Monday, March 23, 2015

Finals + New IG page

Hi all,
I feel like I haven't written a post in months, well more like 1 week. But still I try to do at least 2 times a week now. Well let's see what have I been up to....hmmmmm. Lots and lots of planner stuff thats for sure.
I have really been going crazy to organize my planner before it comes but I also wanted to get some cute supplies before it arrives as well. I feel like my baby is about to be delivered in a few weeks. So far I got the usual essentials. Paper Trimmer, 1/8" hole punch, washi tape, sticky notes, and a laminator. That thing, lemme tell you has me going crazy. I just want to laminate everything, but I won't because the paper is too expensive. But I will say this, the planning community is filled with some awesome and kind people. I am a crafter at heart, ever since I was a kid art and gym were always my fave subject because it involved me being free. And in elementary school these were the only subjects I passed unfortunately. Anyhow, I really am enjoying myself a little bit too much since I really can't afford to keep buying all of these things. I like to work with what I have already instead of having 20 of the same things. But I will collect as I go.

I still need to buy a few more things but after that, absolutely not. Don't get me wrong I love a good variety to choose from but come on, I don't really have the space ( or money) anyway. Some people I feel just have great amazing jobs, or awesome husbands who treat them to crafting tools and all of that. Well I have neither. No job and no husband. But I will not complain because I have been fortunate to have made it very far just being a college student these last few years and no steady income. Either way "plannerscrapping" takes my mind off of things. It relaxes me when I need to be relaxed and brings me up when I feel down. I just can't wait until after spring break to get started on it.

I am almost donzo with this term, thank you God I made it. I think I made the Dean's list again. I say think because you never really know there are a few grades missing so I'll see. Also I should have some efficient enough time to blog more. Yay!! That's my goal, blog more. I have actually been monitoring how I spend my time lately by not wasting it wack reality TV shows. Although I did watch a few finales last night I just wasn't into them. I was told that one day I'd see the light. Well to be honest I have seen the light many times before years ago as a student. I never had time to watch them then and now I really don't have time. And I think I can take that extra to blog, read a book, or plannerscrap. I am slowly but surely learning to have a cool balance in my life.

Also I started a new Instagram page just for planning!! It's 
Check it out. 
I honestly can't wait for my planner to get here. I can't wait to share either!!

Thanks a bunch for reading,
Xo Pynkstarr

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