Friday, January 29, 2016

Recap: Hit the Floor, Season 3 episode 2; "Blocked" *Spoiler*


Wow!!! The cliffhanger in this episode has me reeled in right away in this new season!

First scene we see German and Ahsha where we left off last episode. He is having guilty dreams about murdering Olivia and Ahsha heard him call out Olivia's name. Of course he lies about the real reason, wellll he said he was protecting her from technically it wasn't all a lie. In this episode, German even visits Olivia's grave..yikes!

Jelena and Terrence spent the entire episode worrying about how they were going to buy the Devils. Jelena asked her mom for money, in which she finds out about her engagement to Terrence. Somehow convinces Jelena to go wedding dress shopping, which she hates. In the end Jelena and her mom finally have a breakthrough in there relationship and her mom signs on to partner in the investment to buy the devils. On the other hand Terrence's loss of a huge endorsement almost cost them everything. After a long hard days work they now have two major backers. Happy and bliss for now for these two...but I'll get to that in a moment.

As Ahsha has begun to transition her life without the Devil girls, she receives a huge offer to go to Boston. I think this idea sucks....but okay. She tells her mom, of course she is happy. She tells German who decides to leave with her to Boston. Ekkk! All while Derrick will not let his feelings for Ahsha go! 

Drew and Lionel are still trying to get Derrick to sign a new contract, but he will not budge. His agent is nogitating and flirting with Drew all at the same time. Hehehe! Drew takes him out on a date, Zero shows up because Lucas is also his agent. Annnndd he is probably jealous of him smh! Derrick has until midnight to sign the contract, which he doesn't sigh. Lionel goes to his house to give him a piece of her mind and tells him that Ahsha is leaving. He later shows up to Lionel's office to sign the contract under one condition, Ahsha has to be brought back on to the Devil girls. hmmmmm this is gonna get interesting.

We don't see much a Kyle and Raquel in this episode but we do see Kyle talking about her movie. And in the end of the episode Raquel may have something wrong with her heart.  :(

Sloane and Pete are still working out the whole situation with the Kincade family and Oscar being in jail. Sloane thinks that the guy following her is a body guard hired by Pete. In the end we find out that the man works for Oscar and kidnaps Sloane :O!!!

Then in the last scene as Zero is going to brag about the fact that he is the new team captain, he finds Jelena and Terrence talking to a board member. Which I know is going to cause  trouble in the following episode. 

I am glad that the creators keep us guessing. The writing since that first episode has changed significantly!! 

See you all next week!!!!!

XO, Pynkstarr

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