Thursday, January 21, 2016

Recap: Hit the Floor Season 3, Ep 1 "Power Play" *Spoiler*


I must admit that I really love enjoyed reviewing Hit the Floor  a few years ago. Buttt since it's been so long I sort of forgot some of the storylines from some of my fave characters. 

Lets start from the beginning. 

The episode picked up where it left off with Terrence recovering from his injury, Ahsha no longer being a devils girl :(. I honestly thought she'd somehow after these last few months maybe somehow be brought back on the team. But oh well! 

As we saw last season German and Ahsha were back together, and yep they are still together even though he is a murderer. Yep, spoiler German killed Olivia because he found the letter she wrote Ahsha. In the letter it mentioned how she rigged the all star games back in season 1 I think. This info could get Ahsha thrown out of the dance league. Of course German couldn't have that happen so he pushed Olivia over the staircase. 

Something else I forgot was that Kyle and Raquel got married in the last season in order for Raquel to stay in the US. They are actually arguing like a married couple in this episode. Not only do they live together but they have to work together. 

Jelena was up to her old schemes and tricks with her boo Terrence. Since his injury the new owner of the team Lionel hasn't been treating like the captain of the team. Seems like Jelena forgot to add this to her deal with Lionel from last season. But she definitely remembered to get Ahsha fired. Now they are searching for a replacement and Jelena offers Raquel the position, perhaps out of guilt for getting her fired years ago. Turns out Raquel made the Devil girls for the second time. YAY! Although I feel as though it may not last long.

While Terrence should have been worried about Derrick taking his main position as the star on the team, he proposed to Jelena. :/ I am happy for them though.
Derrick on the other hand is trying to get back with Ahsha. LOL. It may be a lost cause because as we can see, German has no problems pushing folks down steps. 

The whole Zero, Jude, and Lionel story is always sort of draggy for me. But Lionel is the new owner and making it hard for Sloane, Pete, Jelena, hell the whole dang team except for Derrick. Zero and Jude still have some weird chemistry going on. I am like either have sex or keep it moving gosh! Anyhoo, Lionel made Jude EVP of the team. All while Sloane and Dean are trying to get rid of the whole Kincade family all together.

That sums up the first episode of this season. It was really good for it to be the first episode coming back after a year. They even had really high viewer ship thanks to the great acting and writers.

Next episode we will see German having nightmares about being a murderer. Which I am like too little too late. Derrick is trying so hard to get Ahsha back smh. Zero isn't okay with public affection with Jude, but he wants to make commands about who he can talk to. And Kyle's life will be made into a movie. Yay! I loveeee Kyle because she is so openminded and funny. 

See you next week for another recap on episode 2! 

XO, Pynkstarr

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