

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