Friday, March 6, 2015

My awesome Braid out part 1

Hey lovelies!!!

I have wanted to post a hair "tutorial" for a while now because people some times ask me questions about my hair when I do this style. It's really not much to this style except for patience and the right products.

So I washed my hair like usual, there is a post on my site of the main products I use. Then I used my favorite go to products (a good holding gel, moisturizer, leave-in conditioner spray, and an oil of your choice.

 I didn't mean to do them so small because they were annoying to have to take out, but the smaller the more definition

My hair was so defined afterwards

I didn't even fluff them out, I just let me be!

Ta-da!! This is the final look. I rarely do a braid out because it's just takes longer than my twist outs take to do. But my hair was more defined than when I do my twists using the same 4-5 products. I'll post my twist out next month. 

Thanks for reading
XO, Pynkstarr

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