Sunday, July 26, 2015

5 Surprising Little Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi readers,

Omygosh I have been meaning to post this blog months ago because I really love me some ACV. I mean I use it for everything now because it works for everything.

So a few years ago I was introduced to ACV by a few Youtubers who said this liquid was a good way to rinse your natural hair. This was like 6 years ago so I am not sure if rinsing you scalp is still a thing. But back then it was like everyone was doing it!

So I posted a blog back then about a haul from in which I ordered some stuff for my hair. I went a little bit over board on buying all of those products that were supposed to magically help my natural hair growth journey. 

I believe I used a ACV rinse one time because it just wasn't great for my hair. My hair felt stringy afterwards, but it did help with the scalp issues I had at the time. After that it just sat in my fridge for months until I saw some where that I could use it on my face. Yes, it works as a toner. I don't use it anymore but if you need a good toner, this helped my pores open up so much!! Then I would moisturize and splash cold water on my face to close them back up. Only thing is it made me tear up a little bit.

Another way I have used it is during my cooking, it helps for a quick marinade. I say quick because vinegar has acid and it'll cook your food in a weirdly scientific way I don't quite know how it works. But it has happened to me many of times---lol! I also have used it to boil meats, somehow it makes your food more flavorful.

Most recently my little baby had fleas :(!! Yes, by baby I mean my doggie, but she think she is a person and is quite offended when I call her a dog. LOL. I place a cap full of ACV in a water bottle with water and spritz her to see the fleas jumping all over the place. It may not kill them though but it definitely helps your doggie be more comfortable until you get them bathed. It makes a great flea repellent for the time being.

Lastly but most importantly for my female readers is ACV is great for those period days. Recently I had a trip to Florida which means beach clothes. Yes tampons can be worn with swim suits but I wanted to be period free for the time being. So I mixed water and ACV together and drank it twice a day. Ugh it was gross so I technically don't know it worked but it has helped a lot of people slow their period down a lot. The only tip is that you have to do it a week before your period in order for it to work. It's not a medical discovery so don't quote me on that. It's one of those things you try just because. 

Mind you everything I have mentioned, although I have tried it may not work for you. These are just tips that have helped me in whatever I was looking for at the time. 

My last tip is to do your own research with everything you see on any blog. I am no expert!! Not even close to it! So please do your research on everything. :)

Well that's it, but let's recap
1). ACV Hair rinse
2). Facial Toner
3). Quick Marinade
4). Flea Repellent
5). Period cramps

Thank you all for reading!!

See you on Wednesday!
XO, Pynkstarr

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