Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bad girls Club Season 6, Episode 1

The new season of bad girls club starts tomorrow night at 9, I think. But the thing is they are already fighting before the show even started. I mean I don't get it at all. It is absolutely hilarious on how they act on these shows. Even though I don't believe it is real, some of it is pretty passable I mean come on. Gurls fighting like this in real life. Like seriously. Maybe it is because it is all on TV that it seems unreal. But so far so good on the first episode of season 6. If you want the usual entertainment then you will enjoy this season. One lady, her name is Char, has quit a career in the corporate world to be on this show. I mean I know they get paid during the show. But I doubt it is as much as her job in Advertising. Then there is another gurl named Jade, I liked her at first because she has big hair, but then she goes totally crazy and gets all drunk. She even said how she pees anywhere and she left the first night. Then there is Sydney, I love her the best because she is really cool. And she has bright red hair and tattoos. There are other gurls, but these are the ones that stood out the most. Hopefully this season will be just as entertaining as the others.
Forever Blessed, Never stressed

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