Monday, January 11, 2016

I am back!!! Happy 2016!

How awesome is it to be back blogging! I mean I have missed you all so much but between life and school, I haven't had time for anything. 

I let other parts of my life take precedence over what actually matters to me, which is blogging.

Getting back to the groove of blogging on a more regular basis has been difficult because at times I felt like I didn't know what I wanted to do. Nor did I understand what kind of blogger I wanted to be. Not that that is important, but it helps to know where you fit.

When I really think about it though, I never really fit in anywhere growing up. And I damn sure don't fit in to many places as an adult. Mainly because, again I had to figure out who I wanted to be. Taking a look back on some of my old posts, I wonder if I had really seen myself as an actual blogger, or was I doing it to be apart of this world I used to think was cool. Keyword on used to! I am a blogger and I enjoy it. But I don't want to be put in the category of anyone else, I'd rather make my own lane then to be trailing behind someone else. 

Why put myself in a box to appease another person just because it made me comfortable knowing that they were comfortable....if that makes sense. Basically, I am a people pleaser! There is anything wrong with being a people pleaser if you know why you want to please people. Butttt I really just began blogging because it seemed fun and I wanted to be 'known' in the industry. It's like I had a hidden agenda in a way. I knew deep down that I wasn't being my true true self out of fear. Fear of not being liked, not fitting in with other bloggers, losing views blah blah blah.... I mean who really gives a darn now. But then, at 21 years old, I was okay with the fact that I wasn't being myself. And that is really sad. That meant that I had no self-worth nor did I understand how F'in cool I really was. But I am! I am super dope. And so now that my main reasons for blogging have changed I feel the need to be more consistent. 

This isn't about the readers per se, although I love yaul so much, but it's more about me. And living my life the way that I want to and then allowing that to show through my blogging.

I say all that to say thank you! 
I have so many awesome posts planned for this year!!! :D 

I just know my blog will begin to grow into the part of my life I knew it could always be. First order of business is to make a schedule so it can be easier for you all to find certain posts I make and keep those consistent. Once I find that out I will inform you all in a blog post. 

Also check me out on my other social media sites like twitter, IG, and snapchat which I update every few days about what's going on in my life etc. I'll post there when I upload new blog posts. :D

I hope everyone had an awesome new year and let's make 2016 the most productive year of our lives!

Xo, Pynkstarr

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