Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I am not sure if you all are into the whole dream interpretation thing, but I am. I believe that your dreams are something that are real or will come true. My dreams lately have been deemed as bad dreams, but to me it is just another reason. I never had the chance to look it up until today, because I actually got hurt in my dream. I was being chased again in my dream, which has happened just about everyday for the past couple of weeks now. But this dream I got shot. Not just shot but in my heart right in my heart. And there was no blood at all. I was just shot. It was like in a warehouse or something. My mom and her BF was there. I think so was Dog the bounty hunter. Lol. After I arrived to the hospital I was put in a room with pregnant women and by the time I was gonna have the bullet removed, I woke up. So this afternoon when I woke up I Googled what the main symbols were. Like the bullet in the chest, not just the chest but the heart. The hospital room with pregnant women. Running and being chased.
The definitions were basically that I was running from something. Like I had anxiety or distress of something or a jealousy. And another site said I was running from my goals or that is something I need to accomplish I keep putting off. They also said that being shot in the chest can mean I am under a lot of pressure. All the symbols were to me and my dad portrayed as if I was going to die or something bad was going to happen. But in fact none of them means death at all. Nor does it mean injury. If you are ever curious about your dreams, you should Google it. Maybe there is something interesting you will find.
Well I am off to watch Millionaire Matchmaker.
See Ya
Forever Blessed, Never stressed

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