Sunday, July 19, 2015

Perfectly Pretty Mini Twists on Natural 4c Hair

First off, I am back! I know it doesn't seem like that long ago that I took my alleged break from blogging, but I am officially back. Yipppy! 

A few weeks ago I shared how my hair was dry and how I needed something to keep it moisturized. My first thought was a protective style like faux locs or havana twists, but it's too hot for all that weave. So instead I opted for mini twists!! These twists lasted me for about 3 weeks only because my hair was no longer holding moisture, not to mention the product build up was unbearable. 

After washing and moisturizing my hair, I had to make sure to prepare my hair for heat by using a few products that protect my strands from damage. See the shrinkage in the top photo 

Almost done blow drying. I made sure to let my hair dry half way to cut back on the amount of heat to use. 

All done.

Okay now I am just showing off!

One down, a million to go.

I wanted to try a style that gave the illusion that I shaved my sides but not really!

Front view

Yes they are super mini twists!

I loved my mini twists and yes, I will do them again as soon as I wash my hair!

I think that the key to having them in longer is to keep them as moisturized as possible and make sure the twists aren't loose. This way they won't come a loose so fast. You can redo them when they unravel, but who has time for that! It is the initial goal to make sure they don't come undone and there  are a ton of videos available to show techniques to make sure this doesn't happen.

Wednesday I will be back for another post! Yes that is my schedule from now on. Sundays and Wednesdays seem to be a schedule to blog for some reason. Even if it's something small there will definitely be a post twice a week.

I need to be more consistent with my postings so by keeping a schedule I can actually do that!

See ya on Wed.

XO, Pynkstarr

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