Saturday, March 14, 2015

I love planners!! College organization update!

Okay so this is an unrelated post about planning and being organized. I try my best to write posts on things that do correspond to my life, meaning I am more than just a big fro. LOL. I also like, no no no, let me correct myself I mean "love" organizing. And this goes all the way back to when I was a kid, making sure my area wasn't too junky or at least not to me. Too others I am definitely sure it was pretty hideous looking. Fast forward to high school when I begin to be more organized with my school work and notes. I was never a note taker before, nor did I write down my homework, which now when I think about it how the heck did I remember anything. Well I didn't because I never really did my homework, and I always forgot to do something. So in high school it was a different ball game, you had to remember your homework because this was your last step before college, "the real world". They gave us little planners and everything, actually my 6th grade school gave me a planner too. So I decorated this planner but unfortunately because of past flooding most of my childhood things are gone. But I do have my 2008 until present planners that I keep around just because. 

My 2008 is some where in a box and I am too lazy to look at the moment, but that's when I started to use an actual planner. It started off by just doing my budgeting, the money that went out and came in. I saw how much I was spending and was like :O. I also kept track of my hours at work and what my pay was....any bills etc. This planner sort of looks like mine except it was a hideous green plastic. Something to just have around it wasn't supposed to be fashion forward. 

In 2009 I decided to go back to college and wanted to look fabulous and organized so I purchased the 3 ringed kind. And I have been purchasing them ever since, except for this year because I didn't get around to it. Plus I have a tiny day planner that works for me to write what I spend each day. And I use a white board for school work and homework. 

This has been working for me but I have too many other notebooks to write my todos in, my checklists for my blog, what I want for dinner, grocery master's list etc. There are just way too many books to have that basically say the same thing. So I am currently working on a system, I kept thinking maybe I should look into Erin Condren planners. I did. And they were way over budget for me, cute but too pricey. 

Then while I was researching I came across this planner community that I had no idea really existed. I knew of scrapbookers but planners not so much. While researching I found May Designs. Cute, yes. Affordable, yep. Small as heck....yep. These planners are good for when I travel so I may buy one in a few weeks but right now I need something more. Then I cam across Plum Paper Planners. This blew my mind, they were the perfect size, the perfect price and you can customize them for a cheaper price. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. So after 2 days of seeing what this whole planner community was about I decided to take the plunge. I'll go into more detail in the future about my planner but the one I got.....ugh I love it. I have to wait almost a month before it's in my hands but until then I will continue to rack up supplies. Yay.

Once I get it I will make a video and post it here of the unboxing, supplies, etc. I am just super happy and excited. Like I said I love organizing and I hope to be able to use this planner for ideas for future projects. Things that just keep me inspired.

Talk to you all soon
XO, Pynkstarr

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